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Vera Brezhneva and Monatik presented a video for the song “Party”

Vera Brezhneva

The premiere of the music video for the song “Vecherinochka” by 38-year-old singer Vera Brezhneva and 34-year-old popular singer Monatik took place today. Vera shared the news about the release of the video on her instagram.

I want each of you to experience the thrill and pleasure that I experienced while working on our bombshell “Party” with this amazing team!

– announced Brezhnev’s clip.

According to Dmitry Monatik (real name Monatik. – Ed.), He invited Brezhneva to sing a duet last summer, when she came to his concert in Jurmala and he saw her dancing in the fan zone.

I was delighted. Here it is – the spark. “Party” began to play in my head. I directly saw, heard Vera in her, right on the stage, performing one of my other songs,

– he said.

Having recorded a demo version of the song, he shared it with Vera Brezhneva and her husband Konstantin Meladze – this is how their joint hit ended up.

The video was filmed in Barcelona even before the start of the self-isolation regime, and the artists wanted to present the clip in March, but then they decided that then it was not the right time for this.

With this work, we wanted to evoke in the viewer, listener exactly those emotions that we felt ourselves all the time! Everything went on by itself. From the very beginning. Lightness, amazing mood and desire to dance, no matter how, the main thing is from the heart,

– concluded Monatik.

They seem to have succeeded in doing this: the fans of the artists have already called this song an ideal summer composition, and the video – “cool” and “bombastic”.

Vera Brezhneva in the video "Party"
Vera Brezhneva in the video “Party”Vera Brezhneva in the video "Party"
Vera Brezhneva in the video "Party"
Vera Brezhneva in the video "Party"
Monatik in the video "Party"
Monatik in the video “Party”Monatik in the video "Party"
Vera Brezhneva in the video "Party"

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