It has always been considered that modesty is the main virtue of a woman. But today, ideas about the attractiveness of a girl have completely changed, guys more and more often choose for themselves the one that is not distinguished by shyness and modesty. Why guys are no longer attracted to reserved and mysterious girls.

What a shy girl she is

For a modest and shy girl, concepts such as non-verbosity, mysteriousness, passivity, defenselessness, vulnerability are suitable. It would seem that all these qualities should attract the stronger sex. A real man wants to protect and protect his soul mate, a quiet and laconic girl will become a faithful caring wife and a wonderful mother for future children.

But there is also a negative side: lack of initiative, lack of ambition and personal opinion, unwillingness to develop, self-doubt, pedantry. These qualities annoy men and guys today.

The main question is: why do all of the above aspects of such girls repel young people? But the point is that shy girls mostly only push off young guys – adolescents, at a more mature age, the values ??of a man change in the opposite direction.

The reasons guys dislike modest girls

Firstly, a young and active guy will not even notice a modest girl, because in her young years she is engaged in studies and self-development, she does not have free time to meet and communicate with the opposite sex. Secondly, even if he notices her, she will outwardly lose a lot to her peers, who lead and look defiant.

In the period of growing up in young people, the choice of a potential partner for a relationship is based not on her personal qualities, but on a bright and beautiful “package”. Stylishly dressed, bold and even impudent girls are a “pride” for a teenager, she is not ashamed to show her friends, go with her to the cinema or to a disco. A modest girl, who more often at a young age resembles a “gray mouse” rather than a fatal beauty, will not arouse the interest of friends and will not become the soul of the company.

Another reason is the “hormonal explosion” in teenage boys. A dissolute indiscreet girl more easily agrees to intimacy… That is, easy accessibility attracts guys, which is difficult to say about a modest girl. At best, it will take a long time to persuade her, and at worst, it will not be possible to do this. By the way, in most cases this is the main answer to the question: why guys don t like modest girls.

Self-doubt is characteristic of a modest girl, this not only prevents her from finding a worthy partner, but also in dealing with people. Men feel when a girl next to him feels uncomfortable, but not everyone realizes that the reason for this is her internal barrier, and not some of his shortcomings. In any case, the presence of complexes and low self-esteem becomes a serious obstacle for a young lady in relations with the opposite sex.

Inability to stand up for herself makes a girl unattractive in the eyes of guys. A young man will take it as an honor to stand up for his soul mate in front of other guys. But often modest girls are ridiculed by more daring peers, and in this case the guy will not defend the interests of his beloved, but rather turn away from her in order to protect himself from outside attacks.

In general, as they grow up, young people are looking for bright and affordable girls. In adolescence, not a single young man thinks about a serious relationship with his chosen one, he, by and large, does not care what kind of mistress and mother she will be, the important thing for him is that “here and now”. And a girl at this age does not think about creating a family.

Shy girl

What are the criteria by which a guy chooses a girlfriend?

If we talk about the fact that uncommunicative girls repel guys, then too vulgar and obsessive persons they are also not attracted. More precisely, the lack of femininity will never attract a man, either a mature or a teenager. Therefore, the bright appearance and sociability of a young girl is a clear advantage that should be moderate.

At a young age, men evaluate a woman s appearance not by her natural data, but by her ability to improve them. In other words, a guy is more likely to pay attention to a girl with moderately bright makeup than without it at all. A beautiful hairstyle and manicure, a tendency to experiment with their appearance attracts and lures guys. It is these qualities that modest girls are deprived of.

Sociability and a good sense of humor make a girl especially attractive.… With such girls, it is not easy to willingly enter into close relationships, but they can also just be friends or spend time together if they have common interests. Modest girls can not always become an interesting interlocutor, more precisely, she will rather become just a listener.

By the way, overly arrogant and demanding people also repel guys, and much more often than shy ones. Some girls are spoiled from an early age with expensive things and excessive attention from their parents. Young bankrupt guys cannot provide a girl with expensive gifts and beautiful courtship, and they simply do not want to give them constant attention, since they themselves, by and large, need care and guardianship.


Indeed, the relationship of opposite sexes in adolescence is a complex process, when young people completely lack a sense of responsibility for each other, and neither one nor the other wants to burden themselves with serious relationships. Young people are attracted to simple and immodest girls, while the latter are attracted to “bad” guys.

With age, closer to 25 years, the values ??of a man completely change in the opposite direction. An adult man is looking for a life partner among modest, decent women who will be reliable, loyal and caring wives. Although daring and brave women are also attracted to adult men, they are more likely sexually, for example, as a mistress.

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