How to escape from a first date with a terrible beau?

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the girl is bored on a date

The first date is always unpredictable. Sometimes it goes perfectly, and other times it’s just awful. And that s what we ll talk about now. Want to escape a terrible date without hurting your boyfriend? We will show you how to do it simply, quickly and elegantly.

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  • one Running away from a date: best methods

Running away from a date: best methodsi

The easiest way is to say bluntly that you are not suitable for each other, and calmly leave the date. But not everyone is so straightforward. Moreover, you cannot predict the reaction of the interlocutor – especially if it seems to you that he is still inadequate. Therefore, here are 5 tricks that will help you solve the problem:

  • First, designate the time of the meeting. Let it be an hour and a half. Tell them you have a limited amount of date time. This time will be quite enough to see each other. If everything goes well for you, no one bothers to agree on a second date without restrictions.
  • Rescue call. A classic technique that girls often use. If something goes wrong during a date, write an SMS to your friend so that she will call you and pick you up. It is important that the call does not arouse suspicion. Let a friend call you some time after you asked her about it. This way you can justify your departure with urgent matters.
  • Feeling unwell. Pretend you have a headache. Say you feel disgusting and want to go home. And if the gentleman volunteers to cheat you, tell me what you have, who will take care of you. Better yet, call a taxi.
  • Desperate measures. If for some reason the above did not work, write to one of your friends to come and pick you up. There is no need to explain anything: when they come for you, just turn around and leave.
  • “Accident” with clothes. A simple but “dirty” way – your clothes will have to suffer. Cover yourself with something – coffee, juice, wine, or any other drink. Go home under the pretext that you are very ashamed, and in this form you cannot continue the date.

Of course, it s best to avoid suspicious boyfriends initially. But sometimes it happens that nothing portends troubles, and during a face-to-face meeting, strangeness and “jumps” begin. And the life hacks listed in the article can come in handy not only on a date. So remember and keep them in mind!

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