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“The main hit of the summer”: Ariana Grande with a new boyfriend, Justin Bieber with his wife, Kylie Jenner and other stars in the video Stuck with U

Ariana Grande / Justin Bieber Today Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber presented their first collaboration to fans – a romantic ballad called Stuck with U and a cute video for it. The music video was recorded in self-isolation, and not only Justin himself with his wife Hayley Baldwin and Ariana Grande took part in it, …

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Lana Del Rey denies accusations of “publicizing violence” and criticizes Beyoncé and Ariana Grande for songs about sex and cheating

Lana Del Rey There is a new scandal on the network: this time the culprit of the commotion is the 34-year-old singer Lana Del Rey, whose new post on Instagram is actively discussed on the Internet. In the publication, the artist not only announced the imminent release of a new album (its release is scheduled …

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Lady Gaga and Ariana Grande try on the images of the leading weather forecast in a new video

Show Business Olga Maximova 3491 27 May 2020, 21:01 Lady Gaga / Ariana Grande At the end of this week, the release of the sixth studio album Chromatica by 34-year-old Lady Gaga will take place – the singer was supposed to release it back in April, but was postponed due to the pandemic. Several other …