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If we consider the problems of self-realization of young people not only from the side of the individual as the difficulties of the realization of an individual, but look at them in general, as problems of the whole society, then we can see that the solution of these problems can improve the social system, raise productivity, and also avoid many social conflicts. The socio-demographic group that falls under the definition of “youth” has a higher level of perception and acceptance of the modernization of society.

It is easier for young people to adapt to modern conditions of existence, it is easier to master innovations in various fields. Culture, politics, social and economic activities and much more do not stand still, guided only by the cultural heritage and experience of ancestors. All social sectors are changing, acquiring new modern outlines. For people who have crossed the threshold of youth, it can be extremely difficult to accept such changes due to the densely rooted conservative views. Over time, the reins of governance of society are transferred to the hands of the younger generation. That is why it is so important to create favorable conditions for self-realization of youth, helping young people to become harmonious, comprehensively developed personalities.

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The path to the future

The period of youth is a kind of road to the future. It is on this thorny path that a person predetermines his further existence, makes a choice in the direction of a particular profession, decides in which social sphere his potential will be fully revealed and more useful to society, what occupation will bring spiritual comfort. The minds of young people, like a sponge, are capable of absorbing, filtering and processing a large flow of information. Studies in developmental psychology say that it is in the process of growing up that a person develops self-awareness and a stable system of values, and also determines the social status of a person. For the period of youth, manifestations of critical thinking are characteristic, a person learns to evaluate and analyze. In parallel with this, the foundation of the stereotypes of the past has already been laid in the minds of young people, the task of young people is to correctly filter out the experience of past years, to highlight the main and useful information for themselves.

path to the future

Fathers and Sons

We, adults, do not understand children, since we no longer understand our own childhood. Sigmund Freud

The problems of self-realization of young people also include the eternal confrontation between the old and young generations. Basically, old people are always dissatisfied with the behavior of young people, they try to give advice from the past years, and young people, with all their youthful ambition, do not want to listen and draw conclusions. In fact, the confrontation between these two social groups can both serve a certain benefit and cause considerable harm in the further realization of youth potential. Undoubtedly, the experience of the past can be useful in order, for example, not to make the same mistakes or, as they say, not to reinvent the wheel. This is where the ability to filter information and give their own assessment of certain judgments comes in handy for young people.

As for the negative consequences, too persistent imposition of conservative views will hinder the desire of young people to develop in the modern world, to keep pace with the times, to adapt to the rapidly developing features of the environment. Young people, crushed by the authority of the older generation, lose interest in learning everything new, passivity develops, sometimes bordering on infantilism, and these qualities in no way contribute to self-realization and achievement of success. Therefore, in the process of education, it is extremely important to find that notorious “golden mean”. As KS Stanislavsky said: “Let the old wisdom guide the youthful vigor and strength, let the young vigor and strength support the old wisdom.”

Fathers and Sons

Youth problems in the modern world

The modern world is no longer so strict about the observance of the rules of morality, as in ancient times, this also has a considerable component of the essence of the problem of self-realization of youth. That is why most modern young people have extremely vague moral standards. The majority are dominated by hedonistic inclinations, selfishness, which sooner or later leads to self-destruction of the individual. The problems faced by modern youth hinder the self-realization of the individual or make it practically impossible. Spiritual devastation, the hopelessness of future life, the split in value orientations, the spreading nihilism and the breaking of moral ideals – these are the main reasons that lead modern young people to such social problems as:

  • Alcoholism
  • Addiction
  • Immorality
  • Crime
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Substitution of life values

Falling into one of the above trends, the individual enters the path of degradation and self-destruction. And only through a long and complex social, physical and psychological rehabilitation can a person return to normal existence, as well as motivate his personality to further self-development.

Teenager s problems

What hinders self-realization of youth

Here are some of the most basic problems of youth self-realization.

Inadequacy to social requirements

Hardly anyone in childhood dreams of becoming a successful plumber or loader. Everyone wants to be astronauts and flight attendants, pilots and ballerinas. But over time, a person realizes that it is not always possible to fulfill dreams. Society does not need millions of dancers and actresses, preference is given to professions in the field of science, physical or engineering labor. The first problem of personality self-realization is the discrepancy between the desired and the actual. You have to choose between a childhood dream and a profession that is more prestigious and profitable. But often young people do not understand that it is possible to realize themselves not only in a career. Self-realization is the totality of all spheres of life, such as creativity, hobbies, family, environment, and the like. It turns out that nowadays modern youth in the majority prefers choosing a profession that is more profitable, but to which they have no heart at all. Of course, therefore, the opportunity to be realized in the labor field in this case is extremely small.

Lack of social requirements

The overwhelming majority of young people in the modern world are focused on getting good income. But mastering a profession and hard work are not included in the plans of young people. The lack of labor incentive primarily arises from the hopelessness of future life, the individual does not see the point in making efforts. Such qualities as laziness, passivity, lack of initiative begin to prevail, a feeling of hopelessness arises, which can lead to stress and personal conflicts of the individual.

non-compliance with social requirements

Lack of social reference

The younger generation sometimes does not have time to adapt to such a rapidly changing society. The experience of the past and the modernization of society are sometimes so different from each other, and these changes occur in a short time, that they bring a certain dissonance into the immature consciousness of the younger generation. Young people lack social guidelines, because what was important for the previous generation is rapidly losing its value in the framework of urbanization and modernization of the modern world. Therefore, the further choice of the goal and path of young people begins to be determined by the circumstances and requirements of society, and not by the abilities and desires of the individual himself. Therefore, it is extremely important to form the ability to adapt one s professional and personal goals to the development trends of modern society, to be able to adapt without disturbing the emotional balance.

Reduction of social programs

The problems of self-realization of youth directly depend on social activities. In order to fully demonstrate their potential, to determine the inclination to a particular field of activity, young people must be provided with a foundation, so to speak, an arena for implementation. Reduction of various youth programs, inability to find conditions for active amateur performance, difficulties in the right to directly participate in educational, political, and labor activities. The young generation has absolutely no place to show their potential, since society is not able to provide affordable leisure venues for implementation.

Social insecurity

For successful self-realization, the young generation must feel support and support from others. This is not only about the family and the general education system. The state must fully create favorable conditions for the life support of the young generation and the formation of a harmonious personality. If young people do not feel guarantees, a certain guarantee of the success of their future, then this contributes to the emergence of a feeling of fear, uncertainty about the future. That, like any negative thoughts and emotions, creates obstacles for the self-realization of young people.

social insecurity

Moral and spiritual chaos

The last period of development of modern society notices a tendency towards dehumanization of culture, the meaning of art is demoralized, the image of a person becomes belittled, spiritual and moral values ??fade into the background. Empathy and altruism give way to greed and consumerism. The spiritual values ??of collectivism have been replaced by selfish and individual goals. All these factors, as well as the lack of a clear national idea among young people, are also part of the essence of the problem of self-realization of young people. The media and social networks have a detrimental effect on the fragile young psyche. You should not underestimate the value of the Internet and all its benefits (which in the modern world do not occupy the last place in the self-realization of an individual), but here again it is necessary to develop in young people the ability to correctly filter information.

Solving the problem of self-realization of youth

So what conditions are necessary for youth self-realization? First of all, one should not forget that the self-realization of an individual primarily depends on the person himself, his aspirations and readiness for hard work. The task of those around them is to help young people to form, creating all the necessary favorable conditions for the development and realization of their potential.

On the part of the family and close environment, this can be the transfer of valuable experience, the formation of moral values. This can be achieved, for example, by personal example – a child who grows up in harmony and sees a favorable family model in front of him is already one step closer to a successful future. The education system, too, usually makes a significant contribution to the formation of personality. Pedagogical tendencies should not stand still, constant growth, development, the search for new productive methods of upbringing and education are needed. The state should also introduce various social programs for the development of youth, provide an opportunity to realize their creative and creative inclinations, create so-called leisure and cultural platforms for young people to splash out their amateur activities. Also, do not forget about social guarantees – young people should not feel unprotected within the framework of social policy. Each person should be sure that persistent, honest and hard work is an opportunity to achieve success, and the state will help in this, since the mechanism of governing the country should be interested in obtaining decent personnel and educating a worthy young generation.

solution to the problem of self-realization

Young people should not be looked down upon. It is very possible that, having matured, they will become outstanding husbands. Only the one who has not achieved anything, having lived to forty or fifty years, does not deserve respect. Confucius

The problems of self-realization of young people are not only individual and personal difficulties of young people. This is a global problem for the whole society as a whole. It is quite possible that the cute baby you see in the sandbox will later become the head of state and the arbiter of the fate of the entire society. Therefore, one of the most important goals of the modern world is to solve the problem of self-realization of young people and create high-quality conditions for self-realization of young people.

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