We are all arranged in such a way that we try in every possible way to avoid loneliness and by all means find a company of people who are suitable for interests and thinking. Attraction to one s own kind is nature, and it is extremely difficult to go against it. And is it worth it?

Does a single guy need to look for a soul mate? What will a young man get from a relationship with a girl and what should he be prepared for?

The specifics of romantic relationships

What does this phrase mean – “start dating”? Perhaps even a person who has never entered into a relationship with anyone can answer this question.

From the works of mass culture – books and films – we know very well that meeting someone means spending almost all of your time and closely linking your life with the person you feel for. physical and emotional attraction… The other half, as a rule, has similar thinking, interests and passions to ours. We like to be near this person, and he is pleased and comfortable to be near us.

But a relationship is not only a joint pastime. Any relationship imposes certain obligations; so, starting with someone to meet, we give an unspoken consent to take care of our passion and be with her both in sorrow and in joy. Failure to understand this simple fact often leads to breakups or misunderstandings and quarrels in the relationship.

Often, under the pressure of society, we begin to meet with someone, although in fact we do not feel such a desire at all. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand yourself and answer the question as honestly as possible: do I really need to start a romantic relationship with this person? Is this really what I want, or is this what society dictates to me?

For those who are still trying to answer the difficult question “should you have a girlfriend”, here is a short list of the main pros and cons of a romantic relationship with someone.


Relationship with a girl – the pros

  1. If you are lucky and you start dating a really good and suitable girl, rest assured – she will be ready at any time. spend free time with you… This means that you can always go somewhere together or do something at home. The problem of dreary time alone, as a rule, ceases to exist for a person meeting someone.
  2. A good and loving girl will always be ready listen and help cope with life s troubles or psychological difficulties. With your significant other, you can share your most intimate secrets, express concerns and try to find a solution together. A loving girl is a person who is always ready to support and help.
  3. A romantic relationship with someone involves caring for each other… So, if you live together, the girl will try to create a cozy and warm atmosphere around you and make it so that it would be pleasant for you to return home. The guy, in turn, will also be happy to take care of his beloved and delight her with a tender attitude and a manifestation of sincere care.
  4. A person in love with you contributes to raising self-esteem… When you see a woman nearby who admires you, you instantly forget about problems with your own appearance, troubles at work, or some similar troubles. Often it is the second half who helps to cope with complexes and lack of self-confidence, to accept their shortcomings and discover their virtues.
  5. Of course, another significant plus (for which some couples start a relationship) is the opportunity to enter into intimate relationships with your soul mate. Some people even believe that sex is the main goal of any romantic relationship, and this point of view has a right to exist.
  6. The presence of a loving girl next to it will certainly be improve mood guy. This is how biology works: any romantic activity like kissing, hugging, or just soulful conversations promotes the production of endorphins – hormones of joy that increase mood and cause a slight feeling of euphoria.
  7. And, finally, any relationship (provided that the partner suits you perfectly) sooner or later lead, as a rule, to marriage… Family life is a topic for a separate analysis, it also has a bunch of pros and cons, but it is in the family that we get the opportunity to have children. If you are psychologically mature and dreaming of creating offspring, you should definitely look for a girl who, perhaps, will later become your wife.

Romantic relationship

Relationship with a girl – cons

Unfortunately, romantic relationships do not always bring happiness and joy to life – if that were the case, most problems would not exist.

  • So, there is always a risk make a mistake in choosing a partner… It may seem to you that your significant other is perfect, but then suddenly a moment comes when you break up and begin to hate each other. Or the girl can leave you, betray or just act ugly. No one is immune from this – and this must be accepted and taken into account if you are going to have a girlfriend.
  • The candy-bouquet period usually requires certain investments: in order to please the girl, you will strive to buy her expensive gifts, flowers and delicacies, take her to the cinema or to a concert. Of course, happiness does not always depend on money, but gifts and amenities contribute to the creation of strong relationships.
  • You may find yourself psychologically not ready to having a girl. Psychological immaturity manifests itself as follows: instead of euphoria from being near your beloved, you experience constant anxiety, doubts and fear of doing something wrong. In this case, you need to carefully consider what exactly made you start dating a girl and whether you really want this relationship.
  • Relationship take a lot of time and effort… This is the time that you can spend on self-development, playing sports, building a career and business. Few people manage to successfully balance personal life and development. Something usually has to be sacrificed. Therefore, some young people consciously choose to abandon relationships until they “get on their feet” in life.

Relationship problems


A romantic relationship with someone is certainly exciting and wonderful, but it is very complicated process, containing both a bunch of pluses and significant minuses. Before starting a girlfriend, you should understand yourself and think ten times whether you need a soul mate or just self-affirmation.

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