What is charm

I sat on the balcony and enjoyed absorbing the gentle autumn Sochi sun. One could endlessly just sit, breathe, look at the horizon line going into the junction of the sea and sky. If you try to describe each city through the metaphor of a Woman, then Sochi is a very charming Woman. Such, next to which you just want to be. She is relaxed and not in doubt about her beauty, and from this emotionally generous. Unlike Moscow, which is businesslike and luxuriously hasty, Sochi is imposing and unhurried. The mild nature, the climate is favorable. Despite the fact that I am still that “migratory bird” and have seen many cities, it is Sochi that is the place where I could and would still like to live, except for Moscow, which I love very much, and she is my close “Woman”. But only here, in Sochi, I can just watch for hours … Nowhere else have my thoughts so naturally calmed down from contemplation. The attractive power of Sochi draws in itself at first sight, easily and completely imperceptibly.

How did the city do it and how do people do it?
How do women charm in general? Magic? Enchantment? Is it all about beauty !? Is this taught or are they born with it?

And so I return to my dynamic Moscow and find myself inside thinking that I’m already thinking, how to return again to the “one” that holds my heart tenderly, but very tightly. Soft paws of their charm.
“Teach, how do you do it?” – I refer internally to this space.
And I began to remember Women, next to whom I experienced the same feelings and a new meeting with whom was always a joy for me and came to the following conclusion:

1. Charm is the agreement of Soul, Feelings, Body and Mind. All charming Women are always natural and complete in their manifestations. Charm is not a compliance with some standard canons of beauty, but the mutual Love of the Feminine inner essence and all its manifestations. Reason mutually loves sensuality and corporeality. It is a pleasure for the soul to be embodied in all this variety of possibilities and forms. This Body is the best form for this Soul. This reciprocity is very magnetic.

2. Charming Women are not waiting for a holiday, they celebrate Themselves at every moment of being! They enjoy life, bathe in Self-love without egocentrism. They know how to love themselves so much that they want to be involved in this Love. Therefore, they are attracted.

3. Charisma is not a style of behavior, flirting and skillful manipulation of attention. Charm is the state of the “field” of a Woman. It cannot be “played”. This is the quintessence of the inner World of a Woman. This is her unique “energetic scent”. You can, of course, disguise the notes of discontent and claims with an expensive selective perfume, but they will still appear after the trail of “disguise” dissipates.

4. Charm manifests itself in everything, in every movement and word. It is in communication with both Women and Men, with children and animals. It is in the way a Woman eats, talks, sad, laughs. It is not used in a utilitarian way for relationships only with Men. It is the language in which the Woman speaks to the World.

5. Charming Women do not strive for perfection and they do not live in a perfectionist hell. They make mistakes and try again. They are not “dwellers”. Even such a hash tag was born # of the goddess of the woman. It is not charming with ideality, but with the uniqueness of the combination of appearance and inner world.

Yes, charm can be learned! People, cities, cats and so on. The latter are generally the embodiment of the skill of charm. You just need to be able to observe how many such Teachers are in the space around. Charm is an invisible, energetic part of Beauty. Without her, beauty is just a candy wrapper.
Sophia Loren subtly and accurately described the nature of this phenomenon: “Beauty will set you apart from the crowd, intelligence and wit will create a reputation, but charm will make you irresistible.”

Charming is the one who was able to feel his worth, was able to accept himself and can generously share himself, endowing others with the recognition that they are unique and valuable. And if it happened that your parents did not love you, did not see your uniqueness and value, could not accept you as you are, due to your personal characteristics and limitations, this does not mean that the magic of charm is not available to you. Love yourself, take an interest in yourself sincerely! And then charm, as the ability to love and be in harmony with oneself, to celebrate with all the Soul Life itself in every moment – this is what can become both a skill and a gift for you and for the people next to you!

What is charm
What is charm

Conscious femininity

Awareness is the ability to live in the present moment and be 100% present in it. We can say that awareness is the Mastery of Living, and awareness is a ray of our attention directed inward, which illuminates our inner world, manifests some process or experience, making it clear, visible and understandable, that is, makes it conscious. We all live our lives not just as people, as a kind of generalization. Two arms, two legs and some differences “between”. We live our lives as Men and as Women. There is a sense in this division, and the sacred will of our Soul to go through this Path not as a sexless being, but through masculine and feminine experience.
Conscious Femininity is the realization of the greatest Gift to be born in this incarnation as a Woman! It is a choice of yourself as a Woman at every moment of your life. I wake up like a Woman, I cook food like a Woman, I communicate, choose, reason, experience just like a Woman. And let’s say right away that this does not mean at all that the Woman lacks logic, intelligence, and in general it is not “Chris, Angie, baby! Oh my nerves! “

These are not tantrums, eye-rolling and “oh, everything” … I very often hear from Women such formulations when trying to describe, but in a woman’s way – how is it? Manipulation and whims?

It is very sad when such an image is formed inside many of us about the Life of a Woman. Yes, a Woman is feelings! This is the subtle World of experiences and attunement with the World. It is the feeling of Life at your fingertips. It is a deep respect for oneself and for Men.

This is a Game on our sensual “territory”, where each of us is strong in our NATURE. Woman is a great powerful Force in the form of Tenderness and Sensuality.

In Sanskrit, “Deva” means Divine, and it was believed that a girl is born already perfect. Born Chaste. And this is not about her integrity, but about the fact that she already possesses Whole Wisdom. Just don’t renounce this value! You cannot be taught to be Feminine, you are already a Woman by the fact of birth! Just remember yourself! Realize yourself! Choose yourself every day, every hour, every second as a Woman! Let your wisdom shine with light through your every word and action!

The leveling of society cripples us, but cannot destroy what is Divine in us. Few of us were brought up with the awareness of the great happiness of being born a Woman. Our mothers were not always able to convey to us Conscious Femininity as a Gift, for most of them themselves did not remember themselves.

We do not need to blame anyone and resign ourselves to the bitter fate that we did not teach, did not show, did not give. We have ourselves! REMEMBER and RECOGNIZE is our responsibility. When? – Right now! There is no better moment and never will be. For then this is another day, not lived by you …

I sincerely and with all my heart love the Feminine, I see, I feel this Power in the World and in Women, in each of us. When I created the Marathon “CONSCIOUS FEMINITY”, I collected the most effective practices so that we can precisely realize ourselves as a Woman at every moment and live this moment as a Woman. We will gather at the Big Obrezhny Women’s Circle for 21 days. Do you already feel what kind of Power is behind this? Until the creeps … Everyone will find a place in this Circle, each of us will try to give as much warmth, love and acceptance as is needed now. I invite you to whom my words echo. Who hears me with her heart. 21 days of Magic and Love. Briefly, succinctly, deeply and effectively.

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!

Conscious femininity
Conscious femininity


How much irony and skepticism we hear in our voice when they talk about female friendship, how much mistrust in the phrase “business woman”, and how much sarcasm when mentioning “female logic”. But at the same time, we all live together in one World. And the rules of this World are closer, of course, to those of men. Yes, women live in a masculine world and they themselves are already accustomed to the fact that the feminine in this world is ridiculed and devalued and, in revenge, the feminine began to distrust and fight against the masculine.

Men in power are natural, and women are an exception. Men have already organized, ordered, decomposed and regulated everything they could. They described this World. What is left for Women?

There are two options – to rebel and fight against the injustice of the male World, or to play with pleasure in the quest game called “The Life of a Woman in the Male World”.

For the same sake, for the sake of justice, I must say that men set not the worst rules of the game, but if you look closely and get out of the trench and push the helmet off your forehead … Yes, from time immemorial a woman was afraid and “pacified” by religion and bonfires, but she is herself I didn’t really trust either. We can continue to live in this distrust of Men and ourselves, or we can do otherwise … The war always ends inside, and not in the expectation that the enemy will surrender. It’s just that one of us has to stop it. And, yes, now there will be one more alleged “injustice” – we – Women must do it. I understand, I accept, I empathize with the rising wave of indignation. “Up to the stake?”, “They have us for millennia …” and our beloved “all men are good …”.

Then let’s fight on? Just straighten your helmet, dear – “Our proud Varyag does not surrender to the enemy”!

But, each of us, in our depths, knows that we are tired of this war. Very. And they, Men, are also tired of disrespect for the male, passed down from generation to generation.

Let’s say STOP this war. Men invented this World, rule this World, but if Women refuse to give birth in this World, it will die. This means that there is in the rules the preservation and protection of the feminine. When we are, women are ready to see it. Well, it’s just that the helmet gets in the way … slipped back into my eyes …

I can say without exaggeration that the Women’s Time is coming! Politics and business – everything has become available to Women and that is why now we especially need to remain Women. It is extremely important for us not to lose femininity in the heat of our social realization. We did not know, or maybe we forgot, or we were helped to forget that the ways in which we are realized are different from those of those who organized this world. The Woman has her own tools, her own ways and methods. If we live in a male World and use male algorithms, this will be a very tough World. This is the time of Kali-yuga – the Iron Age.

But after the “Iron Age”, a renewal of time begins, a new era, and it depends on what each of us chooses how long we will remain in a state of martial law. Yes, psychologically a person changes for a long time, in stages, and this process is incredibly subtle and multidimensional. Even in the Ancient World, in Greece, they understood the special role of Women in human society. The people in which the Woman is a slave will never be free. For a slave can only raise a slave. An oppressed, psychologically oppressed woman who is devalued cannot bring up a psychologically calm, confident person living with the idea of ​​goodness and freedom, whether he is a Man or a Woman. Children, on the other hand, feel us, they are a reflection of us. Whether we are afraid, whether we are happy, whether we are free, whether we are afraid – children feel everything. Remember your mothers, how we felt them subtly. And how often and to this day we are ruled by what prevented them from living. Everything in the world is interconnected. And the task of the Woman is not to break ties, but to strengthen them, fill them with new content. And remember – that she is a Woman!

If we continue to fight all the time and point out to men that they do not correspond to the idea of ​​masculinity, then men will step aside, and we will be forced to deal with men’s affairs ourselves. We will waste strength, time, energy. What, in fact, is happening. Well, how can I stop controlling? You can’t trust him! All by herself! All by herself! And then again a friendly female chorus: “The men have been translated, oh, they have been translated …” They have translated, it will be more accurate to say. They were shot aimingly from the trench, in case they would not cause pain. True, they still cause, but the illusion of control somehow facilitates perception.

What to do? Stop firing explosive bullets at their self-esteem. Do not plant mines of mistrust under the auspices of “Well, I told you so!” Stop the war within yourself. First, take care of yourself and your inner world. Bury the trenches and plant roses there. Make yourself good inside. Stop waiting for attack and betrayal. Do not perceive a Man as a “Trojan horse” for which the main thing is not to open the “gate”. To see that in this situation there will immediately be an increase in energy, which is a source of Inspiration. Learn to be inspired and inspire again. Be a Muse, not an overseer whip.

And stop the internal dialogue on the topic: “Well, what are they? I’m here to work on myself, and they? ”

As soon as you plant pelargonium in that very helmet, and pour roses in the trenches, you will be surprised to find that there is no one to fight with. And Men are already passing laws to protect rose bushes at the state level. Because it is more pleasant to keep the world than to fight for it.

And now the Muse has an endless field both for rose bushes and for playing Life with pleasure.

And how to stop fighting every day and remember how to be that very Muse, we will figure it out at the “Conscious Femininity” marathon.

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!


There is a version that in the middle of the 6th century the Macon church council considered a very difficult problem – whether a Woman has a Soul and whether it can be considered a human. Why am I writing that there is a version, because there are different versions of the decision adopted at this council. That is, it is not known for certain what conclusion the spiritual fathers came to. According to one version, almost half of the clergy present categorically rejected even the very idea that a woman can have a soul, and only with a margin of one voice, the council of the Christian church recognized that a woman, although she is a being of a lower order, has everything there is still a kind of soul. According to the second version, they nevertheless rejected even the very idea of ​​the spirituality of the female nature and the Council refused the woman in the presence of a soul, in connection with which the label “misogynistic” was entrenched in it. How it was “in reality”, only those who were there know …

The philosopher Aristotle believed that “a woman is a woman due to the absence of masculine properties, therefore we must see a woman in a being suffering from natural inferiority.” This is how, unfortunately, we live, still not understanding who we are. The self-worth of a woman was greatly broken because of the fear of the spontaneity of female nature many centuries ago. Therefore, even now, having received equality, women sometimes so zealously defend their rights. Therefore, there is a “war of the sexes” and unconscious fear, all the same keeps the trigger cocked.

We were not taught from childhood to be a Woman. Rather, we heard a certain reproach: “Well, you’re a girl!” But they did not understand, and what does it give me? Restrictions? Can’t I? Girl – how’s that? Here I would explain to my mother and show how it is, but the problem is that our mothers were also brought up in the paradigm that one should be a good person, not a woman. As if sexuality (the principle of gender) is less important than a person as a social being. And so we live, realize ourselves and at some point with surprise we find out that something is wrong … They wish us happiness for all the holidays, but somehow it is not felt. That is, we can experience joy, pride, exultation when, for example, our athlete rises to the podium at the Olympics. All together, men and women, uniting as a nation, as people. But where does personal happiness live?
And it is to live yourself in your sexuality! Be realized as men and as women! A woman will not be happy if she does not love, if she does not live like a woman, if she does not feel herself and her elemental nature.

There is one study by Australian biologists that during the entire existence of life on earth, female chromosomes have remained unchanged, and male chromosomes mutate all the time. There is even an assumption that the male Y chromosome is a mutation of the female X chromosome. In general, the Woman of the Creator was completely satisfied, but he is still polishing the Man.
Therefore, the Woman remembers herself and thus reveals her femininity and accepts her sexuality. A woman is already whole from birth, but fragmented by society and fears. Our entire Path is an assembly of our own unique holistic mosaic inside of who you ALREADY are!

Fortunately, now we live in a World where a Woman no longer needs to defend her right to a Soul. But to fight with the male in this world “just in case”, so as not to be taken away, is also not necessary. Happiness, as the only beacon, leads us to where the same Soul wants – to a state of integrity and harmony. And for a Woman, harmony comes only where she is manifested as a Woman, where she can be herself!
And at every moment we make our inner choice: am I a Woman or a man? Am I a sexless social creature or am I the one who breathes, feels, lives like a Woman? These are two completely different lives – the life of a man and the life of a woman.
What do you choose?

What does it mean to be a woman?

The mere fact of being born in a female body is usually not enough for us to live this life like a woman. For a Woman to be born, this birth must take place in the Heart and in the Body. And a woman cannot gain anything from arguments, discussions, mental battles. Mind deciding to be a Woman will not work. A woman “turns out” from inner silence, unity with herself, from feelings and subtle sensations.

We remember ourselves, we remember what it is to BE A WOMAN! A woman is not just a certain period of the life cycle when we are in the childbearing period. A woman is a state from the first to the last breath! Even through the girl, the feminine is manifested, it already exists and does not go anywhere during menopause. From the first to the last breath! You’re a woman! If you remember and choose this at every moment of your Being! You were a woman in the beginning, you are a woman now, and you will remain a woman in the end.

The Woman has a unique Power (Sidha) – this is motherhood at all levels. This is not only the birth of new people. This is all that arises in the Female field (thoughts and feelings) – will be borne and born and will live on. Therefore, at all times, Women knew this sacred information – your thoughts and feelings are what then gives birth to a new World. Don’t like the World that was born? There is no one to blame … You are the Great Mother of your creation. This is not about the fact that: “Excuse me, I also … destroyed the chapel? “No, that was before you, in the fourteenth century.” Women tend to take on themselves “sins” for everyone … But the wisdom of balance is precisely in understanding their personal responsibility for what happens in the World without excesses.

And also a Woman is capable of conceiving, bearing and giving birth to herself … New herself! Like a pearl, layering layer upon layer of your understanding. Not like a man, through a revolution (we will destroy and rebuild), namely like a woman, through evolution, without rejecting all the previous Path and experience. And then the Pearl becomes unusually beautiful with its mother-of-pearl – an experienced and integrated female experience.

We all give birth from ourselves. From his personality, identity, psyche, subconsciousness, outlook on life. The way we will be – this is how we will “give birth” to the World. A lot depends on the Woman. From whether WHO IS SHE remembering? Does she do the most important thing – herself and her inner World! Her true prayer is a prayer for harmony with oneself, for understanding oneself, for loving oneself!

A woman who is not aware of herself is not aware of her Power either. And then she only knows how to flirt and seduce in order to find what she is looking for outside – self-worth! Do not be afraid of material women, be afraid of those who are not confident and disappointed in themselves! This explosive mixture will be worse! The one that does not love herself and will lead you to dislike. He has a war with himself inside him and grenades of doubt are torn, fragmentation scattering in all her connections with people. With all our Power, sometimes we, Women, fall upon ourselves and instead of silence inside we have a cannonade of claims to ourselves and to the World. What do we give birth to from the state of War? That’s right, the cruelty of the World.

For many centuries, women believed that they had to sell themselves “at a higher price” – a good education, a prestigious job, successfully marry a husband. Greatness cannot be sold. Too expensive. And here a deep fear of loneliness is born. Remembering yourself is very scary. It is more convenient and safer to be “in a dream” of ignorance. But the cost is also very high for such a “dream” – this is Life not lived by you. A life not lived like a woman in a woman’s body. Women don’t understand how powerful they are. They do not understand the Power of creativity, which lies dormant inside each of us.

Where to begin? How to wake up from this “dream” of forgetting yourself?

• Transfer attention to yourself (what happens to me is important)
• Empower yourself with your feelings (no grades)
• Trust your feelings and your intuition
• Reveal your sexuality and not be afraid of sexual energy
• Accept the fate of their parents for the full “cost” they “paid” in their lives for their experiences without judgment
• Remember that in your relationship with your parents you are only a child (do not take on heavy things that do not belong to you)
• Clear life scenarios from resentments, claims and prejudices.
• To be able to address the “subtle” World, to connect the subtle and dense World in oneself
• Create Beauty and Harmony by yourself

It was in order to start the process of “remembering” oneself in a safe Feminine space that I created the “Matrix of Feminine Happiness” course. A woman is happy when she is whole! When all of its parts are put together. We will open our deep memory, written in our Matrices. This course is the foundation that will become your inner fulcrum and the point of no return. Revealing your true femininity, you realize your uniqueness, you will be able to harmoniously build relationships with men and be realized in society easily and with pleasure.
And then you will be able to breathe deeply and relaxed from a new state: “Being a woman is happiness!”


Magnets are bodies that have the ability to attract or repel other bodies (iron and steel objects, for example) due to the action of their magnetic field.

Feminine magnetism has the same principle – we can attract or repel people, opportunities and events. Just as a magnet has a magnetic field, so a woman has her energy field. This is what we call a special female energy in everyday life.

What is it? This is a whole cocktail of important female states: charm, sexuality, self-confidence, individuality, femininity and sensuality. It is impossible to say which of these qualities attracts more. Attraction is created by the combination of these qualities, which reflect the uniqueness of a woman. But there is still something that is extremely important in this cocktail!

A woman is an embodied feeling. This is the “heart” of the inner magnet. It is those feelings that we experience and cultivate within ourselves – this is what attracts or repels something in our field. Magnetism is not only the ability to attract, but also, it is the ability to inspire trust, interest and the desire to be closer. And this is responsibility, because it can be called influence. Why influence? Because it can awaken strong feelings in other people too. And here the emotional swing can have a strong amplitude.

If we cultivate and experience anxiety, insecurity, aggression inside ourselves, then we attract situations and people corresponding to vibrations. We know how to keep in the very heart tenderness, acceptance, the ability to rejoice and notice the good, then in the “rainy days of our Soul” we feel the sunlight and warmth of space support, through people and situations. What’s inside is outside. This is the greatest responsibility of a woman. Be aware of your power over what you create around you and what you attract.

Unfortunately, now we women think more than we feel. We do not experience our feelings in the body, but think about them. We rationalize, disassemble and assemble our mental mosaics. It is very similar to a kaleidoscope – small stones gather into intricate patterns in a pipe, and we just watch and spin this kaleidoscope. But each pattern is our state. Unique, collected from many nuances and only at this moment. Can we admire this magic? Do we manage to live our multifaceted sensuality and sensitivity? This does not mean at all that a woman does not analyze and reason. But if she pays most of her attention to this, then she loses the nature of her magnetism.

A woman who does not choose her feelings, does not experience these feelings in her body, loses the power of attraction of her energy field. If we want to be magnetic, attractive women, we must understand our responsibility, and not just strive for power over the feelings of other people. After all, sometimes we are not very well versed in our feelings.

What kind of field am I creating? What do I attract? I strive to strengthen my magnetism so what? Do I know what to do with what I attract?

Yes, you still need to reason … Do not immerse yourself in a mental multi-level arcade game that will never end, but ask yourself honest and accurate questions. Learn to listen to the answers with all of yourself, and not formulate them only from the mind and familiar algorithms.

Why can a woman, with all her external attractiveness, not be magnetic? Because he does not know inside what to do with what will attract. What to do with male attention, for example. We are very often afraid of exactly what will turn out. For with the fact that it does not work, we have somehow learned to live. But if it works out, it will entail changes in the usual life. Relationships with family and friends may change. We so want to be an attractive woman, but what about the possible jealousy of our friends? How to deal with the fear of rejection? I want to build relationships through magnetism, and inner convictions whisper that if you are very attractive, they will envy. And the desired becomes what causes fear and anxiety. And these feelings begin to form inside the “base” of what we attract. The circle is complete. I am afraid of what I am attracting and I continue to attract it. As a result, I am afraid of myself and of what attracts me. The more energy we have, the more we attract accordingly – the more power in feelings and emotions, the more response in the energy field. How to protect yourself from yourself and your own attraction? Right! Stop feeling! Weaken gravity as much as possible. Fuhhh … Everything! The internal mine is cleared, de-energized. True, along with this, both the drive and the taste of life disappeared.

We block our own power of attraction. This is not a magnet we got by nature “defective”, but we are afraid of our own power of magnetic or do not understand the laws of female energy. Female Magnetism is a real treasure, a unique gift and skill that can be used for the benefit of yourself and the entire Universe!

Since ancient times, Women have gathered together to create a circle of the female Guardian Power around themselves, their relatives and friends. Women carried out cleansing practices aimed at getting rid of everything superfluous, sick, unnecessary, which could be in the inner and outer space, exchanged knowledge, shared their states with each other. Women thus strengthened each other and strengthened their magnetism.

I invite you, beloved ones, to gather in the Big Women’s Coastal Circle on the eve of International Women’s Day in order to create a safe and very healing space in which the remembrance of yourself and your Nature takes place! In this Guardian Women’s Circle, the lost pieces of our Soul return, which are collected in an incomparable kaleidoscope of our sensory experiences, discoveries and revelations, which endlessly strengthens each of us.

Each of you, you, you have a place in this Circle and each of you, you, you are welcome here!


How many times, my dear Women, have you heard this phrase in childhood: “Well, you are a girl!” Yes, girl. So what? Often we were told this phrase precisely when they wanted to say that we don’t need to do something or we need to do something wrong. Since childhood, it has been fixed that being a girl is a limitation. We were anchored on mistakes and mistakes with this phrase.
It would be a completely different story if every time we did something beautifully and creatively, we heard: “Yes, how beautifully you did it Girl!” As a result, when we grow up, we do not really know what it is like to live like a woman. We remember that all the time they acted somehow differently from the girls, but how it was necessary – this is still a mystery to us. We have studied the “field of failures”, but we still do not play on the “field of success and implementation.”

And we make the first and main mistake – we take literally the phrase-template that a Woman should be weak. That is, in order to be a Woman, I have to remain small and sacrificial ?! If I become strong and fulfilled, then immediately I am no longer a Woman. By the way, who then?

If you perceive the Force not as rigidity and assertiveness, but as an internal creative source of everything around, then the significance of the female Power can hardly be overestimated. The Great Power of Shakti is the very essence of the creation of the World! This Power attracts, conceives, nurtures, materializes. If we, Women, do not remember that we are this Power, are afraid of this, do not choose our Great Motherhood in relation to the whole World, then the whole future comes into question …

Where does the Woman begin?

With the acceptance of this Power of Shakti in oneself! Such a strong Woman is needed everywhere, for she creates by herself creation, beauty and harmony. She changes any space in which she appears, leaving it behind her better than before herself.
The woman in each of us begins with the fact that we “go out of the head.” Yes, we “go crazy” in our hearts! We begin to feel more and trust our intuition, not denying the mind, but not putting it in charge from now on.
The woman in each of us begins with the fact that we are aware of our influence through our states. We are creating space, not being influenced. It is the Woman who sets the emotional score at home, at work, in relationships with the tuning fork of her feelings. When a Woman is good, everyone is good, when it is bad, everyone is bad.
And, of course, a Woman begins with Love! To love is natural for a Woman. Precisely to Love, and not to suffer. The woman in each of us begins with the choice of Love! Love is not like possessiveness and appropriation – I love you – you are mine. And an all-encompassing feeling of acceptance and sincere Faith (Love – People of God Know). After all, we can Love even those who are not with us.
A woman begins in us with the Gratitude of the Universe for the fact that in this incarnation I am a Woman! With the pleasure of living your Path just like a woman.

And, if the question arises: “And in a woman’s way – how is it? How can one realize oneself as a Woman and live a most interesting, creative, harmonious female destiny? ” – I will be glad to share with you the knowledge of how you can, step by step, day after day, remember yourself at the Course – Marathon “CONSCIOUS FEMINITY”.

I sincerely and with all my heart love the Feminine, I see, I feel this Power in the World and in Women, in each of us. When I created this Marathon, I collected the most effective practices so that we can precisely realize ourselves as a Woman at every moment and live this moment as a Woman. We will gather at the Big Obrezhny Women’s Circle for 21 days. Do you already feel what kind of Power is behind this? Until the creeps … Everyone will find a place in this Circle, we will try to give each of them as much warmth, love and acceptance as is needed now. I invite you to whom my words echo. Who hears me with her heart.
21 days of Magic and Love. Briefly, succinctly, deeply and effectively, like a woman and consciously!

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!

Does a woman have to work?

This question, despite all its irrelevance in our modern world, still arises. Beliefs, canons and “Vedas” verb that work and woman “live” in parallel universes. But when we look at reality in action and fact, we see women in many key positions in business and politics. A woman no longer has to defend her right to be realized. Rather, there is another problem – to find a job that would not exhaust and distort the female field.

Work for pleasure – is it a myth or a reality ?!
And can such work be financially profitable ?!

In this article, I would like to touch upon not so much the psychological aspects, but specifically the energetic ones. If a woman realizes the difference between her energy “structure” and masculine, then she will be able to use all her features for herself and the world to the best of her ability, and not force herself through “must” and “there is no other way out.” By the way, there is always another way out! We just don’t see him. Like the blinkers on the horse’s eyes do not allow her to see all the space around.
Can a woman be a leader and remain a woman?
Yes! The question here is not WHAT she does, but HOW!

Feminine energy tends to expand, fill, nurture, inspire. A woman-leader does not need to show herself “how to do it right”. The feminine energy field works differently. If it is not “compressed” by necessity, fear and need, then it itself creates opportunities. A multidimensional, expanding funnel-shaped female structure is able to intuitively, subtly and flexibly seek, find and materialize the most harmonious probabilities. A woman can be very productive and successful in society as a woman! And this is possible not only in the conventionally “female” professions, but in any area.
Women are no more stupid than men, they are able to think tactically and strategically, intuitively feel the slightest changes in the space of options. Are these not unique qualities for a business ?!
Competition is not inherent in women’s energy from the outset. What about this in an eternally competing world, you ask? Anything can happen around you, but inside you only what you choose! They can compete with you, but you can not choose and not break your energy. Your choice is enough! Using the features of your field correctly and for the good, you can build relationships that strengthen all participants in the communication. For this, of course, a woman should not doubt herself and her self-worth.
The ability of the psyche to be flexible and energetically fill any form allows a woman to be an excellent Master of negotiations, sales, marketing, and the settlement of any controversial issues.

The main thing for a woman in her social realization is to observe the basic rules of a harmonious, energy-intensive Female field:

1. To do, to think, to choose from WANT, not from SHOULD. And there is no conflict here. Do not think that your wants will lead the World to collapse. Rather, your inner dissatisfaction will cause more harm to the world.

2. Know your true WANTS and be with yourself, with your body in contact. To distinguish one’s own from the imposed.

3. Turn any activity into a creative process, without devaluing the result, but concentrating on the process itself, which is a joy.

4. Do not sacrifice, do not make constant compromises, do not tolerate, but find options for interaction, where all participants “win”. Or go out of interaction for the good of everyone.

5. Be responsible for your psychological and energetic state. You yourself are responsible for what is inside you. If you are tired, not another should do something about it, but you, my beloved girl!

6. Love and enjoy the material world and its benefits! Yes! Loving money as materialized energy. Wow! I feel at this point there may be internal resistance. Am I materialistic ?! Not materialistic, but material! And glory to all the Gods that it is exactly like that! For you are a Witch – in charge of matter! Without you there would be no materialization!

7. Look wider. Always assume there are more options. Don’t narrow your energy funnel to one option. Even if it’s not obvious to you now what these options are, just assume that they exist. Don’t imprison yourself in the inevitability of only one probability.

8. Inspiration is your tool! Inspire and be inspired yourself. Whatever activity it is – business, government service or your own business. Without Inspiration (without a sufficient amount of energy conducted through oneself), everything will be a burden. One day you will wake up in the morning and you are already tired. Why? Because the depletion of energy is the most serious obstacle to being a conductor of monetary Energy! What fills and restores you – these are your most important questions?

A woman shouldn’t work … She SHOULD NOT do anything at all! Debt is the most dangerous form of manifestation in this world.
Should I be a mother ?! – No! I want to be her!
Should I earn? – No! I want fulfillment and prosperity!
Do I have to fulfill my job responsibilities? – No! I want to do a common cause with these people in this very form, context.
Just admit the thought that you can really WANT everything that happens in your life! And then both money and all material wealth will seek you on their own! People will strive to build relationships with you, because your desire will energetically fill all your connections and opportunities. It is good to live and work with you when you WANT your LIFE, and are not forced to live it.
MONEY and women WANT are very interconnected! And how to expand your money channel, how to attract money and opportunities into your life easily and joyfully, we will talk at the Women’s Money webinar.

I can do everything myself!

This question often comes up during group meetings and personal consultations. Usually it arises exactly after the words that not a single person in this world can make you happy if you are unhappy by yourself. The responsibility for personal happiness lies with each partner. Choosing a partner in the hope that he will fill your inner emptiness, turns life into a soap opera or a drama show.

That is why I tell you that you create your own happiness and well-being. The world always strives for harmony, and like attracts like, because if you are inside with pain and emptiness, then you will meet exactly such a partner on your way. Two unfortunate people are like a pair of crutches.

Hence the fear of losing another is born. Even when there are no feelings and desire to be together, even if the partner has betrayed, and continues to do this every day, it is scary to be left without these crutches. Because only next to this man there is a feeling of fullness.

In fact, a strong and confident partner will come into your life when:

  • You know how to fill yourself with happiness and the meaning of life yourself
  • You are not afraid to be alone with yourself
  • You are sure that the most important person who can make you happy is yourself!

Then you won’t even have to wait for a prince on a white horse, because you can choose a partner of your dreams, and not be content with those who simply responded to your pain.

Why do you need a partner? Just to enjoy life twice as much! So that you can calmly admit to yourself: “I feel good even without you, but with you the desire to live and soar on the wings intensifies. And I know that you can cope without me, but with me, believe me, your life is brighter, and your emotions are cooler. “