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In almost every religion, in many philosophical treatises and teachings, the question is raised why we come to this world. Is there a purpose of human existence, is there a specific purpose for every intelligent creature, what is the male and female purpose in this world. There are many opinions on this matter and they are extremely multifaceted – some great minds believe that you need to completely surrender into the hands of God and rely only on his decisions, others adhere to the theory that man is the crown of nature and the creator of everything that exists, is born with a specific purpose.

According to most psychologists, the main purpose of every individual is to be happy. And in order to achieve this, the entire path of life must be based on constant self-development. The main life goal of every person should be the realization of their capabilities, their inner potential. After all, if each person will be in his place and do what he does best, then the results of his work will undoubtedly benefit all of humanity.

But this is if we talk about individuals. Any society is divided into groups – by gender, ethnicity, age. And this article will focus specifically on female destiny. What are its differences from the male, what functions and responsibilities are considered exclusively female in the modern world, in what areas of activity the weaker sex can be most successfully realized.

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The essence of female psychology

The essence of female psychology

A nation cannot be conquered if the hearts of women keep its roots. As long as this is so, it does not matter how strong the conquerors are and how powerful their weapons are. © From the folklore of the Cheyenne Indians

It has long been believed that it is the female energy that has creative power. A woman is unique if only because she is capable of childbirth, so to speak, to create new people. After all, what is considered a miracle, no matter how the birth of a new person. Since ancient times, women have been rightfully awarded the title of keeper of the hearth. Mother, mistress, wife – the classic manifestation of the female hypostasis at all times. The world of women is fundamentally different from the world of men. The softer and more flexible by nature, the representatives of the stronger sex have long directed all their efforts to create and protect the family and home, in contrast to men, whose nature is more likely to engage in physical labor, military craft, or those spheres of social structures that require strength and firmness of character.

Of course, in world history there have been women warriors (for example, Joan of Arc, as a specific person, or the Amazon tribe, as a generalized image), and heads of state (an impressive list, to start, which can be, for example, from the ancient Egyptian queen Neithotep to today s female presidents, such as Kersti Karjulaid in Estonia or Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic in Croatia), and women scientists (for example, the famous researcher of radioactivity Maria Sklodowska-Curie or Gertrude Eliot, the great biochemist, thanks to whom the world found medicines for malaria , leukemia and herpes). But rather, such examples are exceptions to the generally accepted model of female destiny.

Traits of a female image, behavior and character, distinguishing from a male

  • Excessive emotionality. Men are considered to be more restrained in the manifestation of feelings and emotions. As the French moralist writer Nicolas Chamfort said: “There are no differences between the sexes that do not stem from upbringing.” Therefore, the gender education model also plays an important role. Very often little boys hear phrases like “Don t cry, you re a man!” or “Squeals like a girl.” Since childhood, it has taken root in the subconscious that men should be more calm and secretive when it comes to the emotional background.
  • Talkativeness. This trait is attributed mainly to the fair sex. And indeed it is, because the process of speaking for men and women performs completely different functions. Men generally use speech solely for the purpose of conveying information and meaning. For women, on the other hand, conversations are a kind of psychological and emotional release. For women, it is important not what to say, but the speaking process itself.Traits of a female image, behavior and character

  • Difference of abilities… Women are more inclined towards the humanities. While the male sex is more inherent in an analytical mindset.
  • Sexual sphere. In the representatives of the stronger sex, nature has a desire for procreation, which is why they are more active than women. Also, most men are polygamous, while women often prefer one partner.
  • Physical differences. Body structure, muscle mass and fat mass differ in both sexes. Men are physically more developed than their main purpose is determined as a gender group – physical labor, protection of loved ones and protection of the territory.
  • Instincts. The paternal instinct is much less developed than the maternal instinct in women, which is inherent in them by nature. For some men, paternal feelings may never wake up, regardless of the number of offspring they have. Women, on the other hand, are capable of experiencing maternal feelings even for other people s children.
  • Attitude towards life and marriage. According to numerous data of social studies, it is clear that the stronger sex is more interested in public and state affairs, while the fair sex gives preference to specific people and deeds. Men view marriage as a safe haven, refuge and retreat from active social activities, while for women, marriage is the focus of the whole world and the main arena of life.

The role of women in a patriarchal society

From ancient times to the end of the 18th century, society had a generally accepted model of the family, where the husband was unconditionally considered the head of the family, and the wife and children were subordinate to him. The patriarchal position of the entire society did not allow women to realize themselves in the male world.

The main and only, in the opinion of the society of past years, the task of every woman was to get married and give birth to healthy offspring. There was no question of any education or a prestigious job – these were privileges only for men. Domestic violence was not uncommon in a patriarchal society. Many women were content only with the role of the keeper of the hearth, but there were others who did not want their female destiny to be limited only to family and everyday life. The emergence and development of such a movement as feminism radically changed the role of women and their place in the world. Feminists strongly disagree with the fact that a woman s destiny is to please the strong half of humanity, to be a housewife and give birth to children.

The role of feminism in defining female destiny

The role of feminism in defining female destiny

Contrary to popular belief, love does not take up so much place in a woman s life. Her husband, children, home, pleasure, vanity, social and sexual relations, social advancement mean much more to her. © Simone de Beauvoir, ideologue of the feminist movement

Feminism is a political and intellectual movement in which women fought for equality with men. For the first time this term arose at the beginning of the nineteenth century, but the main ideas and theories are found both in ancient culture and in the Middle Ages, and during the Renaissance.

Women in the first wave of feminism demanded the right to vote and political equality with men. Their demands were met in 1920 in the United States, when the Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution was adopted. In the 60s, the second wave of the movement for women s rights rolled over, which leads to a kind of social revolution. This time, the topic of the rallies is domestic violence, free exploitation of female domestic labor, and restriction in choosing a place of work. Women rebelled against the limitation of their lives only to household chores and caring for the family, while men owned the whole world.

Most men do not accept and reject the idea of ??feminism. Perhaps this is due to echoes of ancient stereotypes, or it may be that males misunderstand the essence of female requirements. After all, there is an opinion that outwardly unattractive women who are simply not able to find a husband for themselves become feminists, therefore they are embittered by the entire strong half of humanity. Of course, this opinion is far from the truth. Here is what famous feminists answer to this opinion:

There are many ridiculous myths about what it means to be a feminist: all feminists supposedly hate men, demand from the movement participants to give up everything “girly” (for example, dresses, heels and hair removal), despise housewives and want to take all the power in the world. None of these myths are true, or at least they are not true in all situations. © Danica Johnson

Feminism is not a dirty word. It doesn’t mean you hate men, it doesn’t mean that you hate girls with beautiful legs or a tan. It doesn t mean you re a bitch or a lesbian. It only means that you believe in equality. © Kate Nash

Woman in the modern world

Woman in the modern world

In our time, women have gained full independence – they have the right to education, can choose their place of work, have sexual freedom, and independently decide the issues of marriage and childbearing. In the modern world, any woman can choose who she is – a mother or a mistress, a politician or a businesswoman.

Women s destiny in the modern world has ceased to be limited to patriarchal clichйs. But more often you have not to choose one thing, but to combine everything together. Household management and family care remained largely in the care of women. Plus, work and social activities were added to this. But even this kind of social multitasking does not detract from the great achievement of humanity – gender equality.

Guided by the words of Michelle Obama that “no country in the world can truly prosper if it suppresses women s potential and deprives half of its citizens of power,” we can say that gender equality is a big plus not only for women, but also for society and the state as a whole. Since, for example, the number of labor resources increased, and with this, productivity began to grow up.

In conclusion, we can conclude that the main female purpose is still procreation, for the simple reason that there is no one else in the world to perform this function besides women. But this is not the only goal in the life of any of the fair sex. Women s destiny, first of all, is to live her life honestly and with dignity, as well as to find her place in society. Someone sees happiness in the birth of children, and someone in science or politics. The only and main duty of every person is to be happy and benefit society.

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