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Ksenia Sobchak about the scandalous video of Svetlana Loboda and the reaction to it: “People expose themselves”

Ksenia Sobchak At the end of last week, the premiere of the video by Svetlana Loboda and Pharaoh on the Boom Boom track took place, which caused a violent reaction on the network: the video collected almost 300 thousand dislikes on YouTube (against 130 thousand likes), and social network users only confirmed the validity of …

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Twerk at Satan: reactions and memes to the scandalous video of rapper Lil Nas X, which everyone is discussing

The Internet is buzzing – for several days now, everyone has been discussing the new clip of rapper Lil Nas X, in which he twerks in front of Satan. In our material, we collected the chronology of events and the reaction to the scandalous video, as well as the memes associated with it. All weekend …