What is the key to good relationships – long, fruitful, harmonious, happy … These qualities can be continued indefinitely, each of us wants a little bit of our own in a relationship, but many want to be happy, feel love, support, care

And what do you think can support us in this?

The answer, like this post itself, may surprise you.

So the key to these very relationships is – The ability to complete them.

How to learn to complete, and how is it to complete correctly? and why do we need to end the relationship anyway? if they are all right!

Let s clarify a little about completion, why the need for completion is a very important part of this very relationship.

A bit of theory and possibly on generalized examples
To begin with, in a relationship with another person, we like the recognition of this person. We chose him for what he is

We get used to it, it becomes comfortable, what we can rely on, what is predictable
And even spontaneity can be predictable, because we know that surprises can be expected from this person, but we already know this and it becomes an image, a representation of a person, and not the person himself.

Over time, we accumulate these images and ideas, more and more and we stop seeing the person himself, the truth, we do not allow him to change through the prism of our images, we do not allow him to be different, different, multifaceted.

Of course, the very fact of not allowing does not look like a direct edification or non-permission, or instructions on how to live or not to live.

And in this situation it does not matter, it is enough for our knowledge of the person, the idea of ??him and the inner reinforcing image for this to affect the space of our relations.

And we begin to think that we know this person, although this is only an idea. And it is precisely about these images that I want to talk about, this is what we must learn to complete.

To complete in order to see the truth, a true person, to see the living of this person without color, to see him without thinking out.

Without your own image, just what it is.

Because over time we accumulate too rich images, too rich ideas about a person.
And this can be very different from reality and lead us to illusions, unjustified expectations, something that the other person did not imagine, did not assume and did not broadcast.

Want a relationship to last forever – learn how to end it

There is another very important point in understanding this.

The desire to get stability, to avoid any shocks, behind this very often lie fears – unwillingness to experience the pain that this change can bring, and very often this pain can affect the retention of the old image.
– I am afraid if you change it will hurt me, I will lose security, stability and comfort

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