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Cardi B appreciated the twerk from Nastya Ivleeva

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Nadya Beschetnikova

Cardi B appreciated the twerk from Nastya Ivleeva

Nastya Ivleeva / Cardi B

Nastya Ivleeva continues to expand her connections among Western celebrities. During quarantine, she managed to get on the air with Jared Leto and talk to him, and now Cardi B drew attention to Nastya.

Nastya IvleevaNastya Ivleeva

Two days ago, the blogger posted on her Instagram a video from a challenge timed to coincide with the singer’s new clip, WAP. In the video, Ivleeva repeated Cardi B’s signature choreography with twerk, and fans appreciated the attempt.

Only on Nastya’s blog, the video gained seven million views. Apparently, thanks to the devoted fans of Ivleeva, the video went viral on the network. It was published by one of the popular Twitter accounts dedicated to Cardi B.

One of the most famous Russian TV presenters and Instagram stars Anastasia Ivleeva took part in the #WAPChallenge,

– reported in the post.

Cardi BCardi B

This post was soon noticed by Cardi herself and reposted it in her account. It is difficult to understand whether the singer liked it or not. He was laconic in expressing his emotions, but Nastya’s fans and subscribers, after she appeared on the blog of a world celebrity, could clearly increase.


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