Impossible to Break away: 5 Cool Netflix Documentaries That Deserve Your Watch

Impossible to Break away: 5 Cool Netflix Documentaries That Deserve Your Watch

Shot from the series “The King of the Tigers: Murder, Chaos and Madness”

Not sure what to see this weekend? Check out Netflix documentaries and movies. We have collected for you the most exciting and action-packed projects that you do not mind spending your time on.

Don’t F ** k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

Duration: 3 episodes.

“Don’t Touch the Cats: The Hunt for the Internet Killer” is one of the most sensational and creepy documentary projects of the past year, in which the story is not led by documentary filmmakers or law enforcement officials, but by online enthusiasts and seekers of justice (which, it is worth noting, distinguishes the series from other projects of the criminal genre).

They combined their efforts to find an unknown flayer who published a video on the network with the bullying of kittens. Having calculated the man, Facebook detectives tried to warn the police before he commits another crime, but no one wanted to pay attention to them until a new video appeared on the network – this time with the murder of a man …

And although a criminal without internet geeks was arrested, the investigation became a unique precedent.

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

Duration: 8 episodes.

Last March, there was only talk about the new Netflix – “The King of the Tigers: Murder, Chaos and Madness.” In a matter of days, the series became an absolute hit and a cultural phenomenon – in the first week after the premiere, the documentary was watched by more than 34 million people. Viewers (no longer only in the United States, but around the world) are still arguing about the events of the series, divided into two camps, and Hollywood stars – from Sylvester Stallone to Jared Leto – cosplay the characters and put forward their candidacies for the main role in a possible film adaptation …

“King of the Tigers” is a famously twisted story, in which there are enough eccentric characters (rednecks, drug dealers, criminals, swindlers and just very strange people), and absurd plot twists, and black humor.

The creators of the series allowed viewers to look through the keyhole to see the little-known history of private zoos in the United States, whose owners keep wild animals. The main character is Joe Exotic. Previously, he was the owner of one of the largest zoo in the United States with wild cats, but now he is serving time for trying to hire a hitman for animal rights activist Carol Baskin, with whom he had conflicts for many years. Baskin, according to rumors, fed her millionaire husband to the tigers, whom she managed to save (or still “rescue”) from entrepreneurs like Joe.

In short, not every screenwriter could come up with such a story!

“By creating the killer“/ Making a Murderer

Duration: 20 episodes (2 seasons).

The documentary “Creating a Killer”, presented in 2015, has already become a classic of the true crime genre. The project tells the story of American Stephen Avery, who served 18 years for rape and attempted murder, which he did not commit.

After Stephen was acquitted and released (thanks to a new DNA test), he was arrested again on murder charges and given a life sentence. Avery’s defense is again trying to prove that the client has nothing to do with this crime, and the prosecution committed many violations.

It is worth saying that it was the film “Creating a Killer” that launched a wave of documentary true-crime projects, which Netflix immediately switched to (and made the right decision!). For several years now, the audience has not lost interest in this genre.

Our Planet

Duration: 6 episodes.

“Our Planet” is an insanely beautiful and most topical documentary work of recent times. The creators of the project send viewers on an unprecedented journey to the most beautiful corners of the world.

The work on the series lasted four years. During this time, the film crew (which is 600 people) traveled to 50 countries, capturing not only beautiful landscapes and rare animals, but also a terrifying reality, namely, the harmful influence of man on the environment.

“Our Planet” is a call to respect for nature and its inhabitants, not otherwise.

Pandemic: How to Prevent an Outbreak

Duration: 6 episodes.

Netflix has always been famous for high-profile and relevant projects, but no one could have imagined that Pandemic, filmed in 2019, and presented in January 2020 – even before the outbreak of the coronavirus in China – would become prophetic.

The tape, consisting of six episodes, tells the stories of real people: every day they face and fight new viruses, often risking their own lives. Among the heroes of the tape are a doctor from India who receives swine flu patients every day, a WHO doctor who is trying to contain the Ebola epidemic in the Congo, and other specialists in infectious diseases.

It will be interesting for everyone to watch the documentary – it’s such a time.

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