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Rita Dakota composed a song in support of the protests in Belarus: “Go away”

Rita Dakota

Protests in Belarus in recent days have begun to be discussed not only by netizens and political observers, but also by celebrities. A number of artists and TV presenters spoke on their Instagram, and the singer Rita Dakota decided to record a song dedicated to the events that we are now watching in real time.

The singer called the composition “Go away” – this is what citizens are chanting in the squares, demanding that Lukashenka resign from the presidency and new elections be held.

Yesterday, the singer presented her new work to the audience and published it on her blog, accompanying an audio track of a video with footage taken during rallies in Minsk and other cities.

9.08, blood on the asphalt, strangers in a hitch like brothers, grenades in the back, scary to the shiver, but sometime,

– with these words begins a new song by Rita.

Rita DakotaRita Dakota

For Dakota, this is a very personal story, as she is a native of Minsk. In addition, her mother now lives there. Rita also admitted that she wanted to visit her, but could not, as she fell ill with coronavirus.

The diagnosis became known on August 3, and a week ago Rita told her fans that she was being hospitalized due to a very low oxygen content in her blood. But, apparently, everything worked out and the singer did not need to stay in the hospital for a long time, and soon she was again able to focus on creativity.

Rita Dakota

This song was born to me a few days ago. The words burst through the tears that dripped onto the black and white keys. I will send all the money from downloading to the victims of the dictatorial regime in Belarus (hereinafter, the spelling and punctuation of the author are preserved. – Ed.),

– Dakota presented her new composition.

Rita also urged her fans to think about the situation in Belarus and, if possible, help people.

This video, compiled from real videos of my compatriots, will make you want to look away from the screen. But you need to watch such things. Do nothing = allow this evil to be done. Perhaps this work will open the eyes of those who see the news only “from a convenient side” or do not want to see what the bloody dictator is doing to his people right now. However, I urge: you have to see, you have to participate, you have to disagree with evil!

– wrote Rita.

Image from Rita Dakota's InstagramImage from Rita Dakota’s Instagram

The singer also expressed fears that she could be banned from entering her home country after the publication of this song.

Most likely, I am forever banned from entering my own country, where my mother, my family and friends live. It’s not easy for me, I’m afraid, but I do it because I can’t help it,

– Rita admitted.

Rita Dakota

Fans appreciated Rita’s new work and praised her for her courage.

Rita, pain, tears! Thank you!

Not a song, but a cry from the heart!

Piercing! Very strong and bold

– wrote in the comments.

Recall that the next presidential elections were held in Belarus on August 9. According to their official results, Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in power for 26 years, won a landslide victory. Immediately after the announcement of the results, demonstrations of those who disagree with the result began throughout the country. Many rallies ended in clashes with riot police and mass detentions.

Lukashenko’s main competitor in this election, the wife of the arrested blogger and former presidential candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, left for Lithuania after the elections, but recently announced that she was ready to continue the fight. Strikes have also begun at many enterprises in Belarus. So, today it became known that work at the Belarusian Metallurgical Plant and at “Belaruskali” has been suspended.

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