Polina Gagarina starred in the TV series “Former”

Polina Gagarina in the TV series “Former”

After a divorce from Dmitry Iskhakov, 33-year-old Polina Gagarina decided to try herself as an actress. It became known that the star will take part in the new season of the series “The Forces”. Polina will play the role of Lena, a writer and a successful coach with millions of subscribers, whose consultant psychologist is Ilya (Denis Shvedov).

Shot from the series "Former"
Shot from the series “Former”

Before that, Gagarina only voiced cartoon characters, but on the screen, and even in the lead role, fans will see her for the first time. Polina graduated from the Moscow Art Theater School and has a professional acting education, but her role in the series became her debut. The star herself admits that the invitation to act in film was a big surprise for her.

Shot from the series "Former"

I am very happy about this coincidence, although there are no accidents in my life. I believe that the professions of an actress and a singer are from the same field, I have never separated them. Each of my performances on stage is a small life with its own specific drama. So I just waited in the wings, my script and proposal – and then I waited!

– said Gagarina.

Shot from the series "Former"

As the singer admitted, it was difficult for her to play such a character unlike her, but it was interesting.

She is impetuous, constantly changing, growing, and to show this turned out to be a rather difficult task for me, but therefore interesting. There are explicit scenes in the series – this is also not easy, and the difficult always gives an opportunity to grow,

– explains Gagarina.

Shot from the series "Former"

Polina admitted that she still did not have enough experience and practice, so she had to do some things intuitively.

In the first season, the plot was built around Yana – a rich heiress who has everything you could dream of. But the parents are immersed in their worries, she has a difficult relationship with her father, an official, the lack of loyal friends and a desire to escape from reality lead the girl to a clinic for alcoholics and drug addicts. There she also meets a former drug addict, and now a psychologist, Ilya. At the end of the second season, Yana marries Kirill Rogov, a businessman from Kemerovo. Ilya, on the other hand, is trying to survive parting with Yana and finds a new job thanks to an unusual client – the writer Elena, who is played by Gagarina.

Polina Gagarina

Denis Shvedov
Denis Shvedov

The series also starred Lyubov Aksenova, Anatoly Zhuravlev, Era Ziganshina and Rostislav Bershauer. The producer of “Former” and co-founder of the START video service, which will host the premiere of the series, Alexei Trotsyuk promised that the new season will be “powerful”.

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