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News for owners of iPhones and iPads (OS iOS).

Six months ago, for these devices, my friend and I started working on the Pocket Psychologist application. This is an interactive collection of the best articles by progressman.ru in text and audio formats.

The theme of the first issue is relationships. The rest – later. Some of the articles have been noticeably revised and supplemented specifically for the application.

The program looks simple, but a lot of work was done – I wanted to do everything flawlessly.

You can download it for free at this link.

The app has unobtrusive ads. It can be removed in the settings for a nominal fee.

It looks like “Pocket Psychologist” on iPhones

This is what the “Pocket Psychologist” looks like on iPads.

Alas, we are unfamiliar with programming for Android, so we are not planning anything specific for this platform yet.

In addition to articles, “Pocket Psychologist” contains a section with answers to common questions on the topic. Here is a list of them:

Affection and independence

Is it possible to have another person?
Why is addiction killing relationships?
How to stop being afraid of losing your partner?
Why is it important not to be afraid of possible loneliness?
What is attachment?
Under what conditions is attachment justified?
Why is external independence most often an excuse for social phobia?
What is healthy independence?
Why is it so important to develop both independence and communication skills at the same time?
How does fear of relationships with people arise?

Treason and jealousy

What is jealousy?
Why doesn t jealousy imply love at all?
Why are they jealous even for no reason?
Is it true that jealous people themselves are prone to cheating?
What is loyalty, and why is it really valued so much?
Why is cheating not so unequivocally “bad”, and loyalty – “good”, as many think?
Why, in general, be faithful?
What is the real punishment for treason?
Why does a relationship still need commitment?
Why is an open relationship useful and dangerous?

Conflicts and grievances

Can resentment, anger, and blame be beneficial?
How not to be offended?
What if a loved one acts like a stranger?
Why do they often scandal with those closest to you?
How does peaceful communication turn into mental abuse?
Why is it dangerous to make decisions on emotions?
Why is it useless to prove your case?
Why do people scandal?
What real choice is left even in a destructive relationship?
Why do we love to talk so much and so hate to listen?
What is the value of mindfulness in communication, and how can you practice it?
Are there default rules and responsibilities in a relationship?

Love, falling in love, idealization

How is love different from falling in love?
Why is love selfish?
Why is falling in love an illusion?
What does the tendency to idealize and fall in love say?
What does idealization of a partner lead to?
What determines the intensity of love?
Why is falling in love accompanied by torment?
What is love?
Do we love real people or our subjective feelings for them?
Why, in general, do we need love and relationships?
Why are happy hopes dangerous?
Why are lovers circling between happy hopes and doomed hopelessness?

Non-reciprocal love

Is happiness possible without the reciprocity of the beloved?
What happens when one loves the other noticeably more?
Why can t you beg someone else s love?
How do mutual warm feelings arise?
What to do when you want love in return?
What does declarations of love really mean?
Is there such a duty – to love?
Is it possible to love a person unselfishly for nothing?
Can you become kind and loving if you try?
What does selfishness mean in a relationship?
Why are people greedy?
How to stop loving?
Why is the beloved not at all “special”, not “exceptional” or “unique”?
Why does everyone understand friendship and relationships in their own way?

The beginning of a relationship, first dates

What are most people looking for in a relationship?
Why is trying to appear better ineffective?
How does dependence on someone else s approval spoil life?
Does someone else s disapproval of our person imply its low quality?
Is it possible to find a beloved, or is it always a gift of fate?
Is it fair to say that on dating sites all men are preoccupied and women are corrupt?
Is it fair to say that dating sites are all freaks and losers?
Does a series of unsuccessful first dates mean that virtual dating doesn t work?
What is the best partner for us?

Maturity in a relationship

How do you become mentally mature?
When does a relationship get stronger and when does it fall apart?
Which man is sexy?
What do all the difficulties of life boil down to?
Why can t you rush to make serious decisions?
Why is it important to find meaning and happiness in more than just relationships?
Why is the mature person often idealized?
Why is distance important to a healthy relationship?
How is maturity manifested in relationships?

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