SPLETNIK.RU exclusive: watching an excerpt from the final episode of the series “Chiki”

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SPLETNIK.RU exclusive: watching an excerpt from the final episode of the series "Cheeky"

Shot from the series “Chiki”

The premiere of the final episode of the series “Chiki” will take place on only tomorrow, but today SPLETNIK.RU readers can see a small excerpt from the episode, the release of which (we are sure!) Many are waiting.

So, we share with you an exclusive video:

Needless to say, the project of the director Eduard Hovhannisyan caused a great resonance. The series has become the most popular project in terms of views and requests on the Internet. Moreover, it is already called the best Russian TV project of the year.

“Chiki” is a story about four sex workers from the south of Russia who decide to radically change their lives by starting their own business. The heroines are planning to open a fitness center in their hometown. However, this is not a Hollywood picture, where everything is easy and simple. It is not so easy for girls to say goodbye to their past life – here are the people around them, who put sticks in their wheels, and the closeness of a small town, and like frozen time with all of this.

The main roles in the series were played by Irina Gorbacheva (she also co-produced the project), Varvara Shmykova, Alena Mikhailova and Irina Nosova, who co-wrote the script. An equally striking role – the district police officer – went to YouTube blogger Anton Lapenko.

Irina Gorbacheva
Irina Gorbacheva

Anton Lapenko
Anton Lapenko

Why is it still worth watching this series? Everything is good in “Chicks”: a fascinating plot, excellent casting, excellent musical accompaniment (thanks to Dorn for the main soundtrack), honesty of the narration, and also acute social issues – and the degree of the problems raised in the project becomes higher for each episode.

Images from the series

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