Don t do this on your first date with a man!

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Dating the opposite sex is a very interesting activity. There is no universal pill that will solve all problems, answer all questions and help everyone live happily and happily. But there are definitely things that cannot be done at the stage of acquaintance – of course, if you want to keep your nervous system intact.

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For guys, everything is, on the whole, simpler – you don t need to show off too much and pretend to be something that you are not. Girls have a slightly different brain structure – they tend to complicate things. Therefore, we have collected for you several useful and trouble-free rules that will help you avoid tragedy and make the dating stage more productive.

Mistakes on the first datei

First of all, don t take dating too seriously. Perhaps, somewhere deep in your soul, you have already figured out for yourself what you will call your future children and in what city you will live. However, in reality, everything is much more prosaic – most likely, you just drink coffee and realize that you do not suit each other at all.

Secondly, do not jump to conclusions. How exactly a guy rolls up to a girl is far from an indicator. Maybe at first he is shy, and then he will open up. When in doubt, give it a chance to swing a little. Well, not everyone should be pick-ups from God!

One more point – understand that the ideal does not exist. As much as you would like to find a prince on a white horse that meets all your expectations, this is unlikely to work. Each has merits and demerits. A bar raised too high automatically increases the chances of being left in splendid isolation.

Most importantly, don t be afraid to say if you don t like something. Do not put up with an unpleasant person out of politeness or simply because you are afraid of offending him. Something is going wrong? Speak, and if that doesn t work, turn around and leave.

You shouldn t get hung up on dating. Especially if you are looking for a partner on online dating sites. Finding a soul mate is a very intuitive question. If you put it in “marathon” mode, nothing good will come of it. Therefore, it is worth at least reconsidering the priorities. Engage in self-development, study, enjoy life, and then getting to know a good person will not be a tortured action, but a pleasant bonus.

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