What to watch in October: 10 new TV series

If you managed to revise all the serial news of September, it doesn’t matter – October is no less rich in premieres. Cheerful sitcom, concept horror, western, anthology of paranormal stories, family drama – there is a show for every taste.

Emily in Paris (October 2)

The plot of the series “Emily in Paris” may seem banal: an ambitious girl (played by Lily Collins) moves from Chicago to the French capital for a career and … love, of course. However, we still advise you to pay attention to this project.

Firstly, “Emily in Paris” is the return to TV of the creator of the legendary “Sex and the City”: yes, the series was directed by Darren Star. Secondly, you are guaranteed a portion of fashion inspiration – Patricia Field worked on the wardrobes of the main characters, who once created iconic images for Carrie Bradshaw and her friends.

“The Land of Monsters” / Monsterland (2 cat)

“The Land of Monsters” is a horror anthology about Americans facing a variety of fantastic creatures in different parts of the United States. Vampires, werewolves, ghosts, mermaids, fallen angels – in each episode (and there will be eight in total) a new monster, new heroes and a new location. The only thing that unites all the series is that the life of the main characters after meeting with the paranormal changes dramatically.

The series is based on the revised works of the American writer Nathan Ballingrude, winner of the Shirley Jackson Prize.

“Bird of the Good Lord” / The Good Lord Bird (October 4)

The western (based on the novel of the same name by the American writer James McBride) is set in the 1850s. At the center of the story is the young slave Onion. His father is killed in a clash between slave owner and insane abolitionist John Brown. The latter takes Onion into his squad of opponents of slavery, which consists mainly of his own sons. They soon raid an army vault in an attempt to start a slave uprising. Although Brown and his men failed to achieve their goal, their actions led to the American Civil War.

It is worth saying that “Bird of the Good Lord” is one of the rare projects in which Ethan Hawke was able to reveal all the facets of his talent: Hawke played one of the main roles, and also acted as a screenwriter (not all, but most of the series) and showrunner TV series.

Ethan Hawke and Joshua Caleb Johnson.  Images from the series "The bird of the good Lord"
Ethan Hawke and Joshua Caleb Johnson. Images from the series “Bird of the Good Lord”

“Soul mates” / Soulmates (October 5)

The dystopia “Kindred Souls” was invented by the writer of “Black Mirror” and “Stranger Things” William Bridges, and the main roles in the project were performed by Sarah Snook, Bill Skarsgard, Charlie Heaton, Malin Ackerman and other actors.

The events of the series will unfold in the near future: in 2035 no one else suffers from loneliness – scientists have created a test that allows you to calculate the soul mate of any person. But did it make life easier for you? What if the test is wrong or the “half” chosen by the system absolutely does not fit into the idea of ​​the very and only partner? ..

“Ghosts estates Bligh“/ The Haunting of Bly Manor (October 9)

The success of Haunting Hill House allowed showrunner Mike Flanagan to continue working on the series, which he turned into an anthology of paranormal stories about scary houses. The new season – “The Ghosts of Bly Manor” – is based on the novel by Henry James “The Turn of the Screw”, as well as other works of the writer.

This time the plot is as follows: Miles and Flora move to the country house of their uncle, a wealthy London lord, who became the guardian of his nephews. He hires a young governess to look after the children. She soon learns that the former governess Miss Jessel and servant Peter Quint were killed earlier in this mansion. Ominous forces, of course, do not keep themselves waiting – terrible things begin to happen on the estate.

“Industry” / Industry (October 11)

“Industry” is an immersive immersion in the world of international finance, shown through the eyes of twenty ambitious young people fighting for their future, “- says the description of the new project HBO.

The series follows a group of 20-year-old university alumni fighting in the fiercest competition for a permanent job at London’s leading investment bank.

The producer and director of the pilot episode of “Industry” is the creator of “Girls” Lena Dunham.

“The Great Army” / Grand Army (October 16)

Some movie reviewers have already compared the upcoming premiere of Netflix “The Great Army” with the sensational “Euphoria”. Well, it’s worth watching the new series at least in order to acquire your own opinion on this matter.

In the center of the story (the basis for it, by the way, was the play “The Whore” by Katie Cappielo) – five students of the fictional Brooklyn school of the Grand Army, who are faced with abuse, racism and slatshaming. In parallel with solving the piled-up problems, high school students are trying to succeed and make a name for themselves.

Helstrom (October 16)

The series “Helstrom” is based on Marvel comics, but you will not see any superheroes on the screen. Just as you shouldn’t expect witty jokes and bright pictures. The Helstrom series is dark tone, mysticism and violence.

Damon and Ana Helstrom (played by Tom Austin and Sidney Lemmon) learn that they are the children of a serial killer. In the hope of unraveling the secrets of their family (the mother of the main characters is in a psychiatric clinic and is not able to clearly answer the children’s questions), they set off on a journey around the world, simultaneously destroying maniacs and other villains.

“Queen’s Move” / The Queen ‘s Gambit (October 23)

Queen’s Move is another new addition to Netflix. The series was directed and written by Scott Frank – the author of the films Out of Sight (for him, by the way, Frank was nominated for an Oscar), Minority Report, Wolverine: Immortal and more. Anya Taylor-Joy played the leading role in the psychological drama.

1950s Beth Harmon is an orphan. She grew up in an orphanage in Kentucky. When the local watchman undertook to teach the girl to play chess, no one could have imagined that she had incredible talent. To succeed in a primordially male sport, Beth will have to face not only the strongest rivals, but also deal with her own demons: emotional experiences, alcohol addiction, stress …

“Play back” / The Undoing (October 25)

Nicole Kidman is back on TV. And this time the actress tried on the image of a family psychotherapist. Her first book is about to be released, but the feeling of joy disappears when the police find the body of a young woman, and all the evidence points to her husband (played by Hugh Grant). The latter, by the way, disappears, leaving the main character alone with her thoughts – has she really not paid attention to the alarm bells for many years, or has her beloved been slandered after all?

The series “Play Back”, which promises to be a hit, is based on Jean Hanff Korelitz’s bestseller “You Should Know”. The director was the Oscar winner Suzanne Beer, known to the audience for the projects “Bird Box”, “Night Administrator” and “Serena”.

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