A woman s life is filled with many beautiful and inspiring moments. Meeting a lover, giving birth to a child and communicating with a dear friend – all this gives strength and makes us happy. But life offers its own tests to each of us. And then the eyes are filled with tears, longing overwhelms the soul, and the heart aches with pain. We may not understand why we get this test again and again … And wish it would end as soon as possible …

We happily remember moments of happiness, but can we appreciate difficult situations, see their essence?

When a woman is faced with pain, this is the moment of initiation.

It depends on how a woman copes with this pain whether she will pass this initiation or not. And if it does not pass, then the situation will return and intensify until the woman finds the courage to cope with it.

Initiation is the initiation of a woman into a Woman. And the main task is to keep love in your heart. And this in spite of everything, and by all means. Do not become tough, embittered, vindictive … Do not decide that life is g … and all men are goats.

In order to keep love in her heart and increase it in any circumstances, a woman needs courage. A real man shows courage when he overcomes external obstacles, achieves goals or confronts the enemy. A real woman shows courage when she retains within her heart the ability to love in any circumstance.

Initiation is always associated with pain. To surrender to her lover for the first time, a girl needs to go through pain. But after that she becomes a woman.
To become a mother, a woman needs to go through pain. And this pain is considered natural and sacred.
Other types of initiation should also be considered.
The highest level of female initiation is the experience of heartache. When we are faced with betrayal, disappointment, loss of faith … There is a deep meaning in such trials of life. At these moments, it is very important for a woman not to lose the feeling of faith in herself as in a Woman, to keep her heart capable of loving and protecting her feminine space within herself.

Irina Krylova,
family psychologist, trainer, coach

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