5 Russian TV shows you might have missed

Poster for the series “Vampires of the Middle Lane”

Not only Western showrunners regularly delight us with new products – today we are talking about Russian TV shows that you might have missed and which are worth paying attention to.

“I’m Not Joking” (March 4)

Where to see: “KinoPoisk HD “.

The main character of the new series is 49-year-old Muscovite Lena. She brings up two children, constantly communicates with two ex-husbands and one mother-in-law, she has three loans and one dog. In a word, Lena’s life is full of a variety of events and stories. She talks about them without embellishment from the stage – Lena performs in stand-up clubs.

The role of Lena was performed by stand-up comedian Elena Novikova. She (in collaboration with Elena Krasilnikova) wrote the script – it was based on many facts and events from the life of the comedian. The producers of the show are Sergei Svetlakov and Alexander Nezlobin.

Elena Novikova.  Shot from the series "I am not kidding"
Elena Novikova. Shot from the series “I’m Not Kidding”

“Gloomy River” (March 9)

Where to see: Channel One, “KinoPoisk HD”.

“Gloomy River” is a film adaptation of the family saga of Vyacheslav Shishkov. In 1968, a tape based on the writer’s novel was already released on screens. However, the creators of the series claim that their project is not a remake of the Soviet television movie by Yaropolk Lapshin, but a completely new adaptation.

The series is set in Siberia during the gold rush and tells the story of the Gromov family. Peter (Alexander Baluev) and his son Prokhor (Alexander Gorbatov) fall in love with the same girl – Anfisa (Julia Peresild). Unable to fight himself, Peter decides to get rid of his rival – he sends his son on a dangerous expedition along the Gloomy River, hoping that he will not return. However, Prokhor not only returns back: in his native land, he appears as a wealthy entrepreneur. But will he be able not to get bogged down in a swamp of evil and remain an honest and moral person, or has the time come to payback for what his grandfather Danila did?

Alexander Gorbatov and Julia Peresild.  Shot from the series "Gloomy river"
Alexander Gorbatov and Julia Peresild. Shot from the TV series “Gloomy River”

“Girls with Makarov” (March 9)

Where to see: TNT.

In early March, the Interns scriptwriters presented their new project to the audience – a comedy series about the head of the criminal investigation department, Pavel Sergeevich Makarov, Butov and his new team, from which, to put it mildly, he is not delighted.

The new team to Makarov (played by Pavel Maikov) got as a result of a conflict with the management – instead of experienced male operas, he was given four graduates of the police school. And if at first the inexperience of subordinates greatly annoyed Makarov, who, by the way, is also a sexist, then over time he begins to feel sympathy for girls. The latter also change their opinion – they begin to respect the boss and listen to him.

Pavel Maikov.  Shot from the series "Girls with Makarov"
Pavel Maikov. Shot from the series “Girls with Makarov”

“Chikatilo” (March 18)

Where to see: Okko.

“Chikatilo” is another free retelling of the history of the maniac, whose role in the series was played by Dmitry Nagiyev. According to the actor, he did not immediately agree to the role of the main maniac of the Soviet Union, but eventually accepted the challenge. Together with the creators of the detective series, Nagiyev decided to rely not on external similarity, but on sensations – as a result, Chikatilo Nagiyev turned out to be truly unpleasant and terrifying.

The series was directed by Sarik Andreasyan. Science fiction writers Alexey Gravitsky and Sergey Volkov were responsible for the script. And on the screen, in addition to Nagiyev, Konstantin Lavronenko, Yulia Afanasyeva and more will appear.

Dmitry Nagiyev.  Shot from the series "Chikatilo"
Dmitry Nagiyev. Shot from the series “Chikatilo”

“Vampires of the Middle Lane” (March 18)

Where to see: START.

“Vampires of the Middle Lane” is a comedy detective story about vampires from Smolensk. It is there that bloodsuckers have long coexisted peacefully with ordinary residents of the city – quietly, according to the law, without killing people. But everything changes when bloodless bodies are found in the forest. And now the vampires are under threat – the Guardians, led by Irina Vitalievna (Tatyana Dogileva), who are responsible for the observance of laws by vampires, as well as investigators from Moscow, arrive in Smolensk.

The head of the vampire cell of society, grandfather Slava (Yuri Stoyanov), finds himself in a difficult situation: his family is under suspicion – execution threatens for violation of the law, and investigators are selected too quickly – vampires risk being discovered. The main characters only have a week to find the real killer and prove their innocence.

Yuri Stoyanov.  Shot from the series "Middle lane vampires"
Yuri Stoyanov. Shot from the series “Vampires of the Middle Lane”

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