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“From scratch”: Timati shot his ex-girlfriend Alex in a new video

Timati / Alexa Yesterday, 36-year-old Timati presented a video for his new song called “From scratch”, recorded in a duet with Grigory Leps. The new music video especially delighted the rapper’s most dedicated fans, who have followed him since the days of Star Factory 4. The thing is that his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Alexa, starred in …

Show Business

Timati shoots a video with Morgenstern

Show Business Olga Maximova 24098 22 August 2020, 01:13 Timati / Morgenstern The network is discussing the new work of 37-year-old Timati after leaving Black Star – a month ago, the rapper and businessman left the label he created with his partners. According to the performer, he “will begin in chamber” the implementation of fresh …