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Ida Galich and Nastya Ivleeva had a fight over the Forbes rating

Bloggers’ quarrels are commonplace. As the long-standing online meme says, on the internet, someone is wrong. But if earlier they spoke so ironically about the skirmishes of anonymous people on the forums, now the stars of social networks willingly enter the battle, who will always find a reason to be offended (and poopy). This time Ida Galich and Nastya Ivleeva came to the barrier.

More precisely, Ida yesterday shared her joy of being included in the Forbes list (the publication had just published a rating of the richest bloggers), and Nastya Ivleeva saw hairpins addressed to her in Galich’s post.

Ida GalichIda Galich

Mom, I got into Forbes without pissing givs and drawing five thousand in the comments. You see, the number of subscribers is not always equal to more money. Advertisers evaluate not only how many people are following you, since now almost every third aunt has more than a million subscribers in her bra, which is not surprising due to the existence of various “circular”, the same notorious “give” and other “engines” of signature … Quality! The quality of the advertising campaign is now important on the market (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the authors are preserved. – Ed.),

– wrote Galich.

Let’s clarify, giveaway or giveaway is a contest on Instagram, the winner of which is chosen by the blogger at random, and in order to participate, you need to subscribe to a number of other accounts (sponsors or other bloggers) indicated in the post. Many run such promotions in order to increase the number of subscribers.

Following in the telegram channel “Only to anyone” a post appeared where Ida’s statement was directly called “a pebble in the instadiv garden with the largest number of subscribers – Olya Buzova and Nastya Ivleeva.”

This post caught the eye of Nastya herself – she posted a screen in her story. Galich, apparently, also read “Only to anyone” and explained her position in her blog.

Nastya IvleevaNastya Ivleeva

This is not a stone in someone’s garden. It’s just cool when you get into Forbes without such easy money and without buying an audience,

– Ida wrote.

Ivleeva reacted to these words of the blogger.

Oh, Ida, Ida. Stop please! We are very happy for you, you are smart,

– commented Nastya to Storis Galich.

Recall that in the Forbes rating, Galich was in third place, and Ivleeva – in sixth.

Why do you interfere with your victory with disgust for one way or another of earning money and people?

– Nastya was perplexed, referring to Ida.

Galich, on the other hand, drew attention to the fact that several years ago Ivleeva herself called those who make the givas “grinders”. Ironically, she reacted to the comments that Nastya left in her story.

Guys, does the direct work for me?

– Ida wrote, hinting that Ivleeva could write to her personally.

Ida Galich

As a result, the presenter of “Eagle and Tails” gave a detailed assessment of the situation in her telegram channel.

It is a pity that there are telegram channels that occupy one side. I don’t want to offend anyone, but when your name is on the list of guys who made money, including on givas, and you hint that they are scammers, this is not a completely clear position.

Yes, there are dishonest givas, yes, people are deceived, but I protected the guys who conduct givas honestly. I have not deceived any of my subscribers. The list includes Rita Dakota, Regina Todorenko, who, I am sure, monitor the transparency of the competitions. I have a lot of types of earnings, but I like to conduct contests, and people – to participate in them. Okay, if there were bloggers caught cheating on the list,

– said Nastya.

Nastya Ivleeva

Recall that recently another scandal related to givas flared up on the network. It’s about the Louis Vuitton bag raffle, which ended in a public conflict between Rita Dakota and Yana Rudkovskaya. The singer claimed that at the request of the producer she was asked to leave the “circle” and remove the post with the announcement of the competition. You can read more about the essence of the disagreements here.

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