Attracting a man who likes it is the result of a quality hunt. Someone can easily master this art or technology. But some have difficulty.

The reasons may be different: stupidity of the female sex, appearance or even insufficient knowledge in men, lack of experience. This article focuses on tips and tricks for quick male hooks.

Ways to seduce men

  1. Compliments exist not only for women (men are very responsive to all tender and affectionate words. Therefore, emphasize your words on the merits of the male sex, decide on the dose of compliment and the degree for literal melting of a partner).
  2. What he says will be prescribed by law (make it clear that the most correct decision is only his. For example, it is not difficult to agree with the choice of a dish in a restaurant, do not take an opinion unpleasant to you with hostility, otherwise a dispute may arise).
  3. Sexual play (accidentally touching him or undoing a button on his shirt, but don t overdo it).
  4. Spontaneity (men love unforgettable impressions and sudden adventures, risk. All this is inherent in them).
  5. Advice (ask to deal with the problem or confusing situation).
  6. Horoscope (study the man s horoscope sign, find out his character and preferences).

You can hook a man according to a certain type:

  • Sentimental appearance – touch, tactile contact matters.
  • Realistic appearance – appearance matters.
  • Classic look – prefers to talk a lot.
  • To determine the type, you need to ask a question about the description of something. The sentimentalists will describe the form, the realists will describe the color scheme, and the classicists will find it difficult to answer.

    Tips on how to hook a man

    • Explore the field of activity, hobbies and interests;
    • Change something in your appearance to distinguish yourself from others (hair should lie neat and beautiful, natural and shiny, emphasizing the shape of the face).
    • Develop your knowledge of football.
    • Ability to find a common language.
    • Adequate response to words and deeds.
    • Answer the questions specifically, not in a general sense.
    • Ability to listen carefully and understand.
    • Seductive flirtation.
    • Accidental body contact.
    • Undistracted look.
    • Don t stand on ceremony and change the subject.
    • Don t be annoying with questions.
    • Don t be pessimistic.

    Men love with their eyes, beautiful and revealing outfits will not leave them indifferent… Of course, they won t like a girl who can t keep up the conversation. You need to be interested in the guy s life, just don t interrogate; Common interests such as football, theater, or even horse riding are great things to talk about. Show yourself as a person, know your worth, know how to be different: be modest, then active. Any man likes this. Positiveness is just as important: be cheerful and kind towards a man. Don t be sour and don t blame everyone for your problems – the guy will run away from you.

    What absolutely must not be done

    • Don t worry at all. This is not an exam and no one grades you a five or two. Be natural;
    • Do not ask too often and annoyingly. This is not an interrogation, and you are not an investigator.
    • Don t embellish yourself and your dignity. Don t make yourself miss the universe.
    • When you are silent, you do not need to look him in the eye.
    • Don t build hard-to-reach, but be inaccessible.
    • Don t be too active about your feelings and emotions. Guys do not tolerate clowns, tantrums and inadequacy.
    • Don t be annoyed and unbalanced.
    • You should not treat his jokes inadequately.
    • Don t command a man. He will always be the head, this is his work by nature. Better be a cute girl.

    Thus, attracting a man who you like is not the most difficult stage in a relationship. The ability to preserve and warm up feelings is more important.… If you are wrong about something, the relationship may not start or even end after the first meeting. The key place is occupied by the impression of a person in building a relationship. Therefore, pay special attention to arousing interest in the male sex.

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