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Virtual dating is clearly a buzzword today. Just the popularity of dating applications – such services are installed in their smartphones even by representatives of young people, for whom, it would seem, there are simpler ways to find a soul mate. But the fact remains – new technologies are taking over even the dating sphere. And in this regard, several myths have developed around online dating. Today we will dispel the most common ones.

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The mythical fivei

  • Dating sites are for aged losers. A very silly prejudice. According to statistics, the average age of users of such sites is from 18 to 35 years old. Yes, there are people who are older, but their percentage is much lower.
  • Dating on the Internet has no prospects, it s just entertainment. In fact, today a third of all couples are dating online. Every fifth couple of newlyweds registering a marriage found each other on the Internet. And this number is growing inexorably from year to year. Of course, dating sites are full of people who are not in the mood for real communication, and there is no getting around it. But there are much more of those who are really looking for a soul mate.
  • Only women sit on dating sites. We hasten to upset you – according to statistics, there are 2-3% more men on such sites than women. If we consider on average, then the representatives of different sexes are approximately equal. However, on different sites, things are different – on some there is a direct outright preponderance towards men.
  • On dating sites, there are only maniacs, criminals, liars and schemers. According to statistics, 10% of the registered profiles belong to scammers – there is no getting away from this. But there is an effective way to deal with them – a blacklist. One way or another, almost every person is faced with inadequacies in the vastness of the network. They just need to be understood, accepted and blocked.
  • You can t find a person for a serious relationship on the Internet – they get to know each other only for fleeting connections. And this is also an absolute lie. Everyone sets their own goals. Of course, there are a lot of those who are not interested in marriage and children, but they often talk about it themselves. Others are quite interested in finding a love partner.

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