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What does the first sex in a new relationship mean for a man? And what does he mean to a woman?

This is where the difference between our sexes is most noticeable. Just as our genitals are different, so is our perception of sex.

Male sex is a conquest and confirmation of your authority. For us, every next woman is a victory tick. We even brag about the number of these checkboxes. It seems like the more of them, the cooler you are. The more attractive a woman is, the more significant the victory.

We kind of wager our next partner for our first sex with her. We ourselves force the woman to bargain. It is not clear to a woman whether they want a serious relationship with her, or use and throw. Therefore, a woman is forced to postpone the first sex with another man in order to surrender this position in exchange for male obedience.

For a woman, first sex is a much more intimate process. It is an act of trusting a man. This self-disclosure and rapprochement is not even so much bodily as sensual soul. Therefore, a woman is delaying the first sex, not because she is an insidious manipulator, but because the relationship must grow to this intimacy.

To understand, imagine that some murky stranger crawls into your soul, turns you inside out under the pretext of a future close friendship. Say, you just trust now – then you will not regret it. As a result, they trampled in the shower, spit and left with a grin.

Therefore, a woman perceives male impatience with caution – as a sign of a womanizer.

Of course, it is also unclear to a man why a woman is postponing her first sex. Why all this endless courtship and sacrifice of flowers? Maybe she is filling herself up in order to drive under the heel?

Even more, the man is frightened by the suspicion that the woman is not sleeping with him, because she is holding him on a hook as a fallback. At the same time, it raises self-esteem due to his attention. And she treats herself to restaurants. Men are also distrustful and vulnerable.

Women endure abstinence much easier. And we men are preoccupied. Society keeps us from brutal arbitrariness. From 13 to 20 years old, we can quietly go crazy with sexual overexcitement. All thoughts are about one thing. And you still need to learn somehow and pretend that nothing is happening. Society underestimates this problem, does not teach how to cope with this incredible stress. Only chuckles softly at teen masturbation.

Men are afraid of responsibility. Women are afraid of irresponsibility. The whole game is around this. On I have already spoken about responsibility here.

At the beginning of a relationship, the male position is: “The main thing is to sleep at the lowest cost, and then we ll see.” For a woman, the main thing is to check a man: whether he imitates reliability, whether he is worthy. If it is worthy, then – to tame a man, so that from a wild one he becomes a domestic one. Then, so be it will get its first night.

And only after the first sex it turns out whether the man had sex for the sake of a victorious tick, or honestly wanted something serious. A man himself may not know.

First time sex in a relationship is always another compatibility test. Nobody knows what will come of it. A woman can also be disappointed after the first night – and send a man. And already he will feel used. It happens.

Not even the first sex can change everything, but the first kiss. Here is a beloved in front of you, and you kiss – and like a relative: no passion, but just your mouth and drool. And this is impossible to explain. As if they did not coincide at the energy level.

The opposite also happens – the person is not particularly pleasant, but after bodily contact, he unexpectedly clings. The same magic “chemistry”. Can t be predicted.

Therefore, it is not necessary to take the first sex that happened as a guarantee of a relationship. This is just another bridge for possible rapprochement. Here, let s pay tribute to men: a successful first sex is such a good reason to continue dating.

There is a stereotype that the first sex is always the best. It s a delusion. On the first night, there is no trust between partners, feelings are superficial, and stiffness and excitement can ruin everything.

When you have known a person for a long time, you love and accept at a deep level, you seem to dissolve in each other. Such sensations cannot be reproduced on the first night.

Igor Satorin

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