The opinion has formed in society that only women are awarded compliments and praise, but this is not the case. Men, no less than women, need praise and approval. What could be more beautiful than a warm, kind word and sincere praise from your beloved woman.

Men, like children, try to ensure that their actions and deeds are noted and appreciated. However, men are in no hurry to hint and flaunt their achievements, and if women notice them, they, with embarrassment, hide a smile.

Lovely girls, women, do not skimp on praise, give pleasant words to a man when appropriate. Take into account that men, due to their individual nature, perceive compliments a little differently, for them it is not the compliment itself that is important, but its semantic load. Make sure that the praise is sincere, comes from the depths of the heart, without irony and falsehood. Otherwise, your beloved will perceive a sign of attention as flattering, and will treat you with apprehension and suspicion.

If a woman learns to notice the merits of her man, and not only to expose and criticize shortcomings, to correctly focus attention on them, she will undoubtedly find the key to the heart of her beloved.

In order to learn the art of seduction, it is advisable to follow simple diplomatic rules.

  1. Do not gossip, praise should be to the point, and not affect the individual qualities of the person. Show concern, interest in topics, problems that concern him. Perhaps a man needs outside advice, support, approval is more important for him than ever, because he readily decided to share the conversation with you.
  2. Praise, praise, strife. If women love to hear compliments in their address about how attractive, slender she is, what a charming look and sexy lips, then men of this kind of compliments are unlikely to please. And this is justified, because external assets are not personal merits, but mother nature has endowed us with magnificent physical data. If you want to praise a man, focus on his abilities, talents, actions, how he makes decisions in a balanced and reasonable manner.
  3. If appropriate, encourage your loved one with kind, affectionate words, do not hide your emotions behind a screen. Men love and appreciate female affection, attention and kindness. In relationships, be flexible, because you are a woman – the keeper of family peace and well-being!
  4. You should not praise a man for his social status and solid earnings. Otherwise, he may be arrogant and in a relationship allow himself some pranks, and your “compliment” is more likely to be considered a mercantile interest.
  5. Never compare your chosen one with your former boyfriends. First, past memories can raise suspicion and raise doubts about the sincerity of feelings. Men are easily hurt and talking about an ex can affect his self-esteem. And why do you need unnecessary conversations from the “past life”. Live in the present, do not indulge in the past, otherwise you can stay in it!
  6. Know the measure of praise! Compliments through a word, an ingratiating glance, spontaneous forms of manifestation of tenderness will alert a man, and you will get the impression that you need something from him.
  7. After praising, do not treat a man like a child. After all, he is an adult, self-sufficient person, and this form of manifestation of care can cause a feeling of psychological discomfort and hit his self-esteem.
  8. If a man is middle-aged or older, it is appropriate to focus on his experience, ability to competently solve complex problems.
  9. Praise your chosen one not only at home, but also in the circle of acquaintances, friends, however, do not overdo it, compliments should be essentially, come from the heart and not be pretentious. Know when to stop, if you will pay attention only to the person of your husband all evening, this can cause irritation and an indulgent smile among friends.
  10. When praising a man, be sure to use tactile touch, hug him, kiss him, take his hand. Men really appreciate attention and tenderness!
  11. If you have already managed to have children, it is extremely important to praise your husband in their presence, since for them the father is an exemplary indicator, the ideal to which you need to strive. Children should be aware that their father can teach them a lot and give good advice.

Many people ask the question, do all men accept compliments? Of course no. And in part this applies to modest and suspicious natures. However, this does not mean that they do not need attention and do not want to be recognized. Such people need an individual approach. Compliments in this case should be hidden, it is more expedient to focus on how dear a person is to you, how important his attention and care are to you.

Praise your man for courage, courage, determination, courage, for how resourceful and quick-witted he is. Praise is a great motivator and inspiration for new feats. Let s say your chosen one decided to please you with a stunning bouquet of wildflowers, thank him for his excellent choice. A man s self-esteem largely depends on the woman he loves, on her approval, praise and stroking.

Do not put off praise until tomorrow, stick to the “here and now” rule, otherwise the effect of the compliment will fade away.

Dear women, men really do not need so much for happiness, love your chosen ones, appreciate, do not skimp on tenderness and kind words, be flexible, remember that you are a woman – the keeper of family warmth and comfort. Learn to enjoy life together, take lessons from bitter experience, turn successes into small holidays, and leave failures behind a closed door. The strength of a woman is not only in her charm and beauty, but also in the ability to create a favorable microclimate in the family, with you a man should feel needed, in demand and unique!

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