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“They have a toxic relationship”: an insider told why Eminem is afraid of Mariah Carey’s new memoirs

Mariah Carey

Nostalgia and memories of the past may be pleasant, but not in the case of 47-year-old Eminem. The rapper, whose real name is Marshall Mathers, is concerned about 50-year-old Mariah Carey’s memoir, which will soon be released.

One of the sources shared this information with Us Weekly. According to him, Eminem knows that Mariah is “going to say very nasty things about him and he expects to be attacked.”


An insider also called Carey the rapper’s “Achilles heel” as their relationship has always been very toxic. According to him, Eminem expects the singer to reveal some intimate moments in the book, including writing that he was bad in bed, or that he was a selfish lover because of his insecurity.

Mariah Carey

Recall that at the beginning of the 2000s, the press was actively writing about the secret romance of Carey and Eminem. Allegedly, the relationship began after the celebrities met in the studio to discuss a joint track. Music later became the source where journalists looked for hints of a possible romance.

For example, Mariah is mentioned in Eminem’s 2002 song Superman. The singer herself denied any connection with the rapper, but Eminem said in an interview that they had been together for about seven months, but he did not like Mariah as a person – the rapper was offended by the fact that Carey did not publicly admit that they had a relationship.


I have respect for her as a singer, but nothing more. I’ll just say that she is a beautiful woman. I was not exactly who she needed, we are too different people. Mariah is a real star, and I suppose a somewhat simpler person. I have never denied her talent, but the fact that she refuses our romance, in my opinion, is bad,

– said the rapper.

But the feud between the two performers did not end there. In 2009, Eminem negatively mentioned Carey and her husband Nick Cannon in the song Bagpipes From Baghdad, calling them obscene words. Mariah did not remain in debt, and in the Obsessed video she had an obsessed pursuer – this character in the video looked like Eminem.

Mariah Carey

The rapper mentioned the singer again in one of his new songs released in 2019, where there are lines that “Mariah and I did not end on a high note.” It is possible that the singer’s memoirs will be the next answer.

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