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date at a restaurant

The very word “date” implies something very romantic. It is very difficult to surprise modern girls: we live in a world of great opportunities, even in small towns various exhibitions, concerts and events are regularly held.

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Moreover, the demands of the opposite sex to each other are also growing by leaps and bounds – and finding themselves alone, two young people are embarrassed and can, at best, sit on a bench in a park or some dull coffee shop. So where do you go on a date so that both are fun and interesting?

You should always have a backup plan. Better yet, two. Life is unpredictable and can make its own adjustments – bad weather, a restaurant that is suddenly closed, or whatever. Be ready for anything and do not take a change in plans as the end of the world.

Be sure to think about how much money you are willing to spend. If this is the first date, it is better not to spend it in an expensive restaurant if you cannot afford it – as a result, you can set a bar for the girl that you will not pull in the future. And in this way it will be possible to immediately weed out a lady pursuing mercantile goals.

The best options for a datei

  • If you are more specific about the choice of places for dates, it is better to start this list with a walk in the fresh air. Comfortable, practical and natural – you will be in a neutral environment and will be able to be yourself. Choose a beautiful park, square or embankment for a walk, where dozens of the same couples in love will walk. Your companion will feel confident and at ease, and you can chat about any topic, have a good time, eat ice cream or have a cup of delicious coffee.
  • Going to the ice rink or rollerblading in the park is a great option. Even if the girl has never skated, you can teach her and act as a real hero. If you also don’t know how to skate – well, there will be an opportunity to learn together, and she will not feel so inept next to you.
  • There is no girl who doesn t like animals. She may like seals, birds, fish, snakes or even spiders, but it never hurts to look at the animals and diversify her horizons. Therefore, a zoo or animal show is a great choice. Psychologists say that a person s attitude to animals largely determines his character and temperament in life. You will have a great opportunity not only to have a good time with your companion, but also to get to know her better.
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  • Walking on the water is a great pastime even if you are only having a first date with her. Fresh breeze, beautiful landscapes, romantic atmosphere … And until the end of the trip she will definitely not run away from you. The option is not relevant if there are no reservoirs in your city. Then you can replace the ferry ride with a horse ride or, at worst, go to the movies.
  • If you are an active person and cannot sit still, bowling is a great option for a date. Loud music, bright lights, fun entertainment – what could be better if you want to have fun with your lady? Even if you both don t know how to play, it makes absolutely no difference, because you don t need any special skills in order to knock down the pins with a ball. Just do not try to pretend to be a super professional and knock out a strike every time – the girl may be offended and quite rightly consider you a narcissist. Move the excitement of gambling to the background and enjoy the company of a beautiful girl.
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  • If you are going on a date with a girl who loves noisy companies and parties, take her to a bar. Dancing, dim lights, a cheerful atmosphere, a huge cocktail list – most likely, both of you are not shy at all and will have fun with all the heart.
  • Perhaps the most romantic option you can think of is a rooftop date. A surprise played in dozens of films will impress any girl. It is not necessary to have a whole feast – a bottle of champagne and a light snack will be enough. You can do without alcohol at all, so that the girl does not think that you want to drink her. To avoid unpleasant situations, you should just ask her how she feels about a glass of champagne on a date?
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The most important thing on a date with a girl is to be yourself. Don t try to sound like someone you are not. Well, do not forget to put yourself in order – it is not necessary to wear a tuxedo, just clean ironed clothes and a neat appearance will do. Your beloved will definitely appreciate all the efforts made to organize a romantic date.

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If you have finished reading this article, then we have not tried in vain! Our employees work tirelessly to constantly surprise you with something new and useful. Want to share another secret? Specialists in the field of social psychology have come to the conclusion that it takes at least 10 years to achieve maximum emotional and intellectual unity with a soul mate! Thus, if you think that after 3 years of relationship you know everything about your loved one and have already practically merged into one whole – wait a minute. Further, a lot of interesting events await you that will test the strength of your relationship. Join us – we will try to solve your every problem!

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  1. avatar

    in short there are guys who bother and those who do not give a shit, and where can you find the first? Could you tell??

  2. avatar

    I piss to invite you on a date, because I m afraid she will ask – where will we go and I m such mmmm bbbbb mmmmm I ll be like an idioto> __

  3. avatar

    but how to find out in advance without spoilers, she may be allergic to flowers or animal hair, or suddenly she is afraid of water … it s easier to invite someone you know a little more on dates, but it s sooooo difficult to navigate with a girl you don t know !!!!! ( (

  4. avatar

    so maybe when you come there will be three ahahahahahaha x))))

  5. avatar

    I don’t know, guys are not very smart, I still have several offers from different boys and all as one invited to “see a movie at their house ” xD

  6. avatar

    I think bowling is not suitable for everyone, but you can try to teach a girl to play if she doesn’t know how! there will be a reason to put your arms around her waist or take her by the hand!

  7. avatar

    I was on a heap of successful and unsuccessful dates and I liked it when they came on a date first, with gifts and flowers) I liked it when they brought me to the amusement park, took a ride on a boat, on a horse) this is something that does not happen every day)

  8. avatar

    ohh, that s nothing, I met on the Internet with a guy who said on a date that he left his wallet at home and I paid myself, of course there was no second date after that LOL

  9. avatar

    pfff I do not care where they invite, and most importantly, that the guy pays for everything, otherwise there were unique people who offered in half xD xD xD

  10. avatar

    I got a very sensitive girl, so I m not sure if I can take her out to some crowded place, probably the roof will be the ideal option;););)

  11. avatar

    the main thing is to make a few chips on the date so that it will be remembered, so no matter where it is, it is important for me to see that the guy tried and tried to do something special = ^. ^ =

  12. avatar

    I like the idea of ??bowling, I like the fighting girl, so if she agrees to go on a date with such a loser like me, then you need to think about a very active vacation !!!

  13. avatar

    maybe a cafe is trivial, but a classic, why not =) you just need to choose a cafe away from the place where you both live, so that it is more romantic and not afraid to meet friends or exes, which has already happened a couple of times in my life ..

  14. avatar

    I don’t know what to choose for the very first date, I’m immensely happy because the girl, whom I courted for a very long time, finally drew attention to me, but I don’t know when and where to call, she has nails, so probably there’s no bowling alley, I don t know where the roofs are open, but we don t have a zoo in our city …

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