Emilia Clarke was afraid of losing her job at Game of Thrones due to a stroke

Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

In an interview, 33-year-old Emilia Clarke quite often recalls one of the most difficult periods in her life – a stroke, which she suffered in 2011. At this time, Emilia had just finished filming the first season of Game of Thrones. As the actress said in a new podcast with Jesse Wary, then she felt great fear not only for her own life, but also for her future career – the star was afraid of losing her job in the series.

It took me three weeks to collect my thoughts and explain to the creators of the series why I did not reply to old letters. It looked like I was making excuses: “Sorry for not answering! You know … I’m fine! Everything is great. I’m going to go back to work. It’s okay!” I was just afraid that I would be fired, and tried to prove that I was still the same Emily as before. Then I had no idea that the creators of the show would treat me with such understanding and care,

– shared Emilia.

Emilia ClarkeEmilia Clarke

In her previous interviews, the actress has repeatedly admitted that it was her work that helped her not to lose her fortitude and so quickly recover during that period. By the way, the creators of “Game of Thrones” then decided not to advertise information about the disease of the star.

For me, the show was a salvation from all this. I didn’t realize how I was changing

Clarke said.

Emilia Clarke in the series "Game of Thrones"Emilia Clarke in Game of Thrones

Recall that Emilia Clarke experienced the first cerebral hemorrhage in 2011. The actress did not feel well in the gym, after which she was taken to the hospital, where doctors performed a serious operation on her. Two years later, the disease made itself felt again: the aneurysm in Emilia’s brain doubled, because of which she had to undergo repeated surgery.

Emilia Clarke notes that her relatives and closest people, as well as colleagues on the set, helped her to go through all the trials. His strong shoulder at a difficult moment was then set up by Emilia’s colleague on “Game of Thrones” Jason Momoa – he was very worried about Clark and tried to do everything possible for her speedy recovery.

Emilia Clarke

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