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Morgenstern became a participant in the show “Let’s Get Married!”, And Alexander Vasiliev called him his son

Morgenstern and Alexander Vasiliev

Yesterday on Channel One a festive release of the show “Let’s Get Married!” Was released, one of the heroes of which was the mega-popular rapper Morgenstern among young people. He came to the show as a friend of the groom, who turned out to be a 21-year-old beatmaker and aspiring artist Slawa Marlow. Morgenstern’s main task on the show was to help his friend and colleague in the search for a potential wife.

In fact, young people rather came for another portion of the hype, and they did not hide their intentions in front of Larisa Guzeeva and other hosts of the program. For 40 minutes on the air, all those gathered in the studio managed to talk on a variety of topics.


Slava marlow
Slava marlow

So, Larisa criticized the views of modern youth and condemned the rapper and his friend for openly bragging about their successes and achievements to the public. Morgenstern said that he and his friends feel good, and then expressed “condolences” to everyone who lives differently. This phrase of the rapper aroused indignation in Guzeeva.

This is a little plebeian – to condole with those who are behind you. Noble people either do not notice, or treat it more condescendingly,

– condemned Larisa Morgenstern for bad manners.

Larisa GuzeevaLarisa Guzeeva

One of the highlights of the show was the appearance in the studio of the fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev. He unexpectedly appeared in the studio, when the presenters, together with the guests, discussed the phenomenal similarities between Morgenstern and Vasiliev in their youth: photo collages, in which they can hardly be distinguished from each other, have long been discussed on the network. Alexander decided to play along with rumors about their possible relationship with Morgenstern and approached the rapper with the words:

Where is he? Son … How old, how many winters.

Morgenstern and Alexander VasilievMorgenstern and Alexander Vasiliev

Morgenstern / Alexander Vasiliev in his youth
Morgenstern / Alexander Vasiliev in his youth

For the rest of the broadcast, Alexander and Morgenstern continued to diligently play the roles of father and son. At some point, a girl dressed in an Indian sari even appeared in the studio and began announcing the results of a DNA test for alleged paternity, the results of which would clarify whether there was actually a relationship between the rapper and the fashion historian. However, the intrigue was never revealed: without announcing the test results, the girl spun the alleged relatives in a dance, just like in Indian cinema.

At the end of the program, Slawa Marlow made his choice and went into the room of the third contender for his heart – 25-year-old Japanese woman Marina, who moved from her native country to Russia 10 years ago. By the way, it was Morgenstern who advised her to choose her earlier. At the same time, the rapper immediately discussed the most likely date for a possible romance:

I would, of course, choose a Japanese girl. But no longer than a day.

Morgenstern and Alexander Vasiliev

Morgenstern and Alexander Vasiliev

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