How and what to hook a man with: what to do and what not

How to take a married man out of the family and is it worth doing

Many girls, in addition to wanting to be stunningly beautiful and make a dizzying career, consider it necessary to successfully marry. Especially zealous “hunters” for men are provincial girls with a bunch of ambitions, who come to a big city and want to get all the pleasures of life quickly and with the least difficulty.

Also trying to “pick up” a man, making it the goal of his whole life, not only from other cities, but also just not very hardworking, accustomed to living at the expense of a man, women (not always difficult behavior).

Moreover, at the moment of search, the above-mentioned women are not even stopped by the fact that the object of desire sometimes turns out to be married. They reason like this: “If you liked it and more or less corresponds to the ideals loaded into your head since childhood, this is HE, therefore it will certainly be mine.” And they begin to use different methods of “conquering” the object of desire.

If you understand the psychology of female “hunters” and try to understand why they think and act this way, you can identify several reasons for this behavior:

  • Lack of male attention in childhood. For example, a girl grew up without a father, or he paid little attention to her. The young lady fantasizes, drawing in her dreams the ideal one who will pay special attention to her, solve all her problems and bring everything she needs on a silver platter.
  • On the contrary – an overabundance of male attention. The girl’s father made many gifts, pampered her, arranged and, as best he could, made her life easier. And therefore, from childhood, a potential woman develops a stereotype that a man should do everything and shoulder the difficulties of life only on himself.
  • Upbringing. Many mothers drive into their daughter’s heads that the chosen one must fully and completely provide for her material and other (here, how lucky) well-being. It doesn’t matter if he is married or not. Often, the mother herself had problems with her personal life: an unsuccessful marriage, life mistakes, broken ideals. But she continues to stubbornly believe in the correctness of her position, actively and aggressively imposing it on her daughter.
  • An example from the outside. The girl, having watched how other women act with men and what is required of them, asks the question: “Why should they be allowed, but not for me? I also have the right! ” etc.
  • The need to assert oneself, which grows as a result of humiliation or reproaches. A woman wants to show and prove to others (and herself) that she has abilities in life, even for such an ugly act.
Thus, when looking for men, a woman-“hunter” is always guided by some ideal, which is firmly entrenched in her imagination. And married men are often suitable for such an ideal.

Places and situations in which “hunters” become active

  • Most of these women “hunt” in the workplace.… Of course, a man may just be liked, i.e. the desire to possess it will leap up at the level of hormones and other biological chemistry. But more often men are “caught” for career purposes: in order to receive a lot of money later, and even better – not to work at all. Do you want a quick vertical upward career advancement? The ideal option is to “grease” the director or his deputy, who, as a rule, are married. And the proposal of his person begins inside and out in all angles. Of course, there are options for successfully combining business with pleasure: love has come, and there is a real opportunity to advance in the service. But, as a rule, the initial main goal for “hunters” is to gain a foothold in a “warm” profitable place plus career growth. And it doesn’t matter that the children will be left without a father, that the wife will be stressed and colleagues, to put it mildly, will not approve of such behavior. After all, the goal must be achieved in any way, even by destroying the formed cell of society.
  • Desperate Woman’s Situation… When a lady is already over thirty-odd, she worries about her failed personal life and / or an unsuccessful marriage (or perhaps the absence of one). She is always looking for the ideal, but the men who come across her life path, alas and ah, are far from him. And suddenly she finds the perfect, but married. And I want to give birth to a child, I’m tired of being lonely. The unhappy woman begins to act actively. Again, not really thinking about the consequences.
  • The so-called “troubled” women… Poverty is their karma. They constantly find themselves in situations in which the average woman, even with a great desire, will not be able to please, they are always looking for something, not knowing what, they run away from somewhere and no one knows why. The train of thought comes down to one question, to which they always answer positively for themselves: “Why not try?” It is the same with regard to the decision to conquer a married man.
Conclusion: whatever the motives and situations, the instilled upbringing and moral norms, the main driving force of a woman who beats off someone else’s husband is selfishness.

But if women behave this way, successfully taking away even quite decent husbands from the family, then the question arises: maybe men allow themselves to be taken away from the family and they are satisfied with this state of affairs? Some are just waiting for an accessible woman to turn up for them.

Many high-ranking male officials even issue an ultimatum to a woman: if she slept, there will be career growth, if she has not slept, she will not see promotion as her ears. Yes, it is disgusting and low, but, unfortunately, this is the truth of life. And one more thing: if a woman herself hangs around her neck, why not sleep with her? And sometimes husbands get tired of family life, they need thrills. So they change it recklessly.

How do “hunters” take a married man away?

There are several ways and options:

  • Expose your dignity to a frank display. Including sexual ones. Somehow to convince that it is better than a wife. Sometimes it works. Sometimes not.
  • Rubbing into trust. It is longer, but more effective. You can combine this item with the previous one.
  • Blackmail. This is a tough method, but effective. True, happiness after such an act is unlikely to be.
  • Close joint passion for something. For example, alcohol. Drinking companions often converge.
  • Men who are tired and emotionally exhausted from family, work and other nervous conditions are more easily influenced from outside and, accordingly, taken away.

The only thing that women-“hunters” should remember: sex with a boss does not always mean a career takeoff. And even more so, sex with a married man does not always mean a quick wedding. It is immoral to destroy a family and break someone’s destiny.… Yes, there are different situations, but to beat off a married man only for the purpose of career growth or for self-affirmation is low.

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The most common myths about men

Married lover – relationship features

Husbands cheat, and women fall in love, disappearing in the most dangerous embrace of a married man. It is beautiful, romantic, festive, with ghostly prospects – for her, for him – a new sexual adventure, in most cases, but only for a few – an understanding and inspiring woman, next to whom you want to live, develop and everything is only for her and for her sake. her.

Why do women fall in love with married people

Relationships with married men arise due to different circumstances and reasons, but they are all connected by one thing: both were initially in search, often unconscious, and the case necessarily collides with a fateful wave. What kind of women throw themselves into the arms of married lovers?

  • Married womenlooking for a romantic relationship without commitment. Family routine often does not contribute to advancement, personal development, the light goes out inside, you need to start the life “engine” again. And such relationships give a taste for life, inspiration appears as passion ignites or even without it. Healthy sex with a man who probably will not lose his head from a relationship suits both, gives everyone a recharge and, having received their own, such couples often part without regrets, good friends.
  • The second category of women who fall in love with married men young girls who do not yet know about love, about life and about themselves… The inexperienced are captivated by the admiration for her of a mature (noble) man, they surrender without a trace, flying in the most romantic illusions of love and fidelity. As the relationship develops, the woman makes plans for the future, dreams of starting a family with him, extending his lineage, building a nest. Dreamily he listens to “fairy tales” that he has finally found the one that he has been looking for all his life, that his family life has practically ended, that he and his wife have not been together for a long time and that it is now that he is really happy. Inspired by the meeting with the man of her dreams – who understands, guesses all her desires, surrounded by male care and attention – she is happy, because she is his true love. And this period is the most dangerous for a man, because the instinct to give birth to a beloved child turns her into an impatient migrant, constantly talking about divorce, about a bad wife, about the future. A relationship like this tests a man’s patience until then. while he will restrain his beloved in her zeal to create a full-fledged official family with him. If a woman does not calm down, then an inevitable heartbreaking parting or a lot of partings follows, each of which is followed by a stormy reunion, which gives her hope, and he again has awesome sex with a woman in love with him.
  • The third type of women who deliberately associate with married men is hunters… Their victims are respectable “married women” who have not only a good house, car, children, dacha, business, but also free capital for reproduction and for keeping mistresses. These hunters deliberately enter into a relationship with the chosen man, tie him to themselves with sex, the correct behavior of an exemplary mistress, and then begin to blackmail them in order to obtain all kinds of benefits for themselves, threatening to tell his wife everything about their relationship. These dangerous temptresses often get what they demand, mainly an apartment, a car, a trip, a fur coat, a bank account, a small business, and everything like that. Women of the second type who are offended and offended by the attitude of their lovers can be attributed to the same type. They take revenge, spoil his career, making a full profit at the same time. There are famous examples of this in history: Monica Lewinsky, Edwina Curry (mistress of the British Prime Minister J. Major).

Features of the relationship

The conflict arises from the mismatch of the goals of both. The goal of a man is to take a break from his family, enjoy society and sex with a woman he likes.… The goal of most women in a situation like this is to start a family with the man she is in love with.

A man’s initial role as a mistress does not usually change to that of a wife. Second wife – yes, but not officially married.

An experienced man specifically warms up a woman with stories about a failed marriage, routine, cold relationship with his wife. With such stories, he fuels the imagination of a woman, counting on her ardor and willingness to do anything for the sake of a future with him.

Even if a man expects to maintain a long-term relationship with a woman, he has no goal of marrying her. His desire to stay with her for a long time lies in the banal – he feels good with her, he doesn’t need more.

A man gets a mistress outside the family, he will not create another family with one of his beloved. He has already created a well-established life, children, this is his family foundation, he does not need a second one like that.

Psychologists say that relationships with a married man end in marriage only in 5% of 100% of such couples.

How to be now

At all times, the role of the king’s mistress was almost official, this “position” was called – the king’s favorite. Marriages were concluded only for political purposes, so the queens only cared about the continuation of the royal family and interfered little in the course of events in history. Another thing is a favorite, that is, a mistress. They took advantage of their position 100%. They were often educated ladies, but usually with a bad reputation. They influenced their king in all matters, even international ones. promoted their relatives to high positions (often wrongly). And the offer to be a mistress was not comparable to the role of a girl for one night.

The king’s mistress was given a high status, appropriate gifts, it was charged to accompany the king on his travels. It was very honorable to be his mistress, and if the mistress became pregnant, then the son was also given a name, title, estates. Of the famous mistresses who are not burdened by their position, the Marquise de Pompadour (the indefatigable mistress of the French king Louis 15), Inessa Armand (mistress of V.I.Lenin), Lilya Brik (mistress of V. Mayakovsky), Anne Penzho (mistress of the French politician) are known.

Modern married lovers are not always attracted to kings. But the secondary role of the mistress was determined by the society. Falling in love with a married woman, the woman has already gone against social dogmas, so on and you need to go, not fearing the path, as it is sung in the song. It is important to survive, take and give everything that this situation presents. If you fall in love and the situation no longer satisfies, but only infuriates with its static character from month to month, year to year: came, cuddled (restaurant, shop), ate and drank, left. then it is necessary to break off the relationship, finally rewarding yourself for the gift that the man was gifted with. If the character allows – ask for a significant gift and let go, move on.

It is necessary to understand that even if he marries, these festive meetings will end and family everyday life will come again, from which your beloved will again run away. This is nature, you have to take it for granted.

If you want to fight for him to the end, be sure to do it, but only on the condition that he does not have young children with his wife, that he earns enough money to support both families later, that he really does not love his wife and does not see support in her. that your situation is not a repeat of your parents’ situation. In the absence of other moral barriers, fight if you love, especially if you have given birth to a child from him and he spends more time with you than with his family, involving you in his affairs, business, joint work or projects.

PS The author of the article was the mistress of a married man for 7 years, it all started with a joint business project. During these years, 2 children were born, he divorced and has been married for a year. The first family has a 17-year-old son.

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