Often walking along the street you can see men passing by with a bottle of beer or other alcohol-containing drink. And by free thinking: “Why are most men prone to frequent alcohol consumption? Why do they need it, because everyone knows how harmful alcohol affects the health of the whole organism! “

Psychologists note that even if a man drinks alcohol on holidays, weekends and in extremely rare cases, this can also develop into alcoholism in the future. That is, the majority of men who drink at least once a year are at risk!

Yes, someone drinks a lot, and someone drinks a little, but nevertheless, sooner or later this can become a huge problem not only for the man himself, but also for his loved ones. Let s see together why men are addicted to alcohol.

To drown out hard emotional experiences

Men rarely show their true feelings for everything that happens. Often they do not show how they are hurt and hurt that they were betrayed, offended in word or deed, stopped loving, etc. But they still experience these negative feelings, although outwardly it is not visible to those around and close people.

Of course, men need to throw out all emotional experiences somewhere, and alcohol has long been known to dull feelings and emotions… Therefore, having drunk a bottle – the second, they “seem to” no longer experience their misfortune and live much easier. And actually in the morning he will sober up, but the feelings will remain. For the evening again a bottle, and so far to binge. The stronger the problem, the more and more often a man can drink.

Frequent reproaches from loved ones

Nobody likes reproaches. But nevertheless, for men, constant “sawing” by his wife or other relatives can provoke severe psychological experiences, which in the future very often develops into alcoholism. After all, when a man drinks, he feels more comfortable and confident. He can “score” on all the moralizing of close people, or, conversely, he will try to punish his offenders. It can be as a verbal hurtful response, or it can even use physical force.

Relieve stress after a hard day

There was a blockage at work, the boss shouted or quarreled with a colleague – all this takes a lot of physical and psychological strength. Of course, having come home, I want to throw off all this burden and just have a nice time with a bottle of beer and watching football. Alcohol relaxes, dulls the senses and allows you to put all problems into the background – this is the explanation for this whole situation.

The desire to forget and get away from family problems

Constant quarrels with his wife, naughty children, mother-in-law is constantly dissatisfied with something and plus everything is a mess with finances. I want to stop thinking about it all, free my brain from the constant processing of a negative situation. And so, a man, without noticing it, goes to the nearest bar or store for something intoxicating.

To give yourself a sense of self-confidence

A rare man will be modest, and if he doubts his capabilities very deeply, then, perhaps, nothing good will come of this situation. Low self-esteem of a man is often a direct cost to alcoholism, alas.
Very often men meet girls in bars or discos. Since having drunk, he feels more confident, attractive and smarter and therefore is not afraid to come up to get to know each other. And in a sober state, he would hardly have dared to do such an act, since low self-esteem would have been in the way.

But in fact, men not only get to know each other for recharge, sometimes in this way they can solve conflict and controversial situations. That is, knowing that an important issue has to be resolved, in which you need to defend your point of view, the man drinks so that they will not accidentally be afraid to stay on their decision and will not agree to the conditions of the opponent.

Periodic get-togethers with friends

I met an old friend, poker on Fridays, an important football match, and, of course, the bathhouse every December 31st often means that today a man will have a meeting not only with friends, but also with a bottle of beer, and maybe vodka.
For wives, such gatherings very often mean that today their lover will again “crawl on his eyebrows.” It is not sad, and it seems that no matter how much she asked not to get drunk, but there is, of course, little sense from this.

“It was inconvenient to refuse”

Remember the Soviet film “Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears”? There was such a character – hockey player Gurin, who initially refused the offered glass at all feasts, and then, once he agreed. And from this turning point, everything went awry for the hero. He drank everything, even those things that he gave to his beloved woman. Yes, such a cinematic situation can also very often occur in real life.

So, even if a man categorically does not take alcohol, whether he is an athlete, an ulcer or just a teetotaler, he can still get into a risk factor. Remember, you only need to agree once!

These are the very basic psychological factors that can cause men to feel the need for alcohol. Take a closer look at your men, perhaps right now he is gnawing at some kind of experience or resentment. Do not allow your loved one to face this misfortune.

If your man has already started drinking a lot, then take a closer look at him, analyze his behavior. Listen to what he has to say. It is necessary to recognize the cause of alcohol consumption and, if necessary, convince the man of the need for treatment for alcoholism.

I would like to give advice to women to be more attentive to their men. Whatever one may say, but they are very vulnerable, although they hide all this. One offensive word, said at the wrong time, can lead to such a serious illness as alcoholism.

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