Like everything else in the world, love obeys special subtle laws. Knowing and observing them, you can maintain a harmonious union and even “reformat” problematic relationships.

Here are seven simple principles from which true, mature, deeply satisfying love grows.

1. Cause and effect

The old truth, “Treat others the way you want to be treated,” works ideally in a relationship with a loved one. Be sincere and kind to each other, talk more about your feelings, needs, desires. Let the words “I love you” be spoken as often as possible. And if there are disagreements, discuss them openly and honestly.

2. Multiplication of love

Surprisingly, the more you give love, the stronger the feeling becomes for both partners. Even the energy of the space around the couple changes, which is well captured by people with a fine mental organization.

Diffuse love, don t be afraid to be generous. Love, like a sunset, is woven from thousands of shades and semitones. Tenderness, caring, acceptance, sincerity, sympathy, support, approval – give them to your partner every day, and he will love you more.

3. Like attracts like

They say that the shortcomings that most annoy in other people are in ourselves (only we diligently suppress them and even naively believe that we have already outlived this vice in ourselves). So if you come across the “wrong person” over and over again, look inside yourself. It has been proven that you change yourself – the world around you changes.

4. Trust vs jealousy

Have you noticed how easy it is to be with someone who trusts you? This attitude takes us into the space of freedom and conveys the most important message: you are good, you are worthy, I believe you.

On the contrary, jealousy becomes torture for both partners, plunges into a constant state of tension and depression. Trust is love. Jealousy is possessiveness, give it up.

5. Magic of the word

Modern psychologists will confirm that the power of the word is truly great. There are known examples when a kind word transformed a person, and a reproach thrown in the hearts left an incurable wound in the soul.

Be careful with your words, especially during an argument! It is better to take a break and cool down than to regret later on the insults and unfair suspicions said in the heat of the moment.

And vice versa – words of support, approval, attention are necessary for relationships, like water for a flower.

6. Magic of touch

They say that we need at least seven hugs a day to feel good. But even the usual touch of a loved one improves the emotional state, relieves stress, and improves the functioning of the immune system.

Here are some practical tips:

  • hug your partner before leaving for work for at least twenty seconds;

  • hold hands more often;

  • massage each other s neck and shoulders (especially when you are stressed or upset).

And in general, gently touch each other as often as possible.

7. Freedom

Freedom is air. Once in a “toxic” relationship, where one of the partners tyrannizes and restricts the other, the person suffocates and withers. There is no talk of any personal happiness here. It is necessary to develop sensitivity and flexibility in order to see in another a full-fledged person with his own view of the world and the right to make responsible decisions.

Freedom is another facet of true love.

Lyudmila Ivanovskaya,
psychologist, trainer, specialist in the field of relations
and family constellations

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