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Cardi B responded to fans’ demands to remove Kylie Jenner from new music video: “Not everything is about race.”

Cardi B and Kylie Jenner

Late last week, 27-year-old hip-hop singer Cardi B presented a new provocative video for the song WAP, recorded in a duet with American rapper Megan Thee Stallion. The music video immediately caused a violent reaction on the network: many Internet users admitted that they watched the clip with pleasure exactly until the moment Kylie Jenner appeared in it.
Kylie JennerKylie Jenner

Some fans immediately saw the racial discrimination in Jenner’s footage. They were outraged by the fact that in the video Kylie simply walked along the corridor and opened the door to one of the rooms of the mansion, while the same Normani singer had to perform a lot of complex dance elements to get into the video.

If this is not a perfect example that black women should do more in order to get somewhere, and white ones should make a minimum effort to do this, then I do not know what it is, – expressed the opinion of the majority of one of the fans of Cardi B, insisting that the moment with Kylie Jenner should be cut from the music video.


Yesterday Cardi B responded to all the dissatisfied on her Twitter and defended Kylie Jenner, who herself has not yet responded to the scandal on the network. The popular hip-hop singer explained why she chose Kylie for filming in her new video, and stated that her appearance in the video was not a manifestation of racial discrimination.

Why did I include Kylie in my music video? She spoke very sweetly with my sister and daughter at her daughter Stormi’s birthday party. Plus, Stormy’s dad, Travis Scott, and my lover, rapper Offset, are very close friends, and Kylie’s mom, Kris Jenner, gave me some valuable advice that I asked her for. There are many racist problems in the world that I remind you of all the time. However, this isn’t about the fucking race!

– said Cardi B.

The singer also called Normani’s appearance one of the best moments in the video and agreed with a comment from one of the subscribers, who explained that Kylie’s penetration in the video is due to the fact that modeling is her main occupation, while Normani is famous for her dancing.
Kylie JennerKylie Jenner

By the way, Cardi B’s explanations had little effect on fans: they continue to collect signatures for a petition on the portal demanding that Kylie Jenner be removed from the video.

The video was perfect exactly until the moment Kylie appeared in it – I immediately wanted to smash my phone.

Kylie seems to have forgotten what her own skin looks like! Down with the cultured vultures

– Internet users express their opinion in the comments under the petition.

Petition against Kylie JennerPetition against Kylie Jenner

By the way, not everyone liked the new Cardi B song WAP and the video for it solely because of the appearance of Kylie Jenner. Some Internet users were generally outraged by the “disgusting and vile” song, which, in their opinion, promotes vulgarity and depravity and serves as a bad example for the younger generation.Cardi BCardi BKylie JennerKylie Jenner

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