Awareness is the ability to live in the present moment and be 100% present in it. We can say that awareness is the Mastery of Living, and awareness is a ray of our attention directed inward, which illuminates our inner world, manifests some process or experience, making it clear, visible and understandable, that is, makes it conscious. We all live our lives not just as people, as a kind of generalization. Two arms, two legs and some differences “between”. We live our lives as Men and as Women. There is a sense in this division, and the sacred will of our Soul to go through this Path not as a sexless being, but through masculine and feminine experience.
Conscious Femininity is the realization of the greatest Gift to be born in this incarnation as a Woman! It is a choice of yourself as a Woman at every moment of your life. I wake up like a Woman, I cook food like a Woman, I communicate, choose, reason, experience just like a Woman. And let s say right away that this does not mean at all that the Woman lacks logic, intelligence, and in general it is not “Chris, Angie, baby! Oh my nerves! “

These are not tantrums, eye-rolling and “oh, everything” … I very often hear from Women such formulations when trying to describe, but in a woman s way – how is it? Manipulation and whims?

It is very sad when such an image is formed inside many of us about the Life of a Woman. Yes, a Woman is feelings! This is the subtle World of experiences and attunement with the World. It is the feeling of Life at your fingertips. It is a deep respect for oneself and for Men.

This is a Game on our sensual “territory”, where each of us is strong in our NATURE. Woman is a great powerful Force in the form of Tenderness and Sensuality.

In Sanskrit, “Deva” means Divine, and it was believed that a girl is born already perfect. Born Chaste. And this is not about her integrity, but about the fact that she already possesses Whole Wisdom. Just don t renounce this value! You cannot be taught to be Feminine, you are already a Woman by the fact of birth! Just remember yourself! Realize yourself! Choose yourself every day, every hour, every second as a Woman! Let your wisdom shine with light through your every word and action!

The leveling of society cripples us, but cannot destroy what is Divine in us. Few of us were brought up with the awareness of the great happiness of being born a Woman. Our mothers were not always able to convey to us Conscious Femininity as a Gift, for most of them themselves did not remember themselves.

We do not need to blame anyone and resign ourselves to the bitter fate that we did not teach, did not show, did not give. We have ourselves! REMEMBER and RECOGNIZE is our responsibility. When? – Right now! There is no better moment and never will be. For then this is another day, not lived by you …

I sincerely and with all my heart love the Feminine, I see, I feel this Power in the World and in Women, in each of us. When I created the Marathon “CONSCIOUS FEMINITY”, I collected the most effective practices so that we can precisely realize ourselves as a Woman at every moment and live this moment as a Woman. We will gather at the Big Obrezhny Women s Circle for 21 days. Do you already feel what kind of Power is behind this? Until the creeps … Everyone will find a place in this Circle, each of us will try to give as much warmth, love and acceptance as is needed now. I invite you to whom my words echo. Who hears me with her heart. 21 days of Magic and Love. Briefly, succinctly, deeply and effectively.

Our Circle is open – take your FAVORITE places!

Conscious femininity
Conscious femininity

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