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Britney Spears shared a selfie with a light makeup, and fans found secret signs in her photo again

Britney Spears

38-year-old Britney Spears has shared new selfies with fans on her Instagram. The singer, who usually appeared in front of the camera with a rather heavy make-up of eyes using shaded eyeliner and mascara, this time opted for a more natural look.

Who would have thought?! After so many years, I am only now learning that no makeup is what you need to follow. A little makeup is great, but after all those years in the armchairs of makeup artists and hairdressers to look flawless, I think a natural look is the right way … It makes you look younger and much better. Yes, I know my eyelashes are painted with mascara here

– signed the frame of Britney.

Britney SpearsBritney Spears

Many fans noted that the singer really looks better without makeup and that this image suits her very much. But others again expressed their concern. The fact is that for more than a week, discussions about conspiracy theories have not ceased on the network. Some netizens believe that Spears is in danger and even launched the hashtag #freebritney.

People came to such conclusions because of the ongoing disputes around the custody of the singer. Recall that in September last year, the star’s father transferred custody of his daughter to the longtime assistant of the singer Jodie Montgomery, but actually continued to participate in all spheres of Britney’s life, and recently the singer’s mother also filed a petition to dispose of her daughter’s multimillion-dollar fortune. In addition, Spears recently published a custody letter in which she says she was “tricked and framed.”

Britney Spears

Fans write in the comments so that their pet gives them a sign if she needs help using an outfit of a certain color or gesture, and several times netizens have already noticed matches. So this time the fans were alarmed by something. One of the commentators drew attention to the gray upper left corner of the image.

Looks like a snapshot of a photograph,

– he wrote.

Britney Spears

The actress Rose McGowan also stood up to protect Britney the other day. She recorded a special support song for Britney for her new Planet 9 album, Sirene, and also commented on the situation on her Instagram.

Remember Brittany Murphy who fell victim to Hollywood? Today I remember another Britney, alive, who can be saved from those who control and trade her. Free Britney

Rose wrote.

Brittany MurphyBrittany Murphy

Remind me that Murphy died at the age of 32 from cardiac arrest. Less than six months later, her husband also died – acute pneumonia was named the cause of death. There was a version that infection of the house with a fungus could lead to the death of the spouses, but the circumstances of the death of the couple still seem mysterious to many and remain the subject of controversy.

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