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Nika Belotserkovskaya revealed the identity of the author of the anonymous telegram channel “Tatler’s Heroine”

Nika Belotserkovskaya

Secular gossip about the problems in the family of Boris Belotserkovsky and Polina Askeri-Belotserkovskaya, caused by the fact that the man is allegedly looking for rapprochement with his ex-wife Nika Belotserkovskaya, led to unexpected results.

In her instagram, Nika, who in every possible way denies all the rumors and asks to leave her ex-wife alone, once again commented on one of the messages in the telegram, simultaneously revealing the identity of the author of the anonymous channel “Heroine Tatler”.

Nika Belotserkovskaya

Belotserkovskaya claims that Natalia Luchaninova is behind the channel. The news aroused interest among other authors in the telegram. Thus, the Antiglyanets channel has already confirmed this assumption.

Natalia LuchaninovaNatalia Luchaninova

We searched to the best of our ability and found confirmation of this. An excellent author, an old respected secular chronicler, whom the Antiglyants administrator remembered for all his life from a column in Tatler about how to skillfully fall on the tail of a wealthy friend and ride her yacht. By the way, according to our information, the Heroine’s channel is included in the network of a pretty, well-read blonde who is actively buying up near-world and near-political channels,

– reported the team “Antiglyants”.

However, there is no official confirmation of these assumptions yet. In the channel “Heroine Tatler” so far there has been no intelligible commentary on this topic. The author only reposted the message of “Antiglyants” with a short remark.

Natalia Luchaninova

Well, girls, well, since when is Natalia Luchaninova a wonderful author? And what about the blonde in the milk,

– reads a new post in Tatler’s Heroine.

Recall that Natalya Luchaninova was the first editor of the secular chronicle of Russian Vogue, in 2016 she was appointed creative director of the Style direction of the Kommersant publishing house.

The Tatler’s Heroine Telegram channel became famous for its secular insider information and was often mentioned in the press. So, with reference to the channel, they wrote about Olga Sutulova’s pregnancy and the birth of a son to Konstantin and Sophia Ernst. “Heroine Tatler” also reported about the pregnancy of Ksenia Sobchak and the divorce of Natalia Ionova and Alexander Chistyakov, but these rumors were never confirmed.

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