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Etiquette is a sign of good parenting. Many centuries ago, some dogmas were created that characterize an educated person. Now these dogmas have been improved for the current era and the development of culture. But even in the modern world, not many can show signs of good taste. Therefore, we decided to talk about the most basic rules of etiquette that must not be violated.

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What is etiquette and how did it come about?

Etiquette – stable rules, prohibitions that regulate human behavior in society. The rules of conduct were created under the French king Louis XIV. At that time there was no concept of “behaving correctly”, but the king decided to change the situation and introduce a novelty into court life. The first signs of good manners were recorded on special cards and presented to those invited to the ball.

rules of modern etiquette

A lot of time has passed since then and the rules of modern etiquette differ a lot. For some, this is a sign of boring (to follow all sorts of rules in a world where everything happens without permission). But not everyone thinks that their demeanor can have a response and lead to unpleasant situations or consequences.

Some dogmas have remained unchanged to this day, some have been corrected with the development of culture. For some peoples, our behavior may be completely unacceptable, for others – normal. But we will look at the rules of modern etiquette for our country and in relation to our culture.

The psychological side of etiquette

Certain rules of conduct regulate communication in society, help a person achieve results. A well-mannered, culturally recognized person will always be confident, not afraid of various situations. The established rules help to create productive communication, to reach a positive result.

Discipline and upbringing are one of the main characteristics of people who can develop themselves. To learn to communicate and understand others, you need to work hard on yourself, to read. It is working on ourselves that helps us become better, develop our latent abilities. Learning etiquette is a direct path to success.

“The ability to communicate with people is a commodity that can be bought in the same way as sugar or coffee … and I will pay for this skill more than for anything else in the world.”
J. Rockefeller

rules of etiquette

The rules of modern etiquette help to feel confident, not to be afraid that a mistake or any other collapse will occur.

Male and female etiquette

You can often see and hear that a man and a woman have their own rules of conduct. For a long time, the behavior of men and women in society has been different. This characteristic has not changed to this day.

Modern rules of etiquette for girls practically do not differ from generally accepted laws. They are only filled with additional techniques that characterize an exceptionally fair sex.

Examples of women s behavior in various life situations:

  • You need to receive guests in ceremonial clothes. But if the visit is unannounced, you can meet in a dressing gown.
  • Perfume use should be moderate. Overuse will lead to communication difficulties, even disgust. (If you don t feel your perfume in half an hour, then this smell suits you and will not bring discomfort to others).
  • Jewelry should be, but no more than 13 items. This rule is accepted by the international protocol and is observed in all countries that are guided by it.
  • Wearing jewelry over gloves is bad form. It is permissible to wear a bracelet.
  • Arrangements for being late for a meeting or event are regulated by 15-20 minutes. It is customary to warn about a longer delay.
  • It is uncultural to mention your illnesses, diets and other health problems at the table. If you do not drink alcohol, do not drink, but out of decency it is worth taking a sip. So you will not offend the owners and do not harm yourself.
  • Do not discuss financial or religious topics in the company of the absent person.
  • Indoors, hat and gloves can be left on. But if it is a hat and mittens, you must definitely take it off.

At all times, the behavior of a man was governed by certain rules. Cultural manners, speech, attitude towards women spoke of the nobility of the stronger sex, his nobility. But time does not stand still. Now men neglect the general rules of etiquette. And only a real gentleman knows the modern rules of etiquette for men. An exception may be politicians and businessmen. According to their position, they need to behave appropriately, because their demeanor is the key to a successful contract, their image.

The rules of modern male etiquette say the following:

  • Always keep an eye on your appearance. Business suits for business meetings, important events, and T-shirts, shorts and other light home clothes for home gatherings, friendly companies.
  • Hat, cap is always removed in the presence of a woman and indoors. You do not need to do this on public transport.
  • Moderate use of cologne. This is a sign of good taste and grooming.
  • A man must let a lady pass: in restaurants, in the store, in the elevator and other establishments.
  • Smoking in the presence of a lady or other persons without permission is not allowed.
    Should always give a hand if a lady gets out of the vehicle or descends the stairs.
  • About the colors. Scarlet and pink roses are presented to women for whom you have deep love feelings.
  • It is impermissible to gaze at other guests of the event. This can cause a negative reaction and provoke a scandal.

The rules of modern etiquette cannot be specifically divided into masculine and feminine sides. They are designed to regulate the behavior and communication of people in society. And this means that each person should be able to control himself and know how to do the right thing.


Many modern rules of etiquette for men and women help to stand out, show culture and education. If you know the most essential basics of cultural behavior, then all is not lost. Modern society dictates its own rules and not everyone understands that etiquette is an art that transforms a person, endows him with charm, a zest. It is etiquette that can help create a good impression.

20 rules of modern etiquette, which is better not to break

We talked about the generally accepted rules that are followed in society. These rules have long been rooted in our culture, and we subconsciously follow their instructions. But modern society has gone far ahead and has its own rules of modern etiquette.

  1. Hike to visit. If you want to visit a person, be sure to warn them in advance. He may have his own plans, problems, or even your friend may not be in place.
  2. An SMS invitation to a date is a sign of bad manners and bad taste. This behavior does not characterize you on the positive side, but the girl will be unpleasant.
  3. Smartphones on the table are prohibited. If you put your gadget on the table in a public place or in person, you show your disinterest in the interlocutor, that your phone is more important to you than the meeting, and you are ready to respond to a call or other notification at any time.
  4. A woman s bag in a man s hands is uncivilized. A man can carry a bag or light coat to the dressing room, but not wear it during a meeting.
  5. Your shoes should always look neat and clean.
  6. Only a woman can be late for an appointment. If it is a business meeting, it is unacceptable to be late for an important event.
  7. You need to say hello first if you enter the premises. This is a rule for everyone, no matter what your position or status is.
  8. It is impossible to dry the umbrella open. This applies to any institution and occasion. It must be folded and put in the designated place.
  9. Religion, finance, politics, health, personal life are taboo topics for company conversations at an event or other important meeting.
  10. A lap bag is a bad sign. If it s a small purse, you can put it on the table. But if the bag is large, then it is better to hang the accessory on the back of a chair or place it on the floor at your feet.
  11. Headgear is removed both indoors (men always). Exception for women: if it is a hat, then you can leave it on.
  12. It is impossible to read other people s letters without permission: electronic, postal and any others. This applies to absolutely everyone. Violation of this rule may entail negative consequences.
  13. The pursuit of fashion is inappropriate. You can be out of trend, but look elegant and good, or you can chase fashion and look disgusting. You need to know how to combine images correctly, which things suit you, and which ones distort your appearance.
  14. Loud conversations, laughter – uncivilized in a public place. This behavior generates a lot of attention from others and creates discomfort for others.
  15. A kiss in public is flawed. A kiss is allowed when meeting, if these are relatives. Kisses at business meetings are prohibited.
  16. Discussing your sex life is unacceptable behavior.
  17. If you are in a relationship or married (married) flirting with others is not permissible. The result can be disappointing. This behavior shows you the wrong side, both for your partner and for others.
  18. Inviting people in a break is not allowed. The situation can be uncomfortable for the breakup representatives as well as for the rest.
  19. Talking on the phone in front of others is inappropriate. In such cases, it is worth apologizing and talking in a place where you will not be disturbed and you will not create inconvenience with your conversation.
  20. Visiting guests empty-handed is ugly. If you are going to visit someone, be sure to take something for tea or a small present. If this is a solemn event, then you must definitely come with a gift.


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Etiquette creates an atmosphere of universal respect, when everyone, at the cost of freedom and convenience, preserves his dignity. ©

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