This question, despite all its irrelevance in our modern world, still arises. Beliefs, canons and “Vedas” verb that work and woman “live” in parallel universes. But when we look at reality in action and fact, we see women in many key positions in business and politics. A woman no longer has to defend her right to be realized. Rather, there is another problem – to find a job that would not exhaust and distort the female field.

Work for pleasure – is it a myth or a reality ?!
And can such work be financially profitable ?!

In this article, I would like to touch upon not so much the psychological aspects, but specifically the energetic ones. If a woman realizes the difference between her energy “structure” and masculine, then she will be able to use all her features for herself and the world to the best of her ability, and not force herself through “must” and “there is no other way out.” By the way, there is always another way out! We just don t see him. Like the blinkers on the horse s eyes do not allow her to see all the space around.
Can a woman be a leader and remain a woman?
Yes! The question here is not WHAT she does, but HOW!

Feminine energy tends to expand, fill, nurture, inspire. A woman-leader does not need to show herself “how to do it right”. The feminine energy field works differently. If it is not “compressed” by necessity, fear and need, then it itself creates opportunities. A multidimensional, expanding funnel-shaped female structure is able to intuitively, subtly and flexibly seek, find and materialize the most harmonious probabilities. A woman can be very productive and successful in society as a woman! And this is possible not only in the conventionally “female” professions, but in any area.
Women are no more stupid than men, they are able to think tactically and strategically, intuitively feel the slightest changes in the space of options. Are these not unique qualities for a business ?!
Competition is not inherent in women s energy from the outset. What about this in an eternally competing world, you ask? Anything can happen around you, but inside you only what you choose! They can compete with you, but you can not choose and not break your energy. Your choice is enough! Using the features of your field correctly and for the good, you can build relationships that strengthen all participants in the communication. For this, of course, a woman should not doubt herself and her self-worth.
The ability of the psyche to be flexible and energetically fill any form allows a woman to be an excellent Master of negotiations, sales, marketing, and the settlement of any controversial issues.

The main thing for a woman in her social realization is to observe the basic rules of a harmonious, energy-intensive Female field:

1. To do, to think, to choose from WANT, not from SHOULD. And there is no conflict here. Do not think that your wants will lead the World to collapse. Rather, your inner dissatisfaction will cause more harm to the world.

2. Know your true WANTS and be with yourself, with your body in contact. To distinguish one s own from the imposed.

3. Turn any activity into a creative process, without devaluing the result, but concentrating on the process itself, which is a joy.

4. Do not sacrifice, do not make constant compromises, do not tolerate, but find options for interaction, where all participants “win”. Or go out of interaction for the good of everyone.

5. Be responsible for your psychological and energetic state. You yourself are responsible for what is inside you. If you are tired, not another should do something about it, but you, my beloved girl!

6. Love and enjoy the material world and its benefits! Yes! Loving money as materialized energy. Wow! I feel at this point there may be internal resistance. Am I materialistic ?! Not materialistic, but material! And glory to all the Gods that it is exactly like that! For you are a Witch – in charge of matter! Without you there would be no materialization!

7. Look wider. Always assume there are more options. Don t narrow your energy funnel to one option. Even if it s not obvious to you now what these options are, just assume that they exist. Don t imprison yourself in the inevitability of only one probability.

8. Inspiration is your tool! Inspire and be inspired yourself. Whatever activity it is – business, government service or your own business. Without Inspiration (without a sufficient amount of energy conducted through oneself), everything will be a burden. One day you will wake up in the morning and you are already tired. Why? Because the depletion of energy is the most serious obstacle to being a conductor of monetary Energy! What fills and restores you – these are your most important questions?

A woman shouldn t work … She SHOULD NOT do anything at all! Debt is the most dangerous form of manifestation in this world.
Should I be a mother ?! – No! I want to be her!
Should I earn? – No! I want fulfillment and prosperity!
Do I have to fulfill my job responsibilities? – No! I want to do a common cause with these people in this very form, context.
Just admit the thought that you can really WANT everything that happens in your life! And then both money and all material wealth will seek you on their own! People will strive to build relationships with you, because your desire will energetically fill all your connections and opportunities. It is good to live and work with you when you WANT your LIFE, and are not forced to live it.
MONEY and women WANT are very interconnected! And how to expand your money channel, how to attract money and opportunities into your life easily and joyfully, we will talk at the Women s Money webinar.

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