How to take the first step towards a girl - basic principles

What a perfect guy should be – basic qualities

Who is he, the perfect guy? What should it be? How many people, so many opinions. Each girl has her own ideal. One wants a rich and cute boy, the second will be grateful if she finds a loyal and affectionate life partner.

Don’t look for a copy!

One of the most deplorable mistakes is finding a guy who looks like someone else. For example, the search for a guy like Brad Pitt or Johnny Depp is unlikely to end well. Yes, they are great actors. Yes, their appearance may be ideal for someone, but in addition to their appearance, one must also take into account the inner qualities of a person. Alas, the longer you date the copy guy, the less he will resemble the original, the less you like it. And the handsome man is unlikely to have a wonderful character. In addition, after a while you will start to be jealous or break up, as many girls may like your boyfriend. The result is not a fairy tale, but a complete failure. The fictitious “star” will think only of himself, selfishly rejecting the needs of other people, so you shouldn’t make the search for a young man who is necessarily like someone else the meaning of your life.

Ideals are rare… It is possible, however, to single out several patterns, several qualities of guys that especially attract beautiful ladies. Let’s consider the main criteria.

The guy shouldn’t be a drinker

He can drink on holidays, but that’s all. A lot of fights occur due to excessive alcohol consumption by one of the partners. Cheating and scandals can firmly enter life. A person who is not addicted to alcohol is more positive and optimistic than an alcoholic. In our time, it is very difficult to meet such a person, therefore, if a guy drinks only on big holidays, this is already good. Choose the lesser of evils!

A young man must be independent

Infantile mama’s sons cause negative feelings, they are not able to make decisions on their own. Yet it is not in vain that there is an expression “like behind a stone wall.” A man should protect and solve those problems that a woman cannot cope with, and not just stand on the sidelines. And one can hardly expect accomplishments from mama’s son.

Sensitivity is a big plus for any person.

If a guy feels when his girlfriend is not well, when she is in a bad mood, has a headache, or is simply tired, this is very nice.


Appearance is also one of the criteria for choosing a guy. A neat looking guy will get more attention than a hunched over young man with unwashed hair and yellow teeth. Just remember that fashionistas are too self-absorbed. And such a position in life does not guarantee happiness in a relationship. If the relationship is serious “I” disappears – “WE” appears. This is the only way to create a strong pair.

Parenting is an obvious plus

The guy should be well-mannered. Knowledge of the basic rules of behavior and etiquette is necessary, since without this it is simply a shame to appear in a decent society. At first, a girl, inspired by love, may not notice the flaws in the behavior of her lover, but after a while she will see them. Hardly anyone will like living with a boorish gopnik.


A guy should learn to take timely initiative. It is worth delighting the lady with spontaneity: unexpected trips to the cinema, gallery or cafe, trips. For entertainment of such a plan, a young man should be responsible, and not his companion, therefore initiative will become one of the most important qualities of a guy close to the ideal.

Pleasant character

Character plays a very important role. It is he who largely determines the development of relations. The chosen one must understand some female actions, forgive small whims, some irascibility and nervousness, so characteristic of individual women. If a guy does not know how to control himself, then this will split the relationship in the future. A girl should not give a guy a reason to quarrel, but he should not be too aggressive.


It is easier to communicate with an intellectually developed person. With a thinking, well-read interlocutor, you can always find common topics that are interesting to both of you. It is very important to talk with each other, it helps to better understand the inner world of the partner. If a person has nothing to talk about, then he will quickly get bored.

Material goods

Material security attracts many girls. But not everyone has money. And those ladies who define this criterion as the most important in choosing a life partner can only sympathize, since the main thing is sincerity and love, and not the presence of banknotes in a fat wallet. Money will not create happiness or turn indifference into love.

Loyalty and honesty

Of course, the perfect guy must be loyal to his girlfriend. A true gentleman does not stare at other girls. The main task of the girl will be not to give her lover a reason to change, although if a young man really loves, there are no girls for him except her.


A man should be able to help provide for a family. A woman should not work alone, and a man should not just lie on the couch. Everyone is able to do their little bit to cover the overall costs.

Each has its own ideal

Everyone has different tastes, each girl has her own qualities in priority, but more often than not, the ideal guy is described that way.

Yes, there are no comrades for the taste and color. One girl may be crazy about a blonde with blue eyes playing the violin, and the other will be attracted by a dark-eyed chef. It should be so. The most important thing is that a guy should eradicate aggressiveness, ignorance and bad manners in himself. Appearance is not the main criterion for everyone., so simple neatness will suffice.

Women of different age groups will look for different men. For example, a woman who has already passed thirty years old will most likely be looking for a good husband and father for future children, but a younger person will just need a cheerful, intelligent and attentive person.

Ultimately, we can say that the ideal guy is a person with good looks, neat, well-read, independent and not deprived of spiritual kindness.

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The ideal woman in the eyes of a man - what should she be?

Compliments to men: what they should be, how to do them correctly

Compliments to men are often spoken by women either unconsciously, or they try not to speak at all, so that they are not perceived in any way wrong.

But what do men themselves think of this? They are the same as women, only with a different approach to life, and love compliments no less than the fair sex. Then why, demanding attention and love from men, women seldom give them all this?

Most often, men perceive compliments not the way women want, and this is not their fault, it is just that women perceive compliments differently, without thinking about what they mean to men. A man should be the master of the house, control everything, keep up with it, but in the modern world this is difficult to do, since a woman has taken over some of the reins of government. This greatly lowers men’s self-esteem, so they need compliments today much more than ever before… But what is a compliment for them? This is not only praise, but a highlight from the crowd, a crown that lifts the long-awaited words to Olympus, saying that he is doing everything right. However, such a reaction can only be expected for the right compliments. And what is the difference between them?

What should be the compliment?

The first golden rule of a good compliment is its essence. What needs to be said to make him hook, like, touch and remember?

  1. What’s important. Take the prettiest boy in school, for example. Every day the girls tell him how handsome he is, and it is logical that the guy himself knows this. But beauty is important, but what would this guy want to hear? 101 times that he is beautiful, or more specifically, that he has beautiful eyes or a smile, a sharp mind, an interesting approach to life, character, and not just beauty? Praise his voice, movements, actions, knowledge: if, for example, he won an Olympiad or knows a foreign language. After all, each person has their own talents, and not just appearance. Having presented a long-awaited compliment to a man, you will automatically be included in the list of pleasant acquaintances.
  2. “Better a bitter truth than a sweet lie.” This is where all the flattering women who want to please and win his heart come across. Any man knows about himself all the advantages and disadvantages. And when a woman begins to praise him for the strength of the muscles, which in fact are not, this makes him not in a favorable light, but a woman as an ordinary fan, unable to discern his true charms. Men always recognize a lie, even if they desperately want to hear what you say, if it is not true, he will understand and will be very disappointed in you. So try to praise him for his achievements, what he knows how, and not pour compliments anywhere just to get him to notice you.
  3. Sincerity is the way to a man’s heart. Let the compliment be small, for example, “you sleep nicely” or “you make delicious coffee”, but if they come from the bottom of your heart, the man will be much more pleasant than constantly hearing how strong and cool he is, which helps you carry bags. It’s too mundane, trite and learned. Would you like a compliment like that? He is not a dog, he does not need to be praised for eating with a spoon or going to the store, but it is necessary to praise for certain achievements in life, like women, men want to feel strong and significant. Look for variety. Men are multifaceted personalities, they not only can pump muscles, they have souls, sometimes vulnerable, quivering, creative. They love not only football or computer games. What does your man love, what does he do? Take a closer look and you yourself will be surprised how many talents there are, how many interesting things you did not notice before.

How to Compliment?

The second important point to consider when complimenting a man is how to present it and in what voice… The voice can change the whole idea of ​​a person. What do you want? Is he your brother, friend, father or lover? Try to find your own approach to every man. For a brother, a funny or perky voice is suitable, a little childish, but serious, so that the compliment does not become a joke or censure. A childish and proud voice is suitable for a father, because you are proud of him.

For a friend, choose the usual timbre, but always look into the eyes of the person, hiding your face and being ashamed of your words, you are more likely to show yourself and him in a stupid position. Confidently say what you think is right, then others will notice his talents and recognize them.

For a loved one, a lower and velvet tone is suitable, you can add a touch of sexuality if you are trying to conquer him. The fact is that the sonorous high tones are rarely taken seriously by men, unless it discourages them. And they literally take low tones for granted, so that is exactly the sound they want to hear during a compliment.

The wording should be clear and clear… Women’s logic is original, but not perceived by men. You might think it will be fun to watch him solve your compliment puzzle, but in fact, after two minutes of thinking, he will get tired of it. Therefore, if you want to praise him, praise, not hint.

Nobody canceled the original approaches, even if women are sure that only they like it, but men strive for diversity no less than women. They also don’t like boring socks for a holiday as praise for a nailed shelf. It is better to say not “well done, you are such a master, you nailed the shelf”, otherwise “you are amazingly good at working with wood, I am discovering more and more new things in you!”. That is, do not repeat monotonous phrases, look for your own approach to compliments.

Without compliments, a man is lost, he literally does not realize all his talents and does not see any prospects, so there must be people who will point out to a man his dignity and truly strong sides in time. And finally, do not forget that a lot of compliments is no less bad than their complete absence. If every day you praise your loved one, he begins to consider himself the king of the world and stops reaching new heights, then you need to know when to stop.

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How to make a man run after you

Why does a man humiliate a woman

The question that worries all absolutely women is why men are constantly trying to humiliate them? Probably no one fully understands this. In this matter, not only psychologists can be competent, but all women who have lived a difficult life. They raise children, give them their whole soul, and only because they have something to live for they endure humiliation and insults all the time. Only one thing can unite tyrants and gentle, affectionate guardians of family comfort – a sense of duty.

It is necessary to start from the very beginning in order to fully understand all the reasons for this behavior in men. So, everything starts from the most significant day in the fate of every woman – a wedding. Marriage in itself means that now there is a person with whom you want to live your whole life and share joy and grief. This wonderful day simply cannot but remain in the memory of women, as they begin to create their own family, where they will be bereginians and loved ones.

But everything can change over time or immediately after marriage. Every person has a different life. And no one will be able to say who your chosen one and loved one will be when he becomes a husband. Will he also compliment, give flowers and make surprises? Or maybe he will find fault with trifles and try to reproach every time that you are a bad hostess or that you have not dressed in the right way, behaved wrong, and this can all be expressed in a rude form.

It seems that everything, you can always be together without thinking about anything, but the husband just begins to change before our eyes. For what? You ask yourself repeatedly, but you don’t hear the answer. And not having figured it out, leaving everything as it is going with the flow, now taking it for granted. Maybe initially there was some hope in you for a change for the better, but know that they will not be

What could be the reasons for this behavior of a man?

It is necessary to disassemble everything in order to answer this question:

  1. He is afraid that you will begin to disturb the space that was only his own. Before that, there were always friends, rest at any time and some activities and what household chores might be. Of course, any woman will try to train her precious, but believe me, it will be even worse. Everything can end up with an inadequate reaction.
  2. Your marriage was the mistake of your youth. The question arises, why then live together, not allowing you to try something else? A little time will pass and both spouses will face accusations of wasted years and wasted time. Naturally, insults will begin.
  3. Upbringing. This is probably one of the most important reasons. Even in childhood, we hear how our parents communicate with each other, what they say to each other, how they solve life problems. And if the father constantly humiliated his mother, then this will become the norm for the child. This is how all other women become insignificant.
  4. Spouse’s behavior. Women are different, just like men and can be divided into categories. Some love and value their other half, while others blame the man for the fact that there may be some problems, begin to insult and humiliate him, showing that he is no one and nothing. Think about what you can get in return? Of course, insults of the same kind, if it does not come to assault.

What to do when a man starts to offend?

It is always necessary to find a compromise. And not only a woman, but also a man should think about this. You can sit down and talk in a calm atmosphere, without any accusations or insults. Never reproach each other for anything. If the spouse does not have a desire to communicate, then do not force him, do not impose yourself on him. If the conversation has begun, then just ask why he offends you… Often the cause can be jealousy, which no one likes to talk about and admit.

Suppose that the conversation between you took place and went quite calmly. Draw conclusions. Think over everything from start to finish, try to understand it. It is also possible that his behavior was so aggressive, for some important reason. Give him some freedom. Let him start to get bored, want to hug and quickly return home. You, too, do not sit within four walls, waiting for his arrival. Every woman wants to see her friends, go shopping, beauty salons. So rest from each other.

There are many things you can advise, but you need to do the right thing by choosing one of the proposed options. As much as the wife tries to understand her husband, the husband will try to understand his other half. Of course, this does not apply to men who just love to be bullied and get great pleasure from it. You can call them mentally unbalanced people and you just have to run away from such people. Conversations, persuasions and explanations will not help. It’s just useless.

What should women do who endure humiliation and abuse on a regular basis? Everything can be combined with beatings – the worst option. Of course not to endure. There is always where to go, who to turn to. If you have children, take them with you. Better for them to live and not see all this horror. And remember, in the future, they will repeat the fate of their parents. Wives will be beaten and humiliated. And girls will not reckon with men. That’s better? Or can you do it differently?

Only women need to solve this problem.… Men are like little children. They will not be able to overcome the constant desire to have power over someone, but naturally they always choose the weakest. In a family, not only wives, but also children can suffer. Although they are not guilty of anything.

Therefore, it is imperative to think very well about your life with the person you want to see next. Communicate more with your future spouse and try to see in him not a prince on a white horse, but a living person. Accept all of its shortcomings and decide whether you will live with them or not. And after marriage, nothing will change, especially for the better. Men are hunters and are always looking for prey. They should not kill another person morally from idleness and lack of fulfillment, and when they are ignored, it is possible also physically.

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Why do guys go back to ex-girlfriends

A romantic relationship is a very delicate matter, consisting of the emotions and experiences of two completely different people. Modern society has long forgotten the rule – one love, one relationship for life. Freedom and other values ​​of the 21st century encourage personal growth, the search and creation of one’s own individuality for a fairly long period of time.

Secrets of male psychology

Guys deliberately enter into serious relationships. Fleeting romances a day / two / a week, they do not really matter. They clearly understand what kind of partner is needed according to today’s emotional background and life circumstances. The dissimilarity of male and female thinking gives rise to many conflicts. If the weaker half gives priority to feelings, experiences and words, guys prefer to act rather than conquer and convince with verbal arguments.

Often, the initiators of the breakup of a long-term serious relationship are girls who emotionally find it easier to get through the situation. It is not typical for men to notice details, trifles, analyze behavior, mood swings of their dear halves.

Reasons for breaking up a relationship

Unforgivable actions and words… For each, the criteria for deception and betrayal are individual. Some men leave after the slightest hint of inconsistency with the image of the strong and successful. For the most part, the last point can be cheating, both physical and emotional. After such actions, a lot of time must pass for the bitterness of betrayal to dull. The stronger sex perceives betrayal like an apocalypse in relationships. This is a personal insult, the greatest humiliation that can happen. Therefore, despite the strongest feelings, the guy steps over himself and says goodbye to the windy lover.

Different directions of development… Over time, not only relationships change, but also life circumstances. Passion for sports, art, change of work, moving to another city / country leaves few points of contact for lovers. This is especially true for couples with a long history of relationships. Feelings and emotions lose the brightness of colors, habits, and the regularity of life becomes unbearable. On the path of self-development, everyone tries to develop their talents, which are not always clear for a partner. Lack of respect and the right to freedom of choice are unacceptable for a man, and an attempt to limit him in hobbies becomes a signal to escape from the usurper.

Personal characteristics of the girl… Low self-esteem, as well as exaggeration of one’s own merits, can cause a guy to doubt the conformity of the chosen one. Sudden mood swings, excessive emotionality and obsession will scare anyone. Despite the fact that feminism has been walking the planet for a long time, more and more men are looking for fragility, femininity and softness in their companion. Proving once again that I can do everything myself – and make repairs, and build a career, and repair a hairdryer, the girl condemns herself to loneliness. In such situations, the guy simply does not see the implementation with such a companion.

Fear of a permanent relationship… Responsibility not only for oneself, but also for the girl is increasingly becoming an insurmountable barrier for men. Knowing yourself in different situations and communicating with many women is a natural desire for youth. And it will take time to find a partner who will suit all criteria. A distinctive feature of the fair sex is that she considers every guy who shows sympathy for her as a potential husband. The need for constancy in men comes much later, by the age of 30-35, after changes in the hormonal and emotional background. The framework of a serious relationship limits freedom and requires most of the time to be devoted to your chosen one, which can oppress adventure seekers.

Why do guys return to their former lovers

  1. It often happens that a harmonious couple in love unexpectedly breaks up on the initiative of the guy. To better understand themselves and their desires, men need time and space. Loneliness and separation will become the litmus test for true feelings. Left alone with yourself, you can appreciate your partner and his value.
  2. The desire to temporarily wait until a new, more successful relationship. The guy is satisfied with the care and attention that he receives and enjoys love for his own comfortable state. Selfishness borders on cruelty, the girl’s heart wakes up again, if you do not see the hypocrite in time.
  3. The new darling did not live up to expectations. Long-term relationships create a similarity in worldview, tastes, habits and, succumbing to passion over time, the guy begins to realize that he has abandoned a loved one. The new girl will definitely be different. After the passion and emotions subside, negative character traits will become an unpleasant surprise, and the former companion will become ideal against such a background.
  4. Fear of change. Building your life from scratch will require will and determination, which is not characteristic of every man. The usual comfort zone can be associated with an abandoned lover, and to achieve inner peace, it is enough to resume meetings. An understandable and predictable relationship is often more attractive to the stronger sex.
  5. Reconciliation occurs due to the prevailing circumstances. Pregnancy, illness, troubles that arise in an ex-girlfriend can cause a desire to help and protect her. Such nobleness is distinguished by true gentlemen, for whom the priority is given to the moral values ​​of a real, strong man.

Honesty and frankness between lovers are the best cement for long lasting relationships. Attempts to manipulate feelings are an imminent fiasco for both partners. And returning the old love, you need to be ready for compromises to create a harmonious WE.

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How to communicate with an introverted man - basic rules

How to praise a man correctly – basic principles

The opinion has formed in society that only women are awarded compliments and praise, but this is not the case. Men, no less than women, need praise and approval. What could be more beautiful than a warm, kind word and sincere praise from your beloved woman.

Men, like children, try to ensure that their actions and deeds are noted and appreciated. However, men are in no hurry to hint and flaunt their achievements, and if women notice them, they, with embarrassment, hide a smile.

Lovely girls, women, do not skimp on praise, give pleasant words to a man when appropriate. Take into account that men, due to their individual nature, perceive compliments a little differently, for them it is not the compliment itself that is important, but its semantic load. Make sure that the praise is sincere, comes from the depths of the heart, without irony and falsehood. Otherwise, your beloved will perceive a sign of attention as flattering, and will treat you with apprehension and suspicion.

If a woman learns to notice the merits of her man, and not only to expose and criticize shortcomings, to correctly focus attention on them, she will undoubtedly find the key to the heart of her beloved.

In order to learn the art of seduction, it is advisable to follow simple diplomatic rules.

  1. Do not gossip, praise should be to the point, and not affect the individual qualities of the person. Show concern, interest in topics, problems that concern him. Perhaps a man needs outside advice, support, approval is more important for him than ever, because he readily decided to share the conversation with you.
  2. Praise, praise, strife. If women love to hear compliments in their address about how attractive, slender she is, what a charming look and sexy lips, then men of this kind of compliments are unlikely to please. And this is justified, because external assets are not personal merits, but mother nature has endowed us with magnificent physical data. If you want to praise a man, focus on his abilities, talents, actions, how he makes decisions in a balanced and reasonable manner.
  3. If appropriate, encourage your loved one with kind, affectionate words, do not hide your emotions behind a screen. Men love and appreciate female affection, attention and kindness. In relationships, be flexible, because you are a woman – the keeper of family peace and well-being!
  4. You should not praise a man for his social status and solid earnings. Otherwise, he may be arrogant and in a relationship allow himself some pranks, and your “compliment” is more likely to be considered a mercantile interest.
  5. Never compare your chosen one with your former boyfriends. First, past memories can raise suspicion and raise doubts about the sincerity of feelings. Men are easily hurt and talking about an ex can affect his self-esteem. And why do you need unnecessary conversations from the “past life”. Live in the present, do not indulge in the past, otherwise you can stay in it!
  6. Know the measure of praise! Compliments through a word, an ingratiating glance, spontaneous forms of manifestation of tenderness will alert a man, and you will get the impression that you need something from him.
  7. After praising, do not treat a man like a child. After all, he is an adult, self-sufficient person, and this form of manifestation of care can cause a feeling of psychological discomfort and hit his self-esteem.
  8. If a man is middle-aged or older, it is appropriate to focus on his experience, ability to competently solve complex problems.
  9. Praise your chosen one not only at home, but also in the circle of acquaintances, friends, however, do not overdo it, compliments should be essentially, come from the heart and not be pretentious. Know when to stop, if you will pay attention only to the person of your husband all evening, this can cause irritation and an indulgent smile among friends.
  10. When praising a man, be sure to use tactile touch, hug him, kiss him, take his hand. Men really appreciate attention and tenderness!
  11. If you have already managed to have children, it is extremely important to praise your husband in their presence, since for them the father is an exemplary indicator, the ideal to which you need to strive. Children should be aware that their father can teach them a lot and give good advice.

Many people ask the question, do all men accept compliments? Of course no. And in part this applies to modest and suspicious natures. However, this does not mean that they do not need attention and do not want to be recognized. Such people need an individual approach. Compliments in this case should be hidden, it is more expedient to focus on how dear a person is to you, how important his attention and care are to you.

Praise your man for courage, courage, determination, courage, for how resourceful and quick-witted he is. Praise is a great motivator and inspiration for new feats. Let’s say your chosen one decided to please you with a stunning bouquet of wildflowers, thank him for his excellent choice. A man’s self-esteem largely depends on the woman he loves, on her approval, praise and stroking.

Do not put off praise until tomorrow, stick to the “here and now” rule, otherwise the effect of the compliment will fade away.

Dear women, men really do not need so much for happiness, love your chosen ones, appreciate, do not skimp on tenderness and kind words, be flexible, remember that you are a woman – the keeper of family warmth and comfort. Learn to enjoy life together, take lessons from bitter experience, turn successes into small holidays, and leave failures behind a closed door. The strength of a woman is not only in her charm and beauty, but also in the ability to create a favorable microclimate in the family, with you a man should feel needed, in demand and unique!

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How to find the one

If in adolescence a man could afford to spend his energy left and right: drink alcohol in liters, have sex several times a night, eat any food, then approaching middle age, a man discovers that he can no longer be so playful. And it’s not that he doesn’t have as much energy as the younger ones, but rather he feels that she makes him act differently.

Alcohol and an abundance of women no longer give such pleasure, it is necessary to be selective in food, since the body is already beginning to give signals that it is no longer as strong as at 20 years old.

But the biggest problem is psychological weakness, which gradually develops into a vegetable state. I no longer want to perform feats, work is annoying, and all women seem to be the same. I would like to find one single one, but, as if on evil, around only beautiful bodies with emptiness inside. I think many men understand what I mean.

The secret of this problem is that a middle-aged man acts according to the principles of a youth. If at the age of 16-18, sexual energy prompts a man to “exploits” with a woman, which the man himself interprets exclusively as sex, then reaching the age of 30, programs of an older individual are included in the course, something like “I am a lion guarding my pride “. That is, “To be a father.”

At the same time, one must understand that being a father biologically and being a father psychologically are two different things. Therefore, if an adult man acts according to the same principles when he was a young offspring, he inevitably feels gradual exhaustion. Since there is nothing masculine in seducing another woman, there is no feat in this.

The way out of this trap is very simple. For a man to become a “hero” in his own eyes, he needs only one thing: THINK ONLY ABOUT ONE WOMAN !!!

When a man is young, he thinks about all the women in the world. We see how these guys are ready to “blow” anyone, and they have enough strength for this. But the king does not run across the battlefield, he rules his kingdom, sitting on the throne, and it is the queen who makes him king.

Think of just one woman. If you have chosen someone, then always keep your thoughts on her. Remember every minute, for what you chose her, for what you fell in love with her. Concentrate all the time on her best qualities, sing them out, protect her from any attacks from both men and women. And do this especially when she is not around.

Such behavior leads to the fact that a man discovers a monstrous strength in himself. Now a woman for him is not just a pleasure under the covers, but a queen, ready to fill his kingdom with beauty and wealth.

But what should a man do if he does not have a chosen one? The same. To think of such a woman as if he already has one. Only total self-control of one’s feelings and one’s sexual energy is capable of re-educating a man from a “soldier” to a “king.” The behavior of such a man changes. Every action is a battle. Such a man is again full of strength, however, now he does not waste it as he did in his youth. He is a strategist, tactician and wins trophies for his woman, regardless of whether he now has her or not.

So imperceptibly a man discovers that pacifiers disappear from his life, and worthy, true women cast their eyes at him. Keeping his thoughts on the best qualities of women, he meets the one to whom he offers to share his kingdom. This makes him very powerful in all his affairs.

It’s funny, but the same scheme works for women. However, it has its own pitfalls. But I will write about this next time.

How and what to hook a man with: what to do and what not

Psychology and signs of a womanizer

A woman who has been offended by a womanizer gains experience in a relationship with them. She will stop relying on them, will behave more circumspectly. But, everything will evenly pull her towards eloquent, beautifully caring men. She will believe that next time the gallant ladies’ man will not deceive her. She will again believe his beautiful words, gestures, again believe his persuasion.
By business, by the manner of behaving, one can determine the character of a man. Closely, observing him for the first minutes of a conversation, an attentive, experienced female eye can determine what he is.

Signs of a womanizer

  • When he meets a woman, he behaves too confidently.
  • Repeats memorized phrases that can be said to any girl and in any setting.
  • Quickly and easily, saving time, evaluates himself from the positive side.
  • She dresses fashionably, tries to look like a prosperous rich and generous man. At the first meeting, hurry up to continue communication. At the same time, he talks with other girls, examines their slender legs, making them hints that he is free.
  • He flatters the girl immoderately, trying to get her embarrassed. One should not mistake his immoderate flattery for gallantry.
  • Appoints late afternoon dates, freeing up daytime for work. So the womanizer protects the love relationship with the prose of life.
  • He is often in places where many girls and young women can be found. In nightclubs, on pleasure walks, at weddings.
  • Having won one victory, the womanizer immediately loses interest in her. He is interested in new prey. Such a man is governed by his animal instincts, not reason. He is never interested in the details of his lady’s personal life and does not tell anything about himself.
  • A womanizer from the first meeting will make a woman unambiguous hints of intimacy. He invites them to drive to his apartment, have a cup of coffee. Having received a refusal, he will not remind of himself for a couple of weeks, and then he will repeat the offer again. Bored and afraid of losing such a gallant man, more often than not, a woman agrees to intimacy.
The man continues dating, not out of a desire to get to know the woman better. He wants to quickly share a common bed with her. The womanizer does not seek to establish a relationship, he simply lowers it to the level of sex. A woman suffers that after a love relationship, a man still considers himself free. The womanizer quickly ceases to be interested in his partner and begins to look for her replacement. For him, the very process of courtship is important. A woman in love with him is no longer a prey for a womanizer.

Two opposites of a womanizer

  1. A man wants to have fun making love to different women. He quickly dumps his partner for a new acquaintance. Such men are popularly called libertines.
  2. Leaves a woman as soon as a serious relationship begins between them. He is afraid of emotional addiction.

Why doesn’t he want to stop before he gets a bad reputation?
Because the womanizer strives, faster to fall in love with a woman. With each victory over a woman, he becomes more and more accustomed to such a relationship, which is difficult for him to break off.

How to defeat them?

Trying to connect her fate with a womanizer, a woman will need to spend a lot of nerves to overcome his unfounded fears. It is necessary to overcome his negative attitude towards the female sex. But if she loves him, then she has a chance.
The following rules will help a woman to marry a womanizer.

  • Don’t rush things. Meetings should only take place at the request of the woman. When she wants, and not when the womanizer agrees. A man, when he falls in love, is ready to meet every day, and keep his partner until late at night.
    Personal affection for a woman should outpace the man’s love yearning. A woman needs to restrain the onslaught of a man, promising a date in the near future.
  • Don’t rush to make love. In normal men, closeness determines the beginning of family life. For womanizers, it means the end of a romantic romantic relationship. The longer the bouquet-flower relationship lasts, the better. After all, womanizers have more respect for the woman who is the most difficult to win. The difficulty of having a woman only intensifies his desire. But then, having achieved his goal, he will appreciate his partner and consider himself a hero.
  • A woman needs to defend her right, not to yield to her partner in anything. A womanizer does not respect complaisant women. They are delighted with that victory won with difficulty.
  • A woman with a strong character, her own opinion and great demands is a worthy rival on the battlefield of love. A woman who knows exactly what she needs prolongs the womanizer’s interest in her person. And of course, she commands his respect.

  • Do not allow yourself to be negligent. The womanizer looks closely at the subject of his hobby. According to the reaction of his lady to his courtship and actions, he meticulously evaluates her. Therefore, in order for a woman to be appreciated at her true worth, it is necessary to present great claims to a man. She should not allow vulgar anecdotes to be told in her presence, or to be familiar with her. She is obliged to force to treat her with respect.

Two ways to teach a womanizer a lesson to be polite to a woman?

  1. Act according to its rules. It’s good if, after intimacy, the woman is the first to leave the man. She will not only stop calling him herself, but also will not answer his calls. She will fully enjoy his discouraged appearance.
  2. Acting according to the second method, a woman can turn a womanizer into an exemplary husband. She needs to prove to him that all his fears are in vain. That love exists in the world, and he may like family relationships. A woman must put a lot of strength, intelligence and patience, but the family is worth it. But, as a rule, womanizers are not fixable. They will walk after the wedding. They just restrain themselves if there are many beautiful women around.

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Why does a woman need a man

Why does a woman need a man?
Why do you, dear, Man in Life?
Let’s try to figure it out, filtering out everything superficial, formulaic, Vedic and correct …
Let’s leave the lived, realized, alive …

Now in our modern World there is no longer such a strong dependence of a Woman on a Man as it once was. Now our life does not depend on the Man … Clara Zetkin and Rosa Luxemburg – two German communists who mixed politics and intimate life, received an explosive cocktail “Strong and Independent”, which we still savor together with cats. The active were Women. Defined the role of women in the revolutionary struggle. The revolutions are over – the struggle remains. And broken algorithms about what it means to be a Woman are passed from generation to generation. In a skirt, but on an armored car. Since I can vote, it means equal, and since I can climb on an armored car, it means the main one. So we moved from fighting for equality to fighting for leadership.

So why do we need a Man? If I can now do everything in our world by myself ?! And to be honest, I can. I can earn money, I can make decisions, I can cope with difficulties myself, I can look for knowledgeable people in what I do not know, and thereby solve my problems. Even sex is not an “unsolvable” problem. I hope there are no prudes among my readers, and we understand that, sometimes, a woman herself can give even more pleasure, knowing the needs of her body.

But still, the issue of relations is very acute. Why? What do we expect from a relationship with a Man? Why do we need it? What is being born inside you now in response to this question?

A woman does not always really understand what she wants from a relationship. What exactly does she want, what are her desires? Be like “behind a stone wall”? What is this about? About someone solving your problems for you? Well, and if you honestly look at it? That is, at the expense of Men, we are trying to solve our financial and physiological issues, as well as raise our self-esteem?

When our Soul chooses the experience of incarnation in the Female body, it needs exactly the experience that we can get here as Women. Not like a sexless creature! And it is not necessary to say that the Soul has no gender. You, as a person, have a gender! Fact! Yes, and you are a spiritual being living a human experience! In a human body that has a gender identity!

A woman looks at the World of Men and thinks: “Here everything is in their hands. It is unfair! I want it too! I can! Here is a suitable armored car. And you, Man, did not stand, and did not stand at all …” , breathed in deeply and began to lament: “Well, where are you real Men?” Somewhere inside, each of us knows and realizes that this is far from harmony. This does not mean at all that a Man should be strong and in charge, and a Woman should be weak and weak. Both must be strong. Choose to be strong. They are looking for their Power. Each his own.

A strong person is a person who is in contact with his desires, who has or is able to find the resources to realize them and who is responsible for his actions. And this definition is universal, suitable for both Women and Men. It’s just that our desires are, in essence, different. Unless we start climbing on someone else’s armored car. And we climb there, in fact, from the desire for Love, oddly enough. I miss her so much that I climb higher, suddenly there it will be more visible where she is. True, while I was climbing, I could forget why I climbed.

Just looking at the realized Men, the feeling is born that I need to go there, somewhere there is happiness. After all, we were all brought up in a system saturated with competition. But it was the Power of his desires that brought him there! These are his victories! They are not yours and should not be depreciated or appropriated. I often come across the fact that a Woman wants a relationship with a status Man, and when you understand the essence of this desire, a huge hole opens up in the field of self-esteem (though camouflaged so that it is hidden even from herself), which I want to compensate for his victories … A woman does not know her Power, what she wants and what she can. And therefore, give me this champion so that I can take over his victories at once, and then it will be obvious to everyone that I am cool. The Man himself, as a person, as a person, as an infinite world of his inner experiences and realizations, is often not needed. All that is needed is his victories and status. Since there are none …

So what do you really want? Where is the power of your desires leading you? If I’m strong, does that mean lonely? NO!

They say that it is difficult for a man to be next to a strong woman. It is difficult with the one that holds the siege on the armored car. It is difficult for everyone, even for herself it is difficult for herself. It’s easy with a strong one, it’s interesting with her.

So why do we need Men?
To make it interesting to follow the Path!
Do you know which Men you want to follow? For those who are in contact with their Power. They don’t need helpers, but they need companions. Strong people are looking for those with whom they can go along on the journey of life, from time to time changing directions and roles – because nothing is static. We all need “our” people on the Path. We need “our” strong ones.

The strong respect each other’s victories, are proud of these victories without the need to appropriate them.
The Strong help each other by Inspiring when their breath is running out.
The strong motivate by their example not to give up when they want to give up.
The strong live a living Life!
And # it’s interesting!

A woman needs a Man to walk her Path like a woman …
I will never become as strong as you, as a man. It is your Strength and your ability to achieve! But, looking at you and at your victories, I feel admiration! And this is already my Power and my ability to Admire and Love!
And I’m interested in you!
And you are very much needed, and you are free …

How to take the first step towards a girl - basic principles

If a man doesn’t like kissing, why is this happening?

Can you imagine a world without a kiss? How much happiness and joy lies in him, can you forget your first kiss with your loved one? What could be more tender and affectionate than a mother’s kiss as a child? Memories of such moments go with a person throughout his life and warm the heart, in the most difficult times.

Probably every woman believes that there can be no relationship without kissing. After all, there is nothing more gentle and romantic than a kiss with your beloved. And everyone wants to know why men so often avoid kissing, what they don’t like and how to change it.

Kisses are in any relationship between a man and a woman, be it a fleeting romance or a long family life. The kiss itself occurs when the caviar of passion slips between them, it is she who makes people forget about the whole world and focus only on this moment of life, the first kiss is born. Further women want more, but men do not need it. This is due to male psychology and no one can change this, it has been verified by experience.

Why do you need a kiss?

In our life the kiss plays a pretty significant role… People are ready to give their kisses only to the most dear and close people. It is a kiss that can be considered the most sincere manifestation of feelings for another person. For a female, kissing is an integral part of a relationship; men treat them in the completely opposite way. Quite often, in the absence of kisses from a man, women begin to think that a man has stopped loving them, has found another.

We must understand that men and women look at the same things differently, it is this opposition that causes attraction between the sexes. And if a man sometimes doesn’t want to kiss, it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you anymore, it’s inherent in him at the level of instincts, we must take everything for granted and not focus our attention on it. Although the constant absence of kissing in a relationship is already a serious signal, it means that there is a problem.

How the lack of kissing affects women

When a woman realizes that her man no longer kisses her as often as before, she loses her calm. Some consider themselves guilty that the man has cooled in feelings. In fact, the problem is precisely in the person who is callous to his soul mate, it is he who has some problems, perhaps of a psychological nature.
All psychologists agree that a kiss is the most important expression of a person’s emotions… Therefore, if a person does not want to kiss, perhaps he is not yet ready, sufficiently, to open up to someone. It means that there can be no question of any serious feelings in such a situation.

Only a truly loving man can give his kisses to a woman without forcing himself to do so. Such a desire arises in him on its own, he wants to be next to her, hug, caress, kiss.

As quite a lot of experience shows, men who constantly avoid kissing their woman, in most cases, are indifferent to her. These men do not see the only one next to them, even being married, they are constantly looking for something new. Although it sounds harsh, a man who has already achieved a woman loses interest in her, becomes colder and colder. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to change the current state of affairs, such men do not change.

Quite often, a woman in such a relationship tries to fix everything, change her man. But in the end result it begins to be burdened with a feeling of dissatisfaction, the severity of which is difficult to feel in words.

All this can very quickly turn a beautiful, successful and self-confident girl into a woman who is not self-confident and full of complexes, who has lost all meaning in life. There is very little good in all this, such a relationship will not lead to anything good, it is better to end them as soon as possible.

What men themselves think of kissing

For men, a kiss is more of a kind of prelude before the subsequent sexual intercourse. In a man’s thoughts, everything goes in its own order: kiss, touch, sex. Based on this, if a man does not want sex, you should not expect affection, tenderness, and even more kisses from him.

The lack of kissing does not always mean that a man is too callous towards a woman. It so happens that this perception of relationships goes far into his childhood, he adopts the mistakes of his parents. Perhaps he never saw, between his mom and dad, displays of tender feelings and this left a strong imprint on him.

Before making any decision, you need to understand what is the real reason for the lack of desire for a kiss on the part of a man. Maybe it’s callousness or complexes. Only by penetrating into the heart of your beloved and understanding his problem is it worth deciding what to do next. And is it necessary to fight for such a relationship.

If, after finding out the reasons for such a cold relationship, the desire to fight for your relationship has not disappeared, then you should start with yourself. The first thing to do is to sit quietly and look at your reflection in the mirror. Is there in this reflection that beautiful and well-groomed woman that your boyfriend or husband once fell in love with? Even despite constant fatigue and problems at work, any self-respecting girl should look good. Neither family, nor work, nor other problems can be an excuse for a woman’s unkempt appearance. Such a harsh female lot, the attention of a man must be earned. Going shopping and buying new sexy lingerie will help with this difficult task. You just need to go to your favorite salon, do something new, such as a new haircut, or maybe just change the color of your hair. Thanks to such actions, something new will penetrate into your relationship, new emotions will appear. For men, all this is of great interest, sexual attraction will reappear, perhaps he will be able to liberate himself, and then you just need to avoid the mistakes made earlier, which brought the relationship to a dead end.

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Are the men transferred? I wonder, really, where did they “move”? Maybe we, Women, can also collect things there and transfer? True, there is an option that they will transfer from there too …
I really want you to see in this article not the protection of Men, they are adult boys and can cope without me, namely the opportunity to feel how much we, Women, mean and how much depends on us! Every time we cry in our hearts: “Are there any real men at all?” ringing in the voice with steel claims and deepest resentment, what do we want to hear in response? Of course have? Yes, my dear, I’m here! Now I will do everything as you want!

We, Women, have achieved equality in society, in society, but we want, in addition to equality, to be left with the luxury of being a Woman. That is, I will, where it is beneficial for me to “fight” with you – Man on equal terms, but you know, if anything, I will pull out my trump card – “I am a Woman” and you must surrender! Otherwise, I will raise a wave of public discontent! In any case, I will be on top! And you must remain at the same time a real Man! I don’t know how, but I must!

Yes, we are equal, but we are DIFFERENT! Very different!

Not understanding this difference, we begin to “measure by ourselves” and demand, demand, demand …
Sometimes women themselves do not understand that with her own hands she is doing so that her wish will never come true. I want to rule and dictate, I want you to listen to me and listen well, while you treat me like a princess. As if that same oxymoron is a combination of conflicting concepts. Either you are a family “Lenin” on an armored car, pushing your ideas to the masses of unenlightened fellow citizens within the framework of your own apartment, or you are the princess herself, tender, vulnerable, open and in need of care. And as if together – in any way!

Men are more logical and, in a good way, simpler in their reasoning and actions. They do not have such a multi-walk in their heads that here I am heroically killed at work and at home, so that through this my heroism you can see that I do not want to be a hero. In general, I would like to surrender a long time ago, but I will continue to defend myself. I’m very logical! I have such a plan there! You have to see and realize in just such a complicated and ornate way. And what does this yours mean: “Don’t worry?” This is a direct trigger for the accumulated anger. I have a kind of multi-move here, everything is concrete and clear here, how it should be! Don’t worry about me! What should I do then? Just try to say this hateful one: “Relax and have fun!” Everything! War! And that, him, hey!
Yes, because I do not know how to relax, I do not know how to have fun! I will not say that I do not know how, I will accuse you that this is impossible with you. Everything! Checkmate! You are guilty! And there is no one more comfortable and useful in the house than a guilty Man.
And where is this our cosmic subtlety, soulfulness, sexuality? Not to her … We must hold on to power, look for reasons for new accusations and, of course, be indignant … Well, but how?
Trust a Man ?! How scary, especially when there is past previous negative experience.
We can only trust the strong, but we do everything to have the weak next to us. It is paradoxical with him, but we feel more secure, or rather, our fear and pride are easier with this.
And if I don’t trust you, why are we together at all? What is the essence of such a union?

It is important for every Man to be needed by the Woman who chooses him.
It is exactly the right one.
It is important for him to be seen, heard and felt.
Man is Strength. You, dear, Cosmos, you are ABOUT …
And the Man is ready for a lot in order for the Woman to allow him to share his Power with her and to want to share her Cosmos with him.
It is important for a man that he can give to a Woman what is truly his – Masculine. Support. Strength. Protection. Direction of movement. How important it is that you, Woman, want to accept this with Gratitude.
Can you give the Man 51% of the shares? Can you follow him? Can you be married? This is about trust … Especially when a Man may not be “on horseback”. This happens in life, we both fall and rise. Give the Man the right to be wrong. For the sake of your faith in him, he will handle everything himself. You believe and desire it.
This is very difficult, I know. But from the position “I myself” will not work, from the position that is offended too … You have only one Life, dear, can we risk living it like a woman and happily?

And for this, let’s try to figure out together what the relationship between a man and a woman is in the course “Sacred geometry of relations between a man and a woman”!
How not to break, but to create? Do not expect, but create together? How to feel and understand your partner? And, simply, how to be happy in a relationship?
This course will be useful for both Men and Women!