5 March TV series: problems of buzzers, Sherlock Holmes assistants and Marvel heroes

Shot from the series “Generation”

Spring is not yet pleasing with warm sunny days, which means that you will not have to choose between long walks and fresh TV series. We have studied the March news and now we are sharing with you a selection of shows that you do not mind spending the weekend on.

Pacific Rim: The Black (March 4)

Based on the 2013 film Pacific Rim, Netflix producers conceived a post-apocalyptic anime. And although the director of the full length Guillermo del Toro did not participate in the creation of the animated show (the spin-off of his films was written by Marvel writers), film critics from different countries do not get tired of including the animated series “Pacific Rim: The Dark Zone” in the lists of the most interesting novelties of spring.

So. After the kaiju (giant monsters from the depths of the sea) attack on Australia, the brother and sister try to find their missing parents. Accidentally bumping into an old huntsman (a huge robot created to fight kaiju), they learn how to manage it in order to survive and find father and mother.

Images from the series "Pacific Rim: Dark Zone"
Images from the series “Pacific Rim: Dark Zone”

Generation (March 11)

The main characters of the new HBO Max show are buzzers who are faced with problems typical of their age: the search for sexual identity, the difficulties of interacting with each other and with the outside world. In a word, the viewer will be able to observe the life of teenagers, witnessing the poignant story of growing up of several high school students.

The author of the series is 19-year-old Zelda Barnes. Her father, an experienced director and screenwriter Daniel Barnes, helped her create a worthwhile product. It was the memories of the father and daughter that formed the basis of Generation. Among the producers is “Girls” director Lena Dunham.

The premiere of “Generation” has just taken place, but the new teenage series has already managed to make noise. Not so long ago it became known that during the filming of a biology lesson, real corpses of cats were used. Because of this, two members of the crowd left the project, and the actors said that they knew nothing about the use of real corpses.

Images from the series "Generation"
Images from the series “Generation”

Falcon and the Winter Soldier (March 19)

“The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” is the second series of Disney + (not so long ago, “Wanda and Vision” moved to the streaming platform) with the long-loved Marvel heroes. This time the show is dedicated to Sam Wilson (Falcon) and Bucky Barnes (aka The Winter Soldier).

The action of the series will unfold after the events shown in the movie “Avengers: Endgame”. As you probably guessed, there are a lot of action scenes, unexpected plot twists and, of course, Easter eggs that will definitely not go unnoticed by fans of the Marvel universe.

Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan.  Images from the series "Falcon and the Winter Soldier"
Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan. Images from the series “Falcon and the Winter Soldier”

Leonardo (23 March)

Sherlock and Medici’s Leonardo is worth paying attention to for several reasons. For a start, the picture itself is mesmerizing. The costume designers did their best: the costume drama promises to please connoisseurs of high-quality visuals. It will not do without, of course, a historical background – the series will tell about the life of an Italian artist and scientist and the history of his creation of great masterpieces. And, in addition, the creators of the project will preserve the interest of the audience due to the detective component.

The role of da Vinci was played by Aidan Turner, known to TV series fans for the show “Poldark”. But the investigator, who suspects the artist of the model’s murder, was played by Freddie Highmore from The Good Doctor.

Images from the series "Leonardo"

Images from the series “Leonardo”

The Irregulars (March 26)

The new Netflix series follows a group of smart teenagers that Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson have often sought help from. Arthur Conan Doyle spoke about the “irregular police units of Baker Street” in the story “The Sign of the Four”, although the writer rarely paid special attention to these guys. Showrunner Tom Bidwell decided to fix it.

In the new series (the first season consists of 8 episodes), daring teenage detectives will investigate strange and sometimes even mystical cases. However, all the laurels of brilliantly solved crimes will be appropriated by the vain drug detective Holmes played by Henry Lloyd-Hughes, whom you may remember from the role of the sociopath from “Killing Eve”.

By the way, another project, inspired by the books of Conan Doyle, was released on the same Netflix in 2020 – the TV series “Enola Holmes” about Sherlock Holmes’s 16-year-old fighting sister, played by Millie Bobby Brown.

Images from the series "Irregular parts"
Images from the series “Irregular Parts”

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