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“From scratch”: Timati shot his ex-girlfriend Alex in a new video

Timati / Alexa

Yesterday, 36-year-old Timati presented a video for his new song called “From scratch”, recorded in a duet with Grigory Leps. The new music video especially delighted the rapper’s most dedicated fans, who have followed him since the days of Star Factory 4. The thing is that his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Alexa, starred in Timati’s new video – their romance just spun on a musical reality show at the dawn of a rap artist’s career.

According to the plot of the video, Timati suddenly loses everything that he has achieved over the years: fame, success, money, cars, a luxurious house, the Black Star label and all star friends and girlfriends. He wakes up in a small rented apartment on the outskirts of the city, where he lives with his beloved Alexa. The girl appears in the video for a few seconds – she breaks up with the rapper and moves out of his house.

Alexa and Timati in the video for the song "From scratch"Alexa and Timati in the video for the song “From a Blank Slate”Alexa in the video for the song "From scratch"Alexa in the video for the song “From scratch”

Alexa in the video for the song "From scratch"

I was sincerely glad to take part in the filming of the video for the song “From scratch”. Congratulations on the premiere!

– wrote Alexa on Instagram about filming a new video of her former lover.

Timati and Alexa met at the Star Factory 4 project in 2004. Their romance spun right on the reality show: on the air they made romantic surprises to each other and dedicated songs to each other. So, Timati with the “Banda” group recorded the song “The Heavens Cry”, and Alexa sang “When you are near” to her beloved. Timati and Alexa were together until 2007, and after the breakup, they remained on good terms.

Alexa and TimatiAlexa and Timati

Timati generally breaks up with his girls in an amicable way. For example, he was able to maintain excellent relations with the mother of his daughter Alena Shishkova. At the same time, Alena is on good terms not only with Timati himself, but also with his new lover Anastasia Reshetova.

Alexa herself is now also happy in her personal life. Not so long ago, she talked about a new romance with a star fitness trainer Vyacheslav Daichev. For the sake of this relationship, the singer broke up with her ex-boyfriend, and Vyacheslav, in turn, left his pregnant wife Alexander Sivkov. After the Internet users found out these details, they condemned Alexa and her new lover. The couple, on the other hand, tries not to notice negative comments in their address.

Alexa and Vyacheslav DaichevAlexa and Vyacheslav DaichevAlexa and Vyacheslav Daichev

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