Today I want to touch upon such a topic as “Someone was lucky!”

She or he was lucky in something in life, for example, in a relationship – “well, lucky!”

Here the couple has a happy marriage, an excellent relationship. Yes, there are couples who met at the institute, got married and everything is so easy and understandable, complete harmony, three or four children. And they have been married for twenty years, love each other, rest together, and every year love grows and grows stronger.

For some, it’s the other way around – it doesn’t work out for a long time, then in one partner something doesn’t suit, then in the other everything is not right, but not so.

And thoughts arise – well, why is someone lucky, but I m still so unlucky?

And the question is not that someone is lucky and others are not, the question is that everyone has their own destiny, karma. Yes, it is karma – someone deserved just such a scenario of relations – happy, prosperous, from an early age of twenty years to meet your man, when everything is clear and easy. This is their Destiny.

But there are other people who have a different Destiny, different tasks, this does not mean that they are unlucky. They just need to go through some experience, perhaps through several painful relationships, in order to understand something, change in themselves, see, accept themselves first, so that later it would be easier to accept the other as he is – to grow up, wisdom.

We never meet someone by chance, we always meet exactly the person who corresponds to us, who reflects us, corresponds to our level, understanding of some things.
And if you don t like your reflection, see what you can change in it. But change in yourself, and not in another!

Therefore, the question is not who was lucky, but who came with what?
Who came here with what tasks. For some, everything is very easy, while others have to work a lot on themselves, change something in themselves – grow wiser, grow up. To be ready for high-level relationships – conscious, mature, adult!

Therefore, the position “someone was lucky” is a losing one in advance.

We are all lucky – to be born, to live, to follow the Path that we ourselves have chosen for ourselves.

And to fulfill your task, mission and yes it is not always easy, sometimes you want to give up everything, but if you have a goal, then there is no point in feeling sorry for yourself and saying that you were unlucky.
After all, our happiness is in our hands!

Margarita Mikhaleva,

certified trainer for Radical Forgiveness,

astropsychologist, numerologist

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