There is a version that in the middle of the 6th century the Macon church council considered a very difficult problem – whether a Woman has a Soul and whether it can be considered a human. Why am I writing that there is a version, because there are different versions of the decision adopted at this council. That is, it is not known for certain what conclusion the spiritual fathers came to. According to one version, almost half of the clergy present categorically rejected even the very idea that a woman can have a soul, and only with a margin of one voice, the council of the Christian church recognized that a woman, although she is a being of a lower order, has everything there is still a kind of soul. According to the second version, they nevertheless rejected even the very idea of ??the spirituality of the female nature and the Council refused the woman in the presence of a soul, in connection with which the label “misogynistic” was entrenched in it. How it was “in reality”, only those who were there know …

The philosopher Aristotle believed that “a woman is a woman due to the absence of masculine properties, therefore we must see a woman in a being suffering from natural inferiority.” This is how, unfortunately, we live, still not understanding who we are. The self-worth of a woman was greatly broken because of the fear of the spontaneity of female nature many centuries ago. Therefore, even now, having received equality, women sometimes so zealously defend their rights. Therefore, there is a “war of the sexes” and unconscious fear, all the same keeps the trigger cocked.

We were not taught from childhood to be a Woman. Rather, we heard a certain reproach: “Well, you re a girl!” But they did not understand, and what does it give me? Restrictions? Can t I? Girl – how s that? Here I would explain to my mother and show how it is, but the problem is that our mothers were also brought up in the paradigm that one should be a good person, not a woman. As if sexuality (the principle of gender) is less important than a person as a social being. And so we live, realize ourselves and at some point with surprise we find out that something is wrong … They wish us happiness for all the holidays, but somehow it is not felt. That is, we can experience joy, pride, exultation when, for example, our athlete rises to the podium at the Olympics. All together, men and women, uniting as a nation, as people. But where does personal happiness live?
And it is to live yourself in your sexuality! Be realized as men and as women! A woman will not be happy if she does not love, if she does not live like a woman, if she does not feel herself and her elemental nature.

There is one study by Australian biologists that during the entire existence of life on earth, female chromosomes have remained unchanged, and male chromosomes mutate all the time. There is even an assumption that the male Y chromosome is a mutation of the female X chromosome. In general, the Woman of the Creator was completely satisfied, but he is still polishing the Man.
Therefore, the Woman remembers herself and thus reveals her femininity and accepts her sexuality. A woman is already whole from birth, but fragmented by society and fears. Our entire Path is an assembly of our own unique holistic mosaic inside of who you ALREADY are!

Fortunately, now we live in a World where a Woman no longer needs to defend her right to a Soul. But to fight with the male in this world “just in case”, so as not to be taken away, is also not necessary. Happiness, as the only beacon, leads us to where the same Soul wants – to a state of integrity and harmony. And for a Woman, harmony comes only where she is manifested as a Woman, where she can be herself!
And at every moment we make our inner choice: am I a Woman or a man? Am I a sexless social creature or am I the one who breathes, feels, lives like a Woman? These are two completely different lives – the life of a man and the life of a woman.
What do you choose?

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