Salinger for Millennials: The New Normal People Trailer That Everyone Is Talking About

A trailer for one of the most anticipated series of this spring – the series “Normal People” has appeared on the network.

There are no star names in the credits – the main roles were played by young actors Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal, but the script is based on the bestselling novel by 28-year-old writer Sally Rooney, who is already called “Salinger for Millennials.” The book of the same name became one of the most talked about in the literary world in 2019.

In the center of the plot is the fate of the lovers Connell and Marianne. While still in high school, they become secret lovers (intimate scenes in the series are abundant), but over the years their relationship develops, becoming more confusing and complicated when both go to college.

The conflict is aggravated by the fact that Connel and Marianne come from different social backgrounds, and the girl’s family clearly does not approve of her connection with someone who is lower in status.

My favorite scenes in the book are conversations between the two main characters, which took place in abandoned houses, in kitchens, in cars and in bed. I really want to see how this dynamic will unfold in a new way on the screen,

– said Rooney, who is also the co-author of all 12 episodes of the series.

The first six of them were directed by Leonard Abrahamson, who was nominated for an Oscar in 2016, and the second half was directed by Hetty MacDonald, director of the Howard’s End miniseries. “Normal People” is set to premiere on April 29th.

In 2020, the book by the Irish writer, which The New Yorker has proclaimed “the first great novelist of the new millennium,” will also be published in Russian.

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