Ruth Wilson accused producers of Lovers of exploitation: “Actors are humiliated by filming sex scenes”

Ruth Wilson

The Affair brought actress Ruth Wilson a 2015 Golden Globe win for Best Actress in a Drama Series. A year ago, Wilson made the decision to leave the project, and only now it became clear why.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, she was not satisfied with too many sex scenes, and not at all the inequality in pay, as originally reported. The 37-year-old actress is said to have often had disagreements with showrunners, who literally forced her into filming sex scenes. Wilson was often asked to undress in the frame when there was no need to. She also complained that women had to appear naked in the frame much more often than men.

Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in the series "Lovers"
Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in The Lovers

When the actress expressed her dissatisfaction with the explicit scenes, Sara Trim, one of the producers, allegedly ignored her words and called the actress “very difficult.” According to one insider, Trim used various psychological techniques to coax the actors into undressing. In particular, she used phrases such as “everyone is waiting for you” or “you look great.”

The environment was toxic

He added.

Trim herself stated that she never forced Wilson to shoot in sex scenes against her will, and called herself a feminist. What’s more, she said that some of Wilson’s scenes were cut and others were first shown to her for her approval.

I did everything I could to make Wilson feel comfortable in these scenes,

– she said.

Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in the series "Lovers"

It is reported that, when signing the contract, Wilson knew that she would have to act in sex scenes on the series, however, she was not aware of their nature and frequency. So, in the second season, she refused to participate in one shocking and even aggressive sex scene in which she was supposed to be roughly pressed against a tree.

It was a lot like rape. Ruth really didn’t like it,

– said the source. As a result, then a stunt double was invited to the show.

After leaving the series, Wilson told reporters that, under the terms of the contract, she could not talk about the reasons that made her leave the project. But back in 2014, during the filming of the first season, she let slip that filming some erotic scenes made her “move away” from sex in life.

I am a typical English and Puritan and am afraid of any sex scene. Actors are upset and humiliated by filming scenes like this

– she said.

Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in the series "Lovers"

However, the actress then rushed to justify the series.

Sex is never free. I was determined to try and tell a story in these scenes. It’s not only about sex, but also about what happens in the minds of each person during it,

Wilson said.

The series “Lovers” was released in 2014. In addition to Wilson, it also starred Dominic West, Mora Tierney, Joshua Jackson and others. It follows the extramarital relationship between a schoolteacher named Noah and a waitress named Alison. The show’s final season premiered this year.

Ruth Wilson and Dominic West in the series "Lovers"

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